Missed the AGM?  This should get you up to speed!

Meeting Minutes


Date/Time:     Saturday November 17th, 2018 – 1:00PM

Location:         Legion Upstairs



          Doug Dwyer, Pete Hayward, Will Goodin, Tim Osmond, Dave Fleming, Gord Tanner, Geoff Keogh, Jim Smith, Randy Hipken, Larry Turner, Al Bales, Paul Piellusch, Tim Schrank, Jason Bowers, Paul Gyori, David Polny, Dennis Short, Lou Conforti, Hugh Armstrong, Don Booth, Chris Pulfer, Dane Eldridge, Kevin Clouthier, Kevin Boston, James Taylor, Peter Hollmann, Rob Farah, Bob Candy, Chuck Cragg, Steve Black, Ed Hopkins, Jeff Dancey, Keith Beechey, Jerry Muirhead, Steve Deland, Scott Peters, Nick Dougherty, Brad Young, John Stiff, Al Lacey, Jason Chiovitti, Bill Clouthier, Dan Chiasson, Matt Saunders, Dan Routledge, Andy Gee, Jens Lepa, Jason Boucher, Jason Boucher, Eric Hipken, John Genova


Minutes in blue, action items in purple, motions in red.




Call to Order/Opening Remarks

Head Count for Quorum

·         Meeting opened at 1:02pm

·         Quorum set at 39 attending at opening of meeting


Doug Dwyer




Treasurer’s Report

·         Tim announced that he is stepping down as Treasurer/Secretary

·         Year-end is October 31

·         Playoff revenue shows on our book.

·         Poker new addition this year

·         Tournament down a bit this year

·         Banquet revenue – made $578 last year which was not recorded at the AGM last year because of the time of reconciliation. This year revenue was $1838

·         Playoff expenses back on our books because normally taken on by JAK but this year we chose to take them on

·         Uniforms more because of price increase

·         Income Surplus this year of… Did not spend money on bats

·         Could repurpose into helmets

·         Biggest expense is diamonds – important to keep on the town to only pay for what we play

·         Chris Pulfer enquired whether SPN looks at players that play on multiple teams, do they pay insurance for all teams? Can they pay once and be covered for all teams they play on? Doug to look into this.

·          Rob Farah motioned to accept Treasurer’s report, seconded by Chuck Cragg, motion passed unanimously – No abstentions



Tim Osmond


Comptroller’s Report 


·         Bill Brown unable to attend so Tim Osmond read Bill’s report

·         Tim will review the financial statements.

·         Did review the bank reconciliation details and draft financials

·         League not required to file an annual 1044 because assets are under $200,000 and investment income less than $10,000

·         Hugh Armstrong motioned to go accept Comptrollers Report, seconded by Will Goodin, motion passed Unanimously No abstentions

Tim Osmond


Year In Review

·         Talk with Lawyer based on $50,000 threshold, obtained letter showing that we are exempt from paying HST and GST as we are a recreational league among other points listed in the handout

·         Gap on the business side of the league

·         Inherited league with 3000 in the bank – today we stand at 27000 in the bank

·         Done through elected executives actions as a group

·         2400 saved in advertising

·         3000 of the 27 is from fundraising for Light It Up

·         This league now runs all year in planning

·         Thanks to Tim Osmond and Jason Jack for last year’s volunteering for Santa Clause Parade

·         League used to have rocky relationship with the Town. We have built this relationship to be mutually respectful

·         Mention of bank fees, ratings committee, SPN, registration, golf committee, Light It Up, Draft Day, scheduling and rain out rescheduling, Stats, Sub Controllers


Doug Dwyer


Help the Kids Play Review

·         Tim Osmond will be with HTKP

·         Looking for more great support from the League

·         Processed 350 applicants last year

·         Putting out $18000 this year

·         The need has increased year over year

·         Will be a renewed push for the HTKP tournament

·         Thanks to the league and looking for more help if anyone wants to help out


Tim Osmond


Golf Tournament Review

·         Exceeded expectations – higher registration

·         Increase in numbers caused delay in tee offs – will rectify

·         Made a profit this year

·         Thanks to the committee


Doug Dwyer


Volunteer Positions and Standing Committee Reports

·          Light it Up – Planning another poker night at Community Centre – details to follow

