All-Star Break Leaders in Stats

Hitting Leaders

Top 5 in Hits

Evans 36

Bailey 26

White 21

Beyer 21

Hart 19


Top 5 in RBIs

Bailey 24

Hart 20

Beyer 14

White 13

Lienhard/Evans 11


Top 5 in Runs

Evans 26

Bailey 20

White 19

Beyer 14

Hart 14


Top 5 in BBs

Stern 21

Bailey 13

White 12

Beyer 11

Green 11


Top 5 in AVG

Bailey .473

Evans .450

Hart .385

White .328

Beyer .318


Top 5 in OBP

Bailey .574

Evans .488

Stern .478

Hart .467



Top 5 in Contact Rate

White .922

Hart .885

Beyer .879

Green .878

Evans .875


Pitching Leaders


Top 5 Inning Pitched

Beyer 29.2

Neal 29.1

White 26.1

Hart 15.1

Bailey 15.0


Top 5 ERA (IP/ERA)

Steneman 6.0/1.17

Beyer 29.2/3.07

White 26.1/3.19

Richardson 13.1/4.20

Bailey 15.0/5.13


Top 5 Leadoff Outs

White 16

Beyer 15

Hart 11

Neal 11

Richardson 10


Top 5 BB per Inning

White .570


Bailey .733

Richardson .825

Steneman 1.00


Top 5 Batting Avg Against (IP/AVG)

Steneman 6.0/.130

Hart 15.1/.215

Beyer 29.2/.254

Richardson 13.1/.255

White 26.1/.257


Welcome to the CAA Knights


CAA Knights travel baseball embodies the spirit of skilled players who possess a great understanding of leadership, commitment, motivation, and sportsmanship.  We are a throwback of sorts, who believe in a quality youth sports experience - kind of like it was when we were kids.  Although we've achieved much success of the past, our main goal is to prepare players for their next level and build relationships within family and community by sharing a common love for Christ.  

2017 15U CAA Knights Travel Baseball Tryouts

The 2017 15U CAA Knights Travel Baseball team will be holding tryouts at Trinity United Methodist Church (Dickey Field), 2100 Westchester Avenue, Catonsville, MD  21228 on these dates: 

  • • Monday, August 8th at 6:00 PM 
  • • Wednesday, August 10th at 6:00 PM 
  • • Saturday, August 13th at 10:00 AM 

A little background about the CAA Knights. Our home field is tucked through the trees near the heart of Oella and has a sense of old time baseball - kind of like when the Babe and Jackie Robinson roamed the lush greens of the diamond. As in year’s past, we will be competing at the highest level in the Mid-Atlantic Baseball Association (MABA). We are looking for experienced players who would like to compete and continue to improve on their skills. We not only look at overall ability, we look for attributes such as dedication, leadership, commitment, motivation, and sportsmanship. Our philosophy is that the more time you put into it, the more playing time you will receive. This year we’ll focus on off-season conditioning and players will have free access to a comprehensive exercise gym in Catonsville.  Although we’ve achieved much success in the past, our main goal is to prepare players for high school and beyond. We have been blessed to have a group of coaches and families that have built a strong bond and commitment to our program and would like more to become a part of it. If we have enough players to sign up for 2017, we could actually have an A and B team that could practice together on a weekly basis so the players could build relationships and a comradery that would strengthen our program all the more. If you are interested in joining our program, please contact Coach Jimmy Beyer at 410-300-4561 or email him at and we can even set up a private tryout. For more information please go to our Facebook page: