Tri-Conference Schedules

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Day Date Time Status Score Visitors Home Venue Umpires
Tue5/7/20196:00 pm F 0-12 Expert CPR (W)  Terminix (B)   Bismarck North
Tue5/7/20196:00 pm F 8-10 Yard Stor (G)  Catlin Fire Dept (C)   Catlin A
Tue5/7/20196:00 pm F 15-0 Bank of Rossville (R)  Iron Mike's (W)   Westville Youhas
Thu5/9/20196:00 pm F 0-12 Illini F.S. (B)  Bank of Rossville (R)   Christman Park (Rossville)
Thu5/9/20196:00 pm F 5-12 Chrisman Farm Center (G)  Yard Stor (G)   Georgetown Wise
Thu5/9/20196:00 pm F 2-10 Iron Mike's (W)  Built 2 Last (H)   Hoopeston Major
Thu5/9/20196:00 pm F 0-10 Terminix (B)  Adam R. Grimes (O)   Oakwood East
Tue5/14/20196:00 pm F 4-7 Iron Mike's (W)  Terminix (B)   Bismarck North
Tue5/14/20196:00 pm F 4-12 Illini F.S. (B)  Catlin Fire Dept (C)   Catlin A
Tue5/14/20196:00 pm F 1-14 Expert CPR (W)  Bank of Rossville (R)   Christman Park (Rossville)
Tue5/14/20196:00 pm F 6-15 Built 2 Last (H)  Chrisman Farm Center (G)   Georgetown Wise
Tue5/14/20196:00 pm F 1-18 Yard Stor (G)  Adam R. Grimes (O)   Oakwood East
Thu5/16/20196:00 pm F 22-1 Adam R. Grimes (O)  Illini F.S. (B)   Bismarck North
Fri5/17/20196:00 pm F 15-4 Bank of Rossville (R)  Catlin Fire Dept (C)   Catlin A
Tue5/21/20196:00 pm F 4-8 Catlin Fire Dept (C)  Terminix (B)   Bismarck North
Tue5/21/20196:00 pm F 18-15 Built 2 Last (H)  Yard Stor (G)   Georgetown Wise
Tue5/21/20196:00 pm F 6-8 Illini F.S. (B)  Iron Mike's (W)   Westville Youhas
Thu5/23/20196:00 pm F 5-8 Terminix (B)  Catlin Fire Dept (C)   Catlin A
Thu5/23/20196:00 pm F 2-14 Yard Stor (G)  Bank of Rossville (R)   Christman Park (Rossville)
Thu5/23/20196:00 pm F 0-12 Chrisman Farm Center (G)  Adam R. Grimes (O)   Oakwood East
Tue5/28/20196:00 pm F 7-10 Terminix (B)  Bank of Rossville (R)   Christman Park (Rossville)
Tue5/28/20196:00 pm F 16-2 Illini F.S. (B)  Expert CPR (W)   Westville Youhas
Tue5/28/20198:00 pm F 6-13 Iron Mike's (W)  Chrisman Farm Center (G)   Georgetown Wise
Thu5/30/20196:00 pm F 8-0 Bank of Rossville (R)  Terminix (B)   Bismarck North
Thu5/30/20198:00 pm F 15-1 Adam R. Grimes (O)  Yard Stor (G)   Georgetown Wise
Fri5/31/20196:00 pm F 24-9 Adam R. Grimes (O)  Iron Mike's (W)   Westville Youhas
Fri5/31/20198:00 pm F 3-7 Chrisman Farm Center (G)  Expert CPR (W)   Westville Youhas
Mon6/3/20198:00 pm F 14-1 Terminix (B)  Expert CPR (W)   Westville Youhas
Tue6/4/20196:00 pm F 26-4 Catlin Fire Dept (C)  Illini F.S. (B)   Bismarck North
Tue6/4/20196:00 pm F 4-16 Iron Mike's (W)  Bank of Rossville (R)   Christman Park (Rossville)
Tue6/4/20196:00 pm F 11-3 Expert CPR (W)  Chrisman Farm Center (G)   Georgetown Wise
Tue6/4/20198:00 pm F 11-15 Yard Stor (G)  Terminix (B)   Bismarck North
Tue6/4/20198:00 pm F 0-10 Built 2 Last (H)  Adam R. Grimes (O)   Oakwood East
Thu6/6/20196:00 pm F 8-11 Iron Mike's (W)  Illini F.S. (B)   Bismarck North
Thu6/6/20196:00 pm F 2-9 Expert CPR (W)  Catlin Fire Dept (C)   Catlin A
Thu6/6/20196:00 pm F 4-10 Chrisman Farm Center (G)  Built 2 Last (H)   Hoopeston Major
