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Youth Hockey Committee

August 22, 2016

The Chazy Youth Hockey Board of Directors has set up a Youth Hockey Committee to better deal with the day to day interactions of the players, parents and coaches.  The goal is for this Committee to be more readily available to handle any questions or concerns for all the CYH members.  The committee is composed of representatives from all the levels to make sure all voices are heard.  If you have any concerns regarding scheduling, coaches, games, practices, tournaments etc you should contact a committee member.

Chris Demers President   DEMERS21@HOTMAIL.COM 
Kyle Sweenor Vice President   CYH2011MITES@GMAIL.COM 
Chris Demers ACE Coordinator   DEMERS21@HOTMAIL.COM 
Brad Rovers IP Level   ROVERSB@YAHOO.COM 
Tom Brandell Squirt   TBRANDELL@CHARTER.NET 
Kyle Sweenor ADM Coordinator   CYH2011MITES@GMAIL.COM 
Tom Burdo Peewee   TOMBURDO73@GMAIL.COM 
Keith Giroux Squirt    



 Age Classifications 2016-2017 
1998-2001 Midget
2002-2003 Bantam 14U /Girls 14U
2004-2005 Peewee 12U / Girls 12U
2006-2007 Squirt 10U
2008-2009 Mite 8U
2010-2011 Mite 6U
1st yr skaters/Younger IP (Initiation Program)