For your safety, please watch the following video.

Please watch the video, and be thinking about what you would do in this situation.  Feel free to share your ideas with your teachers, and other students.




Welcome the MHS Physical Education Webpage.  

This website contains information for Personal Fitness, and Recreational Activities.

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This site is designed to help you succeed in your Physical Education class.  On you class page, you will find all handouts, power point presentations, and links that will be used in the class.  Additional resources are on the "pages" section to help you.

LOCKERS - Students are encouraged to rent PE lockers to keep their valuables safe, and to store their PE attire.

LOCKERS -       $5.00 Per Semester, or

                          $10.00 per Year

Students, who purchase a year locker, may keep the same lock & locker from one semster to the next.  

SEMESTER RENTALS MUST BE CLEANED OUT AT THE END OF THE SEMESTER.  Items left in semester rentals, will be discarded/donated to those in need.


Dressing out for Physical Education is not required, but Dressing out is highly encouraged.  Please check out the recommendations