What it Means to be a Lineman

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"In playing offensive line, there is no greater feeling than to be able to move a man from point A to point B against his will"
...Russ Grimm
NFL Hall of Fame lineman




I am an Offensive Lineman

You will not see my pictures on posters in young boys' rooms.

You will not see boys wearing my number on replica jerseys.

I am an Offensive Lineman


If I do my job:

You will hear the crowd cheer for the man carrying the ball.

You will be amazed at the statistics my quarterback & running backs achieve

My team will be successful.


If I do not do my job:

You will hear my coach complain to me.

You will hear fans complain about my poor effort and lack of ability.

My team will fail.

I am an Offensive Lineman


I am part of a corps of dedicated athletes.

Practice is harder for me.

Sprints are not easy for me like those with swift feet.

Conditioning asks more of me than those who touch the ball.

I do not complain.


It is my back on which the team depends.

I MUST WORK HARDER - I have more responsibility.

I am an Offensive Lineman


I do not play a talent position.

I play a skill position.


Talent players see their names in the paper.

"The line did a great job" the talent players say in the paper.

You see, I have no name…

I am an Offensive Lineman


I hold no grudge for the hoopla given to my backs.

They are my teammates.



I do not thrive on personal praise, glory or recognition.

I am satisfied with the companionship, loyalty, and cooperation of my fellow Offensive Linemen.

Achieving honor together is greater than anything that I can accomplish myself.

I am proud of the job that I do and I am proud of the job that we do.


What others do for personal glory, I do for my team's triumph.

I am an Offensive Lineman


I will never complain.  I will endure whatever is necessary so that my team, my school,

and my community will be celebrated.

I am an Offensive Lineman...
and I wouldn't have it any other way!