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From the President - Latest Developments

The province announced that Hamilton will be moving to stage 3 this coming Friday.

Moving to stage 3 will allow us to start playing games again but there is some new rules.  A maximum of 100 people at any 1 park, we are only allowed to play against teams in our own league and the last change is if a league has more than 50 members than it must be broken into pods of less than 50 people combined per pod (example- pods of either 3 or 4 teams). 

As was decided earlier our league will not be having any regular season games so if teams want to get together and play they will be doing so on their own and not under the banner of Flamboro Mens Slo Pitch League.  No insurance coverage will be available for teams so if games are to be played everyone in attendance needs to  be informed that they do so at their own risk.

We are still pondering the idea of a September tournament but if the regulations remain the same we may have to put off any league activities till next year.

It is my personal suggestion that if teams decide to play games on their own that all the recommendations we put forward earlier be followed to help slow the spread of Covid 19.


Thank you and stay safe

Regards Angelo DeCarlo

Season Cancelled - Message from the President

I hope this email finds everyone in good health.

Over the last few weeks the senior executive has been looking at ways that we can have some type of meaningful season, we have prepared a 12 game season which would have started around July 6th.

With only a couple weeks to go and no real end in sight for the restrictions we have decided to suspend the season, hopefully as restrictions become more relaxed we will be able to have a tournament around the same time of year that we would normally have had our playoffs.

As Jesse informed everyone in a previous email our league does not have insurance coverage at this time so if anybody goes out for batting practice or an exhibition game when permitted please inform everyone involved that they are doing so at their own risk.

Hope to see everyone out on the field shortly , stay safe.

Regards Angelo DeCarlo

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