• Gold Star Post 191
  • A Tradition of Excellence
  • 1999 and 2009 Senior State Champions, 2017 and 2018 Junior State Champions, 14U 2018 MABA Champions
  • 2009 Regional Champions
  • 2009 World Series


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 Tryout dates for the 2020 season for Mt. Airy Post 191 Baseball Senior's, Junior's, MABA JV's(16u) and 14U's Teams are listed below:


14U- August 11th at 10am, 14th at 6pm, August 18th at 6pm, and 21st at 6pm


MABA JV(16u)- August 17th/18th at 9am and 24th/25th at 3pm


 Junior- August 17th/18th at 12pm and 24th/25th at 12pm


Senior- August 17th/18th at 3pm and 24th/25th at 10am


Must attend 2 of the 4 tryouts.  For JV, Juniors', and Seniors' you will need to attend a Saturday and a Sunday.  Does not have to be the same weekend.  


Age Chart:


Seniors(19u)-May not turn 20 years of age in the year of 2020

Juniors(17u)-May not turn 18 years of age in the year of 2020

MABA-JV(16u)-May not turn 17 years of age before May 1st, 2020

14u Prep-May not turn 15 years of age before May 1st, 2020


*Divisions overlap and a player may be eligible for two programs.  For example, a player with a birth date of June 13, 2003 is eligible for Juniors and MABA-JV(16u).  That player is considered a 16yo in MABA  and 17yo for Legion.  It is suggested that a player that falls in both divisions should sign up for both divisions.  You should attend at least one of the younger division tryouts you are eligible for and 2 out of the 4 tryouts of the older division you are eligible for.  Managers will attend the division below their division.  They may ask you to attend the tryouts for the division above.


* The Senior's and Junior's Programs require that all players must attend Linganore, Urbana, Oakdale, or South Carroll.  Post 191 shares Oakdale players with Frederick Legion and South Carroll players with Sykesville Legion.  Post 191's host school is Linganore.  If the player attends Oakdale they must live closer to Linganore HS than they are to Thomas Johnson HS using Google Maps.  If the player attends South Carroll, they must live closer to Linganore HS than Century HS using Google Maps.  Location of address does not come into affect if the player attends Linganore HS or Urbana HS. 


* Please email mt.airy191baseball@gmail.com if you have any questions about eligibility of a player.


* You must complete 2020 TRYOUT registration form which can be located on the right side of this page under " register online" section*

Any questions can be directed to Ryan Staley (Senior Team Manager), Trevis Branch (Junior Team Manager), Brian Johnson(15U Manager), or Keith Stutzman(14U Manager). Their contact information can be found under the contact info tab on this website.




Senior: 20-11 ( Failed to qualify for State Tournament)


Junior: 22-10 ( St. Mary's 4th of July Tournament Champions, 2018 Maryland State Champions)


14U: 40-12 ( MABA Champions)


Program Overall Record: 82-33