Playoffs - Week 2 Round-up

In week 2, we saw the Senators get dismantled by Rip-it-up Rentals and the Drillers all but eliminate the Plumbers. The game was a 'must-win' for the Senators in order to control their own destiny. Now, the right teams have to lose and they have to win out to have a chance. Rip-it-up has the lead with 2 wins and 4 points to go along with a +7 goal differential. The Drillers are in second with 3 points after their win and, with 3 games left, are in excellent position. ERS had the week off and has a chance this coming week to get back into the running and, with a win, could practically eliminate the Senators from the final. The game to watch will be the Drillers versus Rip-it-up. Both teams are undefeated and obvious favorites for the final. Good luck this week!