BCBL Profile - Joe Ypma

In the beginning, there was Joe Ypma, a lowly microelectronics engineer at Northrop Grumman.  And one day, Joe Ypma created baseball in the South Bay.  During the first season he said, "Let there be Bears, let there be Breakers."  During season two, he said, "Let there be Barracudas, let there be Bombers.  And let the Barracudas win the championship while I play my final season, but never again thereafter."  During season three, he said, "Let there be Stallions, and let the Bears win the championship this season and in all subsequent seasons, for they have been given the gift of superior coaching."  And prior to season four he said, "Let there be Ironheads."

And in Joe Ypma's likeness, the BCBL Board created the Ypma Cup; to be awarded to the BCBL champion at the conclusion of each summer season, and to hold 7 beers while the champions sip upon its sweet nectar.  

And in the end, Joe Ypma left the BCBL in order to obtain an MBA from the University of Wisconsin and became a product manager for Boston Scientific.  It was also around that time that Joe Ypma started crushing out children.  He is now father to two daughters, as well as the BCBL.