OregonLive.com: Wildcats celebrate state title during ring ceremony at Wilsonville HS

Wildcats celebrate boys basketball state title during ring ceremony at Wilsonville High School


The Wilsonville Wildcats celebrated their 2018-19 Class 5A boys basketball state championship during a ring ceremony Thursday night, May 23 at Wilsonville High School. 

Photos by Taylor Balkom, for The Oregonian/OregonLive 




* Note:  We don't play high school sports for the championships, or rings, or any of that stuff.  It's about teams, and groups of individuals coming together and sacrificing for each other, and memorable experiences, and more.  These are the things that both matter most to us and last - NOT ring ceremonies.  At the same time, when we succeed and our boys earn some recognition, we are more than okay celebrating them and their achievements, too.  Winning is not the most important thing, but we love enjoying the successful moments of our boys and teams.  Winning and values, great experiences, learning experiences, doing things the right way - these do not have to be mutually exclusive things.  You can both win and have the right perspectives...even if you shine the light on your teams and players' achievements a little bit here and there.  So, we celebrate our kids and everything they achieved this year...without dwelling on those things for anything more than what they are... fun moments in time.  The deeper and more meaningful relationships and lessons from this season past - that will last with us much longer hopefully and carry greater meaning for each of us...  To assume otherwise -- or to extrapolate anything negative from our program celebrating our kids' successes -- well that would be a mistake...  So, bravo 2018-2019 Wilsonville Wildcats... We are proud of you, and we enjoyed you... Now go forth and contribute to the world in positive ways...  GO CATS!!