Playoffs - Week 4 Round-up

With one game left to play in the Round Robbin, the second spot in the final is still up for grabs. The Drillers narrow victory over ERS means they can win or tie the Senators and get into the final. For the Senators, the path to the final and a chance to repeat is simply “Win and yer in”. Rip-It-Up, of course, owns a spot in the final already going into their bye week after obliterating the rest of the field. As for the bottom of the pack: Something has to give! Both ERS and Basnett are winless going into week 5. Win and either team could earn a spot in the consolation game and play another week. Interestingly, both ERS and the Plumbers are tied in goal differential, meaning that a tie will come down to their regular season matchup  . . . although, in this case, it might be more fun to play rock-paper-scissors.