The Pine Forge Athletic Association was established in 1970 under the guidance and leadership of Merle Harner and Robert “Skip” Trainer. Both of these individuals had children that wanted to play youth sports but the Boyertown program was overcrowded. Therefore, they started the Pine Forge Athletic Association in order to have more opportunity for youths to play baseball and softball. Its philosophy and mission is to provide instruction on the fundamentals of the game of baseball and softball, and to instill good sportsmanship with emphasis on giving children the opportunity to play.


Mr. Harner, a life long resident of Douglass Township, Berks County, was born and lived in the small village of Pine Forge and now resides along Manatawny Road in Douglass Township. Mr. Trainer is also a life long resident of Douglass Township, Berks County. When both these men started PFAA it consisted of one team and approximately 12 to 15 players. They played at a small field at the Pine Forge Elementary School.


Over the years the PFAA program grew in player participation and additional fields were developed. Today the Pine Forge Athletic Association utilizes as many as 15 fields surrounding the Pine Forge community. Many people have been responsible for the growth of the Pine Forge Athletic Association. The countless volunteers who have dedicated their time, talents, and financial resources have made this organization what it is today. Because of the hard work of so many over 400 boys and girls have the opportunity to play baseball and softball each year from March through October. Under the current President Richard Zuber, Pine Forge Athletic Association continues to grow and strive to promote athletic development of its players and to develop among them positive attitudes, fair play, friendly competition, and good sportsmanship. Today Pine Forge has over 30 teams across its entire organization and is very appreciative of all those who continue to make it all possible.