Congratulations to Glen Ostrosser for being awarded the honour of Hamilton's 2018 Volunteer of the year.

Glen is a long time HDBA rep, having served as a Mahoney director and past President, HDBA Director, HDBA/OBA rep and is currently servings as a Baseball Ontario Director. Glen was nominated on the basis of his involvement in the CanUsa Games and every year takes great pride in having Hamilton teams participate in the games.


"When I first took my son when he was 6 in 1986 to sign up at Mahoney after a couple years at Kiwanis T-ball I asked if I could help coach a team.

The person they sent me to talk to was Glen.

In all the years since I have depended on Glen for assistance and guidance and friendship and I will be forever grateful for that.

On behalf of the thousands of kids that you have impacted and the hundreds of guys like me that have impacted thousands more that you have mentored and helped along the way.

Congratulations, this is a huge accomplishment. You are a great ambassador for our sport and I cannot think of anyone in any sport more deserving!"

Larry Wood


2018 HDBA City Championships


Congratulations to West Mountain Allstate on winning the Mosquito final 9-2 over West Mountain Royal LePage

team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Final
WM Allstate 0 2 1 0     9
WM Royal LePage/Nic Uhac 0 2 0 0    


 Mosquito Scoring

Mosquito Pitch Counts

West Mountain Hess Millwork got out to an early lead and held Ancaster Blue Jays to 1 in a 14-1 win


team 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Final
WM Hess Millwork 4 5           14
Ancaster Blue Jays 0 0 0 0           1

 Bantam Scoring

Bantam Pitch Counts

Tournament Rules



Sunday Aug 19th

Rookie 1pm on MSP1

Congratulations to East Mountains Anteater Pest team on winning the 2018 HDBA Rookie Championship.  

  1 2 3 4 5 Final
EM Quality Bakery 0 0 3 0 0 3
EM Anteater Pest 2 6 3 4 X 15


Peewee 4pm on MSP1

Congratulations to West Mountains Birkenstock team on winning the 2018 HDBA Peewee Championship

  1 2 3 4 5 Final
WM Future Environmental 1 1 2  5
WM Birkenstock 4 2 5 0 5  16


Midget 7pm on Bernie Arbour

 Congratulations to Dundas’ Cubs team on winning the 2018 HDBA Midget Championship

  1 2 3 4 5 6 Final
Dundas Cubs 3 6 0 2 2 5 15
WM Young Drivers 2 0 0 2 0 0 4


Schedule downloads below


Rookie Scoring


Peewee Scoring


Midget Scoring

Ontario Summer Games (London Ontario)

Hamilton District Baseball Association

Fri Aug 3th

tied East Ontario 3-3 in the opening game

lost 18-1 to London District

Sat Aug 4th

lost 3-2 to Southern Counties

Won 12-3 over Western CountiesWCBA

Won 3-2 over team North

HDBA 2018 Dates to Remember

July 3rd-8th              Rookie Midsummer Classic (Dofasco/West Mountain)

                                 Peewee Midsummer Classic (Alexander)

                                 Midget Midsummer Classic (East Mountain)

July 10th-15th            Mosquito Midsummer Classic (Mahoney)

                                 Bantam Midsummer Classic (Dundas/West Mountain)

Aug 13th-19th            Rookie City Championships (Dofasco/West Mountain)

                                 Peewee City Championships (Alexander)

                                 Midget City Championships (East Mountain)

Aug 20st-26th            Mosquito City Championships (West Mountain)

     Bantam City Championships (Mahoney)



2018 HDBA Midsummer Classics

Thanks to our Midsummer Classic hosts for a great round of summer tournaments!

Rookie Midsummer Classic Champion Binbrook Grey

Rookie Schedule

Rookie Scoring

Mosquito Midsummer Classic Champion West Mountain Allstate

Mosquito Schedule

Mosquito Scoring

Peewee Midsummer Classic Champion West Mountain Birkenstock

Peewee Schedule

Peewee Scoring

Bantam Midsummer Classic Champion West Mountain Pita Pit

Bantam Schedule

Bantam Pitching

Midget Midsummer Classic Champion Dundas Cubs

Midget Schedule

Midget Scoring

Lightning Safety

When Thunder Roars, Go Indoors!


If you can hear thunder, you can be hit by lightning. Take shelter immediately. If you cannot find a sturdy, fully enclosed building with wiring and plumbing, get into a metal-roofed vehicle. Stay inside for 30 minutes after the last rumble of thunder.


For all regular season house-league games, any games stopped (after the official game time) under the OBA Thunder Policy, would be considered over; and, for other times, the OBA Thunder Policy is to be applied.


Direct strikes are responsible for only 50% of lightning-related deaths and injuries. Two other types of hazardous phenomena are caused by lightning. Ground current and side flash account for 60-80% of lightning-related injuries and deaths. A ground current is set up when lightning hits the ground, spreads out and sends a current through a victim. Side splash occurs when lightning hits a tall object, travels partly down the object and then jumps to a nearby victim.

100 years ago a baseball Ontario was born out of a meeting at the Hamilton YMCA on James St. The weekend of Nov 17-19 2017 Baseball Ontario returned to Hamilton to celebrate their 100th anniversary with their AGM at the Hamilton Sheraton Hotel.


Hamilton District Baseball Association is pleased to announce that Dennis Ryan, one of our HDBA Past presidents and Life Member, also a Baseball Ontario Past President was honoured at this event by being inducted into the Baseball Ontario hall of Fame. He along with many of the builders of Baseball Ontario we’re honoured in a celebration of the birth and growth of Baseball Ontario at the 100th anniversary AGM on Nov 18th.


John Hashimoto, another long time HDBA member was also honoured with an award for his outstanding work in coaches training as a facilitator and clinician. John has worked tirelessly to help the Hamilton Cardinals and Hamilton District Baseball Association build the best possible group of coaches to work with our children.


Mike Campanella was recently selected as the 2017 recipient of the Mary Whittaker Memorial Award in honour of his volunteerism at the grass roots level of baseball.

The Hamilton District Baseball Association recogizes Mike as an important builder in our local baseball community. Over the last several decades Mike has been involved with Mahoney Park, the Hamilton Baseball Umpires Association, the Hamilton Cardinals and the Hamilton District Baseball Association. He is an HDBA Past President and Life Member.






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