Next Board Meeting

Next Meeting: October 24, 7pm

Location: Bushkill Township Municipal Building


Fall Ball sign-ups will be held on:

Tuesday, July 9th, 6:30PM-8PM

Saturday, July 13th, 9AM-11:30AM

Rookies - ages 6-8               $50
Minors - ages 8-10               $80

Majors - ages 11-12             $80
Juniors - grades 7th & 8th    $90

**Ages and grades are as of May 1, 2020


  A list of approved bats along with FAQs on the change:

Cal Ripken Info on the change:

The Bat Rules for Bushkill Valley (boys - 7th & 8th Grade) are:

-3 bbcor or wood. For non-wood bats, the difference between numerical number of the bat length and the numerical number of the weight of the bat in ounces cannot exceed 3.  i.e. if a bat is 32 inches long, it must weigh at least 29 ounces.


Mission Statement

 The Bushkill Township Athletic Association accepts the responsibility of administering all recreational and athletic programs for the residents of the township and recognizes that the diversity in age and interest of the population requires an equally diverse offering of programs. The BTAA will provide essential leisure and recreational activities and sporting events, both competitive and non-competitive, team structured or individual, to satisfy the needs and expectations of our community. We will provide safe, well maintained and aesthetically pleasing facilities; we will employ all currently accepted means to insure that all persons directly involved with running these programs are qualified, first aid trained and background checked; and we will monitor the behavior of all participants, old or young, coach or player, parents and spectators, to assure that inappropriate behavior is dealt with and eliminated. We will constantly re-evaluate our programs in order to assure that they continue to be administered in a fair, wholesome and character building manner and we will make sure that the principal of true competition is not circumvented by the desire to “win at all costs”.