With Ryan On The Mound, Chicago White Sox Shuts Out Houston Astros

May 28, 2018

Ryan Cross threw a shutout to lead Chicago White Sox past Houston Astros 2-0 on Monday.


The pitching was strong on both sides. Ryan Cross struck out nine, while Stephen Cross sat down nine.


One bright spot for Houston Astros was a single by Cross in the second inning.


Ryan led the Chicago White Sox to victory on the mound. They went three innings, allowing zero runs on two hits and striking out nine. Cross recorded the last nine outs to earn the save for Chicago White Sox.


Stephen took the loss for Houston Astros. They went three innings, allowing two runs on three hits, striking out nine and walking zero.



Ryan Cross all had two hits to lead Chicago White Sox. 



White Sox next face Detroit for their home opener as they move to 1-0. 


Astros will look to recover and bounce back vs. the Orioles on the road after the shutout.