Consider volunteering. There are so many needs in the organization.  You don’t even have to be a baseball or softball "expert" to help out and make a difference for the kids.

This list highlights many of the board & coordinator roles you can fill to help the players of the Bushkill Township Athletic Association.


 President - shall preside at all meetings and perform other duties ordinarily performed by the office. The president is an ex-officio member of all committees

Vice-President - shall perform all duties in the absence of the president and also assist in carrying out duties at the president’s request.  The Vice-President will head the By-laws committee and administer the volunteer background check program in coordination with the commissioners.

Secretary - shall keep records of all meetings, be responsible for any publicity requested by the BTAA and for sending and receiving correspondence.

Treasurer-  shall conduct and keep accurate records of the financial transactions of the BTAA and make regular reports to the BTAA membership. 

Rec Board Liaison -  shall chair the Grounds and Facilities Committee and attend meetings of the Recreation Board to provide them with a monthly summary of BTAA meetings.

Commissioners - Shall oversee all aspects of their respective level of play.  Duties may include, but are not limited to selection & supervision of coaches, formation of teams including drafts where required, management of the required equipment, representation of BTAA at league meetings, keeping BTAA informed of league information, etc.

Sponsorship Coordinator – shall administer the sponsorship program, including contacting and maintaining relationships with sponsors; ordering & displaying all sponsorship banners & other duties as may be required

Uniform Coordinator – shall source, order and distribute all uniforms for players and coaches

Facilities & Grounds Coordinator – shall advise board of necessary repairs & improvements; organize field clean up days; source contractors for tasks that exceed volunteer abilities; oversee all work to the facilities & grounds in coordination with Rec Board Liaison & Township


If you're interested in getting involved, send an email to Steve Solderitch.