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About the Game

March 6, 2013

Inline hockey is a different game than ice hockey. Inline hockey is played with four players on a side and a goalie. There is no icing, no offsides and no checking. The game actually makes players better ice hockey players because it allows players to handle the puck more, turn away from the pressure and look for the open players.

The game is played with a puck that is made of plastic with raised bumps on both sides to make the puck slide. The surface is either a cement with a roll texture or painted. The game itself is 2-23 minute running clock time periods. A three-minute overtime is provided in case of a tie.

The required equipment to play is similar to ice hockey. A helmet, elbow pads, gloves and shin pads. Player's inline skates need to have the brake taken off the back. Optional are shoulder pads and breezers, although most inline players wear a girdle similar to referee pads and some type of breathable pants instead of sweats. Players under the age of 18 are required to wear a full face shield or mask.

The adult divisions are divided by Premier, Gold, Silver and Bronze. Premier is the highest level and most players have played at a pretty high level of ice hockey such as college or semi-pro. Gold levels have played at least high school hockey and are very good skaters. Silver is for players who haven't played much high school or lower and Bronze is for people new to the game.