Ready for the playoffs?

Yep, the playoffs are just around the corner!  A few people have been asking so this seems like a good time to provide some info. 

Your playoff schedule is determined by your order of finish, its the same schedule we used last year. 

First off, here are where teams can possibly finish this season:


The first few columns are easy enough to understand, Games Played, Wins, Loses, Ties and Points.  The next column (max) represents the most possible points that team can attain this season.  The last column shows potential finishing positions for each team.  This does not consider ties which has too many complicated possibilities.  However, we can readily see that first place overall is down to 5 teams.  This is going to be a fun battle to watch until the end. 

Here is a copy of the playoff schedule. 


And here is a copy of each team's playoff matchups



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Aug 16
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Hot Tub Woody's @ Beer Bros.
Hurtin' Units @ Dog Catchers
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