·         Paul Piellusch will be chairing this year

·         Thanks to committee







Election of 2019 President


·            Rob Farah Nominated Doug Dwyer

·            Seconded by Paul Piellusch

·            Accepted Doug Dwyer



Dan Chiasson



Election of Secretary/Treasurer

·            Tim Osmond Nominated Rob Jordan   

·            Seconded by Al Lacey

·            Accepted Rob Jordan



1st Vice President

·            Gord Tanner Nominated   Dave Fleming 

·             Seconded by Dan Chiasson

·             Accepted Dave Fleming




2nd Vice President

·             Tim Schrank Nominated Pete Hayward

·             Seconded by Jason Bowers

·             Rob Farah Nominated Matt Saunders

·             Seconded by Jason Jack

·             Pete Hayward Accepted the nomination

·             Matt Saunders Accepted the nomination

·             Pete Hayward Elected with majority of vote


3rd Vice President

·             Paul Piellusch Nominated Geoff Keogh  

·             Seconded by Scott Peters

·             Will Goodin nominated Matt Saunders

·             Seconded by Rob Farah

·             Matt Saunders accepted the nomination

·             Geoff Keogh accepted the nomination

·             Geoff Keogh Elected


President Elect














Calls for Volunteers


Sub Controller

           Will Goodin, Al Bales -Backup


Field Maintenance

           Brad Young



           Dan Chiasson


Web Master

           Dan Chiasson


Golf Tournament Chair

           Jason Chiovitti, Dave Connolly


Light It Up

          Paul Piellusch














































Financial Forecast for 2019 Season                                                              Treasurer Elect

·         17 teams

·         4250 for sponsorship

·         Poker night bit lower than expected

·         Golf tournament – raised a bit

·         Playoff revenue back to 16 level

·         Slight increases in balls, helmets will be minimal

·         10% increase in bats

·         6% increase in shirts

·         SPN same

·         Tournaments back to 2016 levels

·         Golf budgeted to break even

·         5400 forecasted

·         How is 2800 for bats broken down – Radar – 1 new bat per team – is it possible to increase to 2 new per team? Can be raised and discussed at captain’s meeting

·         Year end awards down – no upgrades this year – to be taken on by teams if they want extra

·         What is resellable products – legacy line item that can come off

·         Will umpiring pricing go up – no indications

·          Rob Farah motioned to accept budget report, seconded by Steve Black , motion passed unanimously – No abstentions


Objectives for 2019 Season                                                                          President Elect

·         Budget is not locked into place until season starts

·         Build succession plan for executive roles

·         For all that want to become more involved, approach executive

·         Leaning more heavily on committees and captains

·         With C1 becoming lit, we will most likely grow, will need a larger volunteer base


Proposed Changes to the Constitution                                                       President Elect

·         Chuck Cragg motioned – Waiting list players to be rated ABC, based on knowledge of the player. Players will be selected from the waiting list based on the assigned rating of the leaving player first, then within each rating the player will be chosen by earliest registration date, where available.

·         Seconded by Jim Rouleau

·         Motion passed


Proposed Changes to the Rules of Play                                                      President Elect

·         Gord Tanner – Proposes helmets are used at the discretion of the players. 2 helmets are provided by team  Article 2 Rule M

·         motion Carried over to captain’s meeting

·         Rob Farah – proposes helmets are required when you are at bat and on the bases – Article 2 Rule M

·         motion defeated

·         Jim Smith – proposes that once a player passes the commit line, they cannot be tagged, only out as a force out  Article 2 Rule J – reinstate rule J

·         Motion carried over



·         Nick Dougherty - Clarification required from Roman (Umpire in Chief) on where the player’s foot needs to be on a force out at home – on the plate or the wood, or both

·         Roman Dasek to be contacted to clarify


·         K. Boston Article 2 section DEFGM, Moved to equipment section

·         Motion Carried over

·         Chuck Cragg rank people on the waiting list – When teams lose a certain rank the player of the same rank on the wait list will replace the player, regardless of their place on the wait list – Does this fall under the cons

·         Doug Dwyer motioned to decide if Handling players on the wait list is to be on the constitution or rules of play – seconded by Tito Presenza

·         Motion Rescinded by Doug Dwyer based on:

·         Article 6 Rule 3 – waiting list players – states waiting list based on registration date


·         Kevin Boston motioned – Discuss current rule of teams retaining the right to keeping colours based on last year’s colour.

·         Wants a discussion on following the rule

·         Rule will be followed next time colours are chosen for the year

·         Jason Chiovitti motioned to changing the rule of play to playoff and league champions have the right to retain their colour

·         Motion defeated


·         Chris Pulfer motioned that the umpires enforce the SPN rules on pitching distance except where local ground rules negate this

·         Seconded by Al Lacey

·         Motion Passed

·         Possible exception for games at the Community Centre Diamond that has a mound


·         Rob Farah motioned to adjourn

·         Seconded by Tito Presenza

·         Motion Passed unanimously.

·         No Abstentions






Registration Opens
Tuesday, January 1, 2019   12:01 AM