Located in Eastern North Carolina in the City of Jacksonville, NC in Onslow County. Each age group consist of Football, Cheerleaders, Reporters. The Eastern Carolina Youth Football League bring the College and NFL, to the youth level come and see the different in our league.



A new youth football league in Jacksonville, NC is looking for kids 5-14 year old to participate in its upcoming 2019 season, tackling & flag football and cheerleaders. Once the league is open, Parents you can registration your kid online, go to registration and click on online forms and fill out the information, if you having any problems just email me for help. 


New ECAAYFL under the umbrella of the Eastern Carolina Youth Football

 Since the ECYFL only allow teams from the College and NFL the Eastern Carolina All-American Youth Football League (ECAAYFL) was establish this youth football under the umbrella of the Eastern Carolina Youth Football League allow teams or leagues that do not have a league to participate in to coms and join our program, since most teams and league have their own uniforms, colors and team name and logos, the ECAAYFL allow any team or league to play in their own uniforms its also allow teams or league to have all its teams with the same name, colors and logo. Different from what the mother league allow, the same fun and excitement as the ECYFL, the same things you are writing about the ECYFL program is the same as the ECAAYFL, for more information about the ECYAAYFL go to


 Here why our league is different than other youth football league

 There no trial out, no traveling, must maintain their grades, no restriction on players, all players can run, pass and catch the football. Middle school players that did not make their school roster are welcome to come and join our program. The only teams that can play in the ECYFL, is teams from college and the NFL, only. Coaches then will pick a team from a lists of teams from each age group

  Tackling Football (age group 11-14 year old):

More than 25 individuals awards, Uniform Retirement, Hall of Fame induction, Championship & Conference rings, rules govern by NFL; All-Star & Pro Bowl game.  College award: individuals' awards for each position on the team and more, just like the college awards, from Heisman Trophy Award for the Outstanding player, Bowl Games; Rose, Orange, Cotton, Fiesta and teams fight & victory songs etc. Pro award: Same individuals’ awards like the college and many other awards, League MVP

Flag Football (age group 5-7 year old, (non-contact):

individuals awards, uniform retirement, Hall of Fame induction, All-Star game, Flag award Walter Payton award for the Outstanding player and other awards. All-Star game, YES!! We keep score for the flag, as well as win and lose and yes they do have a National Championship game.

 Cheerleader (age group 5-14 year old),

Regular Season like football, Cheerleader competition during half time, uniform retirement, Hall of Fame induction, individuals awards, Championship & Conference trophies,

 Reporters (age group 5-14 year old):

Individual Awards, Hall of Fame, uniform Retirement

 Coaches (age group 5-14 year old):

Looking for good faithful coaches for both football and cheerleader, first come basic, Come if you DARE!!,    

 Parents here what I need for you to do

a. when contacting me make sure you give your kids age

b. what area of town you live?

c. a good contact number or email (if you call please speak slow and say each number clearly, a lot number was not clear so you might not get a return call)

d. If you like to Coach, I need the following info, where you live?, what age group? you can scroll down and see the 3 age group we have and I need for you to be at the field each day and if you can not coach after you said you could then email immediately so I can get another coach in your place.

e. Parents the league needs volunteers, I need to know what area are you willing to volunteer for, if you need to know what is needed I send you the volunteer list.

if you call or email me and have not receive a call or email from me recall or email me again.


 Mission Statement

* To provide a safe and positive after school program for all the inner youth of Eastern Carolina

* To build resiliency of the youth by teaching good skills while maintaining acceptable academic levels

* To strengthen values, that regardless of race, sex, creed, disability or National origin that teamwork is vital to        building a stronger Community for the future

* To encourage the youth of Eastern Carolina to make informed decisions so they too can become leaders and help       reduce the risks that our youth are faced with today

* Through good role modeling and mentoring the youth of Eastern Carolina will be shown how to strive for their         dreams and aspirations for the future.


About Us 

The Eastern Carolina Youth Football League is  a 501 3 (c) non-profit organization, we're registrar in North Carolina, and soon will be full registrar in Florida. The Eastern Carolina Youth Football League not only focuses on sports but academic, grades are top priority over sports no participants will not dress out if they cannot maintain a passing grade. It’s simple "Grades First, Sports Second".  A failure grade means a participant become academic ineligible and will not play until grades is back up to par. To help out each participants the Eastern Carolina Youth Football League have set-up a tutorial program that help any participants that having problems with their grades. The Eastern Carolina Youth Football League will not kick a participant out of its program without first doing everything possible to make sure each participate have a passing grade on and off the field in the class room and out.


 Donation Button

 We now offer a donation button for anyone that desire to donate to our league, help support youth sports by giving a donation, $5, $10, $15 or $20 dollars or more, can go along way in helping a league supports its payers and will keep its doors open. A lot of youth sports is closing their doors because of lack of sponsors by businesses, but you have a chance to prevent that from happening with your gift at the top right there a donation bottom select the donation  amount you desire to donate. All donation is tax deductible,













































































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