Our first Executive Meeting is on February 27th, upstairs at the Legion at 7:15pm.  As is our custom, the meeting is open to all league members and everyone should feel warmly invited and entitled to attend.  Here is a link to the meeting AGENDA.    
In short, we will be covering:
  • Key dates
  • Financial forecast
  • Carry over business from the AGM (3 rule changes)
  • Committee updates

If you are attending and are a not a league executive (Captain or elected Exec) and wish to speak about any of these items, you must let me know prior to the meeting.  

Hope you can attend.  



For anyone having difficulty setting up a new account or figuring our your password from last season, please observe the sign on screen below.  The smaller red-circle is where you click to recover your password.  The larger one will walk you through the steps of creating a new account.  



Finally!  Registration is open!  

But how to register?  Its really not that hard.  In the upper right side of your screen you'll see "Login", click it and it will take you to the 'my account' screen that you see pictured above.  From here you can sign in with your email and password, recover your password if you've forgotten it or create a new account.  

From there it is pretty much self explanatory.  Follow the links and answer the questions.  I will remind you to PLEASE check out at the end.  If you don't do this crucial last step, then we'll have to hunt you down to get your registration complete.  

Currently (January 19th) we have 83 players registered which is awesome and ahead of last years pace by 30 registrations!  Most impressively, the first 3 registered between midnight and 1AM on New Year's day were Albert Peddle (in between giving people rides home), Nick Dougherty (in between songs at a gig he was playing) and Matt Saunders (in between sips of Romulan Ale).  Great job guys!  

We have another 2 players, who are "in-process" in the registration.  This either means that they got 1/2 way through and then got distracted or didn't, and most likely, proceed to the check-out at the end.  We'll try and keep this list up to date, but currently we need Art Sagert and Peter Hayward to go back into their accounts and complete to the check out stage of their registration.  Also, please remember that you still need to complete the sponsor / donation page if if you're not a sponsor.  

We have added in a spot on the donation page to make a donation to the Light It Up campaign.  So far we have collected over $300.00 in our quest for $50,000.00.  Yes, you read that right.  Overall we are at about $33,000.00 (roughly).  Every little bit will help and this is COMPLETELY voluntary and donation information is confidential.  If you can afford a few extra bucks it would be appreciated.  

If you have issues you can email 

Payment options:

1)  You can email your payment to

2)  You can mail your cheque (no cash) to 25 Dillane St East, PO BOX 249, Tottenham ON, L0G1W0

3)  You can pay in person by cash or cheque at the Legion March 3rd, 17th or 24th between 1pm & 3pm.  

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