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Wellspan Sports Medicine


The following vendors have been approved as Preferred Partners by the YYR Board of Directors.  All Preferred Partners have been screened and found to be quality programs that can provide benefits to our players at a great value.  We have arranged special pricing and/or privledges for our Young Revolution players.  Please consider contacting vendors from this list for your player's training needs.  We are constantly working to add resources to our Preferred Partner list.


  • WellSpan Sports Medicine -  717-851-3136  **The Young Revs have access to the first class Sports Medicine team from WellSpan, which includes: highly skilled orthopedic surgeons, primary care physicians, concussion specialists, licensed athletic trainers, physical therapists, sports nutritionists, and sports psychologists.   Teams or individual players can benefit from the WellSpan Training and Injury Prevention Program (see information below), work with certified strength and conditioning specialist Dr. Mark Lavallee, or do speed and agility training with one of their athletic trainers.  WellSpan Sports Medicine makes sure all of our coaches receive CPR/AED training, and provide Functional Movement Screenings for our players.

  • Heritage Hills Athletic Center - 717-757-4833  **All Young Revs Players and Coaches have First Class Memberships to Heritage Hills, including the Passport to Perks option!  Family members can benefit from special reduced pricing.


  • Mark Mason- Manager, York Revolution  Coach Mason will be working with our Young Revolution teams this year during their indoor winter training sessions.

  • Corey Thurman -  Pitcher, York Revolution     Corey is available to do team or individual pitching sessions at Heritage Hills or at the Diamond Academy.

  • Nevakwit Training -  717-881-7885 (See information below)   Randy Kornegay of NEVAKWIT will work with any individual or team on strength, speed & agility, and conditioning.





 WellSpan Sports Medicine Sports Training & Injury Prevention Program

Click Here for the Flyer


WellSpan Sports Medicine offers an injury prevention program for athletes.

This program is designed to reduce injury risk, increase muscle power and enhance

athletic performance. Athletes will have customized training sessions with a certified athletic trainer.

Programs include:

• State of the art strength training routines

• Sport-specific workouts

• Jumping and landing techniques to lower the risk of ACL injury

• Post-concussion rehabilitation

Cost: $45 per month

This program is part of WellSpan Rehabilitation’s WellFit program.

For more information, please call (717) 851-3136.

York Young Revolution is proud to introduce


Training and conditioning geared toward baseball players

at special discounted Young Revolution prices!


  We educate, train, and inspire our clients.

We help our clients meet their fitness goals by implementing innovative and creative training programs.

We will spark a fitness revolution by developing a persistent attitude.

We always evolve and never conform.

We don't hope. We believe.

We don't try. We succeed.


  • We will improve speed and explosiveness by targeting the body's fast twitch muscles


  • We will increase, muscle, tendon, and ligament strength, bone density, metabolic rate while improving heart health and body composition


  • We will increase range of motion and reduce the risk of injury


  • We will strengthen the heart and lungs, assist in maintaining healthy body composition while increasing metabolic rate - improving overall mental health and reducing stress


30 Minute Sessions

* Please contact for special YYR pricing


5 to 15 clients

60 Minute Sessions

*Please contact for special YYR pricing







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