"28 Years of the Force"

For 28 years the Force has had one goal, to develop the best college softball players possible.  To do this, we must ensure our players have the skills and athleticism while being academically qualified to play in college. We teach and show our players how to be recruited and finally showcase our players and teams on the national and regional platforms to be recruited by the right college coaches for our players.  

We judge our success by three factors.  First, how many former Force players have played at a Four Year College or University, currently that number is 173.  Second, how many current Four Year College or University Softball players played for the Force, currently that number is 18.  Finally third, how many Force players in the last four years, returned from College due to either being academically unqualified or the college was not a good fit for the player.  In the last four years, that number is one.

In other words, for the past 28 years, the Force has averaged placing 5 players per year on Colleges and Universities’ softball teams; while increasing our average to 6 and ¾ players per year on Colleges and Universities’ softball team for the last four years, while watching these players graduate from their Colleges and Universities. 

I would say the Force continues to meet our goal!!