Congrats to Fathers/Sons for winning the "Beer league" championship on the weekend. 


Now back to the regular season.


Oh Yeah, no more food at Legion :(


Thanks to everyone for your participation in the tournament.  Believe it or not, we've already started planing next year's tournament in effort to make it the best one on record.  

Pulling these weekends off takes a lot of effort and there are number of people who need thanks.  

First, thank you to Peter Hayward for convening the tournament and going several days without sleep (and being a designated driver). 

Thanks to Jerry Muirhead for having the diamonds in pristine shape for the weekend!

Thanks to Jason Chiovitti who brought in a new menu item of pulled pork sandwiches.  I've heard nothing but positive feedback.  

Thanks to Al Lacey for managing the BBQ.  It was excellent with no wait times.  

Thanks to our tireless volunteer kids who did great work all weekend!

Thanks to Dan Chiasson who coordinated all of the clean up work at the pavilion.  Once again, we left Coventry better than we found it.  

Thanks to Tim Osmond for always going the extra mile and tying things together neatly so we all look like we know what we're doing.  

Thanks to Dave Fleming and Geoff Keogh for their specific roles in the tournament and being quick to step in when we got in trouble.

Thanks also to Derryl Gaudet and Jens Lepa who had significant roles with recruiting and tournament operations.  

A great team effort as usual!

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