2017 Playoff Results

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13/14yo Division

(9th seed will not make playoffs)


Tie breakers: If two or more teams are tied for a specific seed, head to head results will be used to determine seeding.  Run differential between those teams will be used as the second tie breaker in the event that those two teams played each other twice and went 1-1.  If seeding can still not be determined between those teams that are all tied, season run differential totals will determine the seeding.

For this reason it is important to enter the correct final scores into all game results. Since this is done by the winning team, the head coach of the losing team should double check to be sure the correct score was entered.

 10-run Mercy Rule that we used for the regular season WILL apply for the playoffs this season in order to preserve pitching since rosters are thin and we are attempting 3 games in 4 nights in our 13/14yo division.


Monday, 6/26 (rainout date = 6/27), (the higher seed/home team will host the game on their home field). In the event that more than two Exeter teams need to "host" a game, both the CMS and EHS JV field will be utilized.  If >2 Exeter teams are the higher seeds, the Exeter team(s) with the lowest of seeds will play on their opponents field, but will still be considered as the home team.


Exeter Red (#8) @ Hampton Black (#1) - Tuck Field, 6pm

RESULT: Exeter Red - 4, Hampton Black - 14

Pitchers for Black:  James O'Hara (5)



Exeter Grey (#7) @ Hampton Royal (#2) - to be played at CMS due to field availability, 6pm

RESULT: Exeter Grey - 1, Hampton Royal - 9

Pitchers for Royal: Hunter Chase (3), Brady Annis (1), Landon Harris (1), Nick Purdy (1), Shay Leno (1)



Exeter Green (#6) @ Stratham (#3) - Steven's Field 6pm

RESULT: Exeter Green - 3,  Stratham - 12

Pitchers for Stratham: Connor Norton (5), Owen Grace (2), Lucien Mason (1)



Exeter Navy (#5) @ Newmarket (#4) - Newmarket High School , 5pm Start (due to Legion have a game at 7:30)

RESULT: Exeter Navy - 13, Newmarket - 10

Pitchers for Navy:  Andrew Hodsdon (3), David Reed (3), Gavin Bond (1)



ROUND 2 - Wednesday 6/28 (the higher seed/home team will host the game on their home field if possible)


Exeter Navy (#5) @ Hampton Black (#1), Winnacunnet HS, 6pm

RESULT: Exeter Navy -3, Hampton Black - 2

Pitchers for Navy: Roffman (4), McNeff (1), Bond (2)



Stratham (#3) @ Hampton Royal (#2), to be played at CMS due to field availability, 6pm

RESULT: Stratham - 3, Hampton Royal - 2

Stratham pitchers: Heffernan (7)



Championship Game (The "Mercy Rule" will NOT be used)

Thursday, 6/29  Steven's Field, Stratham

Exeter Navy (away team) vs. Stratham (home team).

RESULT: Exeter Navy -1, Stratham - 11




15/16yo Division

Semifinal games

Tuesday, 6/27 (rainout date = Wednesday 6/28)


Exeter Maroon (#4) @ Exeter Black (#1) - EHS JV Field

RESULT: Exeter Maroon - 3, Exeter Black - 4

Exeter Black Pitchers:  Martel (3), Hodsdon (2), Cilia (1), Pendell (1)



Stratham (#3) @ Sanborn (#2) - Chase Field

RESULT: Stratham - 14, Sanborn - 10

Stratham pitchers: Wolff (1), Clark (7), Healy (1)



Championship (The "Mercy Rule" will NOT be used)

Thursday, 6/29, (rainout date = Friday, 6/30). Exeter High School JV Field

Stratham (away team) vs. Exeter Black (home team)

RESULT: Stratham - 0, Exeter Black - 1 




Announcing the 1st Annual Season Kick-off Event

for all 13&14yo Division players only.

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

11:00am - 2:00pm

Steven's Field, Stratham, NH

All players and coaches will be introduced onto the field, live National Anthem, team competition in multiple baseball skills events with a Champion crowned, BBQ style food and drink concessions.  All are welcome.

More details released to all head coaches 14 days prior to the event.