Its time for our Annual General Meeting!  The details to know are that it happens on November 17th at 1pm sharp, upstairs at the Tottenham Legion.  If you like how the league is run and want to keep it that way; show up.  If you don't like how the league is run and want to change it; show up. 

This is your opportunity to have your voice heard.  Here is the schedule of events with some brief explanations. 

12:45          Sign in Commences  - No vote

1:00            Call to order (Doug Dwyer) - No vote

1:00 - 1:15  Opening remarks, including head count for quorum (Doug

                   Dwyer) - No vote

1:15 - 1:20  Financial report (Tim Osmond) - Vote required

1:20 - 1:25  Comptroller's Report (Bill Brown) - Vote required

1:25 - 1:35  Year in review (Doug Dwyer) - No vote

1:35 - 1:40  Help The Kids Play year in review (Help The Kids Chairperson)

                   No vote

1:40 - 1:45  Golf Tournament review (David Connolly) - No vote

1:45 - 2:00  Volunteer Positions and Standing Committee reports as required

                   (Various) - No vote

2:00 - 2:05  Election of 2019 president (Dan Chiasson) - Vote required

2:05 - 2:20  Election of Secretary/Treasurer, 1st Vice-President, 2nd Vice-

                   President and 3rd Vice-President (President Elect) - Vote required

2:20 - 2:30  Calls for volunteers for Sub Controller, Field Maintenance,

                   Statistician, Web Master, Golf Tournament Chair, Light it Up!

                   Chair and other roles as deemed necessary by the elected

                   Executive (President Elect) - No vote


**** B R E A K ****


2:30 - 2:35  Financial Forecast for the upcoming season (Treasurer Elect)

                   - Vote required 

2:35 - 2:45  Objectives for the upcoming season (President Elect) - No vote

2:45 - 3:00  Proposed changes to the constitution (All) - Vote required 

2:45 - 3:00  Proposed changes to the rules of play (All) - Vote required


Now here is where it might get a little tricky for some, because the rules for the AGM have changed.  Click this link (CLICK ME) to see the new rules fully explained.

I'll briefly explain the changes here.  For those of you who have read our Constitution, you'll know that it is broken down into two separate parts.  A. The Constitution and B. The Rules of Play. 

Constitution:  If you have issues, concerns or suggested changes to a) our Executive Board, b) Voting Procedures, c) Quorum definition or practices, d) Our Fee Policy, e) Player Eligibility and selection process, f) Sub-Committees, g) Expenses and Signing Authority, h) Executive Board Meetings, i) Team Captains, j) Player Behavior Policy, or k) Amendments to the Constitution, please identify your concerns at the AGM and we will vote to onsite to make the change to the Constitution. 

Example:  If you wanted to change the decision of fees from the Executive Board to being a decision made by the collective at the AGM, you could propose it here.  We'll discuss the relative merits as a group and then vote on accepting it or not.   

Rules of Play:  If you have issues, concerns or suggested changes to a) Time Limit of games, b) On field rules either as defined by SPN or by TOT, c) Equipment, d) Umpire assignments, e) Commitment to the league (attendance), f) Substitutions, g) Ejections, h) Protests, i) Standings, j) Maximum Number of Runs Per Inning, and k) Amendments please identify your concerns at the AGM and we will vote to onsite to take the recommendation forward to the next Executive Meeting. 

Example:  If you wanted to change rule Article2; Item(M) so that players are to wear helmets for their entire duration around the bases, you could propose it here.  We will clarify the exact wording of your amendment and then we'll vote on whether or not to bring it forward to a spring (February, March or April) Executive Meeting for discussion and voting.  There will NOT be a discussion at the AGM.  

Hope that's clear for everyone.  I'm expecting to have a MUCH quicker and smoother AGM this year.  I hope to see you all there. 


Congratulations to all of our banquet award winners!


  • Beer Cup - Donated by Rob Farah and Doug Dwyer, this award is presented annually to the team that holds the cup on the last day of the season.  

Beer Cup - Grisslies

  • Royal Canadian Legion Branch 329 Award Kindly donated by the Tottenham Legion (our unofficial league clubhouse), this award is presented annually to the regular season champions. 

Regular Season Champions - Tap Masters

  • Playoff Runners Up Award This award is presented annually to the playoff finalists.

Playoff Runners Up - Inglorious Batsters

  • Ken Riggs Memorial Award Named after one of the original team captains from 1986, Ken Riggs was an ambassador of the TOT core values (sportsmanship, friendship and fair play) who lost his battle with cancer in the early years of the league. The annual playoff champions receive the Ken Riggs Memorial Trophy.

Playoff Champions - Tap Masters

  • Help The Kids Play Trophy - This award, donated by James Taylor, is presented annually to the winners of the Help The Kids charity tournament. 

Help The Kids Play Champions - Gruesome Devils

  • Colin Mann Award Named after one of the founding members, Colin was instrumental in taking the concept of a league for men over 35 based on the of the TOT core values (sportsmanship, friendship and fair play) where anyone was welcome to play regardless of previous experience. Colin also developed the substitute concept, created a local umpire chapter and served as vicepresident in the early years of the league. This award is named for Colin in honour of his many years of dedicated service to the league. The league has kept on-base average (OBA) since 2004 and the player with the highest OBA receives the Colin Mann Award

Batting Champion - Scott Barton

  • Mike Ellis Memorial Award This award is received annually to the most improved player in league as nominated by their peers and selected by the league executive

Most Improved player finalists - Greg Tracey, Howie Young, Richard Lyon

Most Improved player winner - Howie Young

  • Most Sportsman Like Players - Peter Hollmann, Mark Clapham, Bob Vienneau, Anthony Mastrangelo, Brett Mabee, Jimmy Vincent, Don Booth, Mike Cook, Ryan Feehely, Franco Belvedere, Kevin Goulter, Gerrard Traverse, Chris Larkin, Todd Hicks, Al Nichols, Luke Hogan, Fabio, Nichilo
  • Nellie Award Named after Nelson "Nellie" Madore, who lost his battle with cancer in 1991. Shortly prior to his passing, a special evening for Nellie's 65th birthday was organized by Brian Duggan and Wayne Burnie and part of the evening was used to introduce a new trophy into the league called "The Nellie Award'. This award is received annually by the team best exemplifying the core values of the Tottenham Oldtimers (sportsmanship, friendship and fair play). Besides the Ken Riggs Memorial playoff championship, the Nellie is the award most coveted by teams.

Nellie Award finalists - Dodge City, Hot Tub Woody's, Inglorious Batsters

Nellie Award winner - Inglorious Batsters

  • The Jamie McClean Memorial Diamond Award This award is presented annually to an individual making a significant contribution to the league as nominated by their peers. Named in memory of Jamie McClean, who passed away suddenly in March 2015. Jamie was a long-time member playing from the late 1980s through to the 2013 season. Jamie's contributions to the league have been instrumental to our success, serving as a long-time captain and being voted to our executive committee in 2008, culminating as league president from 2011-2013. Jamie was recognized for his accomplishments in 2009 as a recipient of this trophy. Jamie displayed a passion for both the sport and our league at all times and his leadership on and off the field was exceptional.

Jamie McClean Diamond Award finalists - Dan Chiasson, Pete Hayward, Tim Osmond

Jamie McClean Diamond Award winner - Dan Chiasson