Thu6/6/20198:00 pm F 1-0 Adam R. Grimes (O)  Terminix (B)   Bismarck North
Thu6/6/20198:00 pm F 12-1 Bank of Rossville (R)  Yard Stor (G)   Georgetown Wise
Fri6/7/20198:00 pm F 18-13 Built 2 Last (H)  Iron Mike's (W)   Westville Youhas
Tue6/11/20196:00 pm F 15-6 Built 2 Last (H)  Illini F.S. (B)   Bismarck North
Tue6/11/20196:00 pm F 3-11 Catlin Fire Dept (C)  Bank of Rossville (R)   Christman Park (Rossville)
Tue6/11/20196:00 pm F 15-0 Adam R. Grimes (O)  Chrisman Farm Center (G)   Georgetown Wise
Tue6/11/20198:00 pm F 1-15 Expert CPR (W)  Yard Stor (G)   Georgetown Wise
Thu6/13/20196:00 pm F 3-15 Chrisman Farm Center (G)  Catlin Fire Dept (C)   Catlin A
Thu6/13/20196:00 pm F 10-0 Terminix (B)  Built 2 Last (H)   Hoopeston Major
Thu6/13/20196:00 pm F 23-2 Bank of Rossville (R)  Expert CPR (W)   Westville Youhas
Thu6/13/20198:00 pm F 4-24 Illini F.S. (B)  Adam R. Grimes (O)   Oakwood East
Fri6/14/20196:00 pm F 16-5 Yard Stor (G)  Built 2 Last (H)   Hoopeston Major
Tue6/18/20196:00 pm F 5-6 Iron Mike's (W)  Expert CPR (W)   Westville Youhas
Tue6/18/20198:00 pm F 8-11 Catlin Fire Dept (C)  Yard Stor (G)   Georgetown Wise
Tue6/18/20198:00 pm F 9-6 Bank of Rossville (R)  Adam R. Grimes (O)   Oakwood East
Thu6/20/20196:00 pm F 23-5 Terminix (B)  Illini F.S. (B)   Bismarck North
Thu6/20/20196:00 pm F 9-0 Catlin Fire Dept (C)  Iron Mike's (W)   Westville Youhas
Thu6/20/20198:00 pm F 17-3 Yard Stor (G)  Chrisman Farm Center (G)   Georgetown Wise
Thu6/20/20198:00 pm F 0-12 Expert CPR (W)  Adam R. Grimes (O)   Oakwood East
Fri6/21/20196:00 pm TBPN/RBank of Rossville (R)  Chrisman Farm Center (G)   Georgetown Wise
Fri6/21/20196:00 pm F 0-1 Illini F.S. (B)  Built 2 Last (H)   Hoopeston Major
Mon6/24/20196:00 pm F 9-5 Adam R. Grimes (O)  Built 2 Last (H)   Hoopeston Major
Tue6/25/20196:00 pm F 13-14 Yard Stor (G)  Illini F.S. (B)   Bismarck North
Tue6/25/20196:00 pm F 12-4 Adam R. Grimes (O)  Catlin Fire Dept (C)   Catlin A
Tue6/25/20196:00 pm F 1-11 Chrisman Farm Center (G)  Iron Mike's (W)   Westville Youhas
Tue6/25/20198:00 pm F 6-15 Built 2 Last (H)  Expert CPR (W)   Westville Youhas
Thu6/27/20196:00 pm F 1-13 Chrisman Farm Center (G)  Terminix (B)   Bismarck North
Thu6/27/20196:00 pm F 1-13 Built 2 Last (H)  Bank of Rossville (R)   Christman Park (Rossville)
Thu6/27/20198:00 pm F 6-12 Expert CPR (W)  Illini F.S. (B)   Bismarck North
Thu6/27/20198:00 pm F 16-9 Iron Mike's (W)  Yard Stor (G)   Georgetown Wise
Fri6/28/20196:00 pm F 17-6 Catlin Fire Dept (C)  Expert CPR (W)   Westville Sole
Tue7/2/20196:00 pm F 15-7 Catlin Fire Dept (C)  Built 2 Last (H)   Hoopeston Major
Tue7/2/20196:00 pm F 16-3 Terminix (B)  Iron Mike's (W)   Westville Youhas
Tue7/2/20198:00 pm F 14-7 Illini F.S. (B)  Chrisman Farm Center (G)   Georgetown Wise

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TBP To Be Played
CAN Canceled
PPD Postponed
SPD Suspended
FFT Forfeit
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N/R Score Not Reported