We are receiving a lot of concern about bat standards for the 2019 season.  There has been an additional bat standard added which was supposed to supercede the previous USSSA bat standard (also known as 1.15bbf, or bat performance factor) for players not yet ready for a high school (BBCOR) bat.  This new standard, USABat, has taken over much of the market share in the stores, and is designed to remove the high performance bat discrepancy that has become prevalent.  However, many sanctioning bodies have not made the switch, including the MABA, which has reverted back to the USSSA standard, although USA bats are allowed.  Because we do not choose to force players to purchase bats that may not be required in the future, for 2019, we will allow both USSSA and USA bats in minors, majors, and seniors.  Each team bag will include a USA bat if necessary to allow play in other leagues we may participate in.  If you choose to purchase a new bat, we would recommend considering a USA bat as they may be used in future years.  The max barrel diameter for our leagues is 2 5/8" and there is no restriction on drop factor.