Qualities of a Captain

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The Caldwell A-team's philosophy with regard to the selection of team captains is one which attempts to build the quality of "selflessness" into our players at an early age.  We feel that the act of selflessness (putting the team before one's self) is the most distinguished characteristic of a captain.
Players who demonstrate selflessness along with great work ethic, and leadership (both on and off the field) will be appointed captain by the coaching staff.  Captains will be appointed throughout the season with a maximum number of 4 captains at any given time.  If and when a 5th (6th, 7th, ...) player demonstrates these qualities, he will be appointed and one of the existing captains will voluntarily give-up his position for his fellow teammate.
Earning the respect of one's peers is done in all facets of one’s life and not only on the football field.  Therefore, it is our belief that the players are better suited to select capatins than are the coaching staff.  They witness eachother's actions in school, at parties, etc. and therefore have a better understanding of eachother's true characterTherefore, in the final weeks of the season, each player will have the opportunity to vote for the final team captains.  The votes will be collected via email and the top 4 vote-getters will be captains for the remainder of the season.
It is our hope that this philosophy helps to enforce the "team before me" concept and becomes ingrained within the character of the Caldwell Football Player.



  • Selflessness (puts the team before himself)

  • Great work ethic (especially when no one is looking)

  • Responsibility

  • Accountability (acceptance and free admission of failures)

  • A "humble leader" who gives advice to teammates in a respectful manner without belittling or finger pointing

  • A positive role model & mentor to his fellow underclassmen

  • Continuous work to improve the team

  • Shared vision of excellence

  • Good student and a positive person within the community