In a thrilling final the Tap Masters held off a late rally from the Inglorious Batsters to win 12-10

o Batsters are the 1st 17th place team to make the final!

o Tap Masters are the 1st team to repeat as playoff champions since the 2009-10 Wild

o Tap Masters are the 1st team to win the season and the championship since the 2013 Draft Kings


There will be a lot of memories to take away from the 2018 playoffs. 

Squeezing in 6 soggy games on the Monday night with fingers crossed from all the executive.  Had we not got those games in, it would have been a scheduling disaster.  We had a couple of back up plans worked out, but to be completely honest, they were far less than desirable. Thanks to everyone who toughed out Monday. 

Having 16 teams playing on one day for the league's 1st ever 8 game night.  Necessity is the mother of invention and this year's playoffs had a lot of both (necessity & invention - not mothers).  Trying to redistribute 12 round robin games from Saturday to throughout the week was a daunting task.  Thanks to Tim Osmond's creativity, we made it work. 

The lack of runs scored this post-season was remarkable!  Playoff pressure tends to have people squeeze the bat a little tighter.  Maybe 4 games on 5 nights was a factor.  Hard to say, but runs were a premium and there were precious few blow outs. 

Who saw this one coming?  The Tap Masters (1st), Grisslies (2nd) and Dog Catchers (3rd) at 3-0.  Probably about everyone.  But with a chance to go 4-0, they all lost on the same night by a grand total of 4 runs to fall to 3-1.  Still, that's not bad right?  Of course its not, but it did send the Tap Masters and Dog Catchers "the long way" through an elimination game to get to the quarter finals. 

Who saw this coming? The Inglorious Batsters (17th) and Gruesome Devils (12th) finishing 1st and 2nd after the round robin?  I'm going to guess no one.  Both teams were undefeated going 3-0-1. 

And Saturday was an amazing day!  Who can forget the Inglorious Batsters coming back from down 8-1 to tie the championship game at 8's!  Who can forget the drone! Who can forget Jon Douma's crucial triple play.  Who can forget the Batsters shaking that off and scoring 2 in the bottom of the 7th and getting the tying runs on base.  Who can forget the Tap Masters earning the win with nothing but class.  

It was a brilliant final!

There were a lot of people who contributed to make the playoff week a success.  All of the executive board were of like mind to make this work, and it did!

A special thank you to our partners at the JAK Fund.  Your service and your volunteers were, again, nothing short of exceptional! 

There is a ton of work to do in the off season for some your executive board and elected executive volunteers.  But to those of you who will move onto hockey or darts or curling or well deserved rest; its been a fun year and I can't wait for registration to open in 106 days (Jan 1)!!!. 


Thank you