EEYB was founded in 2003 (first games in 2004) and with each New Year, the excitement of my dream gets closer to reality.  My vision and persistence to start this league was because I saw a need for something different.  I wanted to see something fresh and new that would give the children more than just another sports program, but a place where they can learn and grow.  As a coach myself, it has always been my vision to teach every child the basic fundamentals of basketball as well as exposing them to some of our college players in action.  With the help of many of my friends with the same passion, the league was created. 
At EEYB, we emphasize school work and self discipline. By modeling the teams after historically black colleges and universities, we hope to inspire the children to further their education by attending an institution of higher learning.  Each year, we take a bus of participants from our junior, senior and super senior divisions to visit a different HBCU.  The children will be able to tour the campus, dine on campus and attend one of the men’s basketball games.  We hope to continue this tradition with each of the schools we represent, each year.  

The East End is seeing tremendous growth but with the increase in communities, we are not seeing any additional activities for our children.  This is the reason programs like EEYB are so important to the strength of our youth. It is our responsibility to ensure our children have the necessary tools in order to succeed in life.  It is our divine hopes that as we continue to progress, you will see this program develop into a community program that operates all year long. 
We have several exciting activities in store each year with the continuation of our tutoring and mentoring sessions.  We want to do all we can to open the children’s eyes to the contributions of our ancestors.
The success of this league is a team effort and we graciously welcome your input and deeply appreciate your time. Thank you so much for allowing us to love and nurture your child through sports and for having faith in our league.
Thank you,
Mrs. Makon Fletcher
EEYB Founder/President