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   Infield positions 2B, SS, 3B


   Defense and Pitching is what wins Championships!!!!


  If your son wants to play the Infield,

then you need to put in quality technique work!!

Playing these positions are Very competitive!!!


Jesse Garcia was a 17 year Major Lg. Pro SS-2B-3B-OF Super Utility Player

Teams Played for Baltimore Orioles, Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres

Jesse was rated Best Defensive Infielder at every level on his path to the Big leagues!!


Our program will develop you into a solid infielder within time thru our constant techniques that create good habits and it is designed to help your player become an instinctive fielder and give the skill sets to make every play look routine!


    Program Info:

   *Breakdown Fielding Technique

   *Routine/Backhand/Forehand/slow rollers/Off balance groundballs

   *Advanced Groundball Approaches

   * Game Management Communication

   *Doubleplay Footwork/ Feeds & Receiving Technique/Relays- Cutoffs

   * Hands and Foot coordination Drills, Drills, Drills

   *Knowledge on how to play these positons properly


Don't waste your time holding your player back during the Development Years and Have to Catch up when its to late !!


          Making Every Play Look Routine, Get catching the ball now!!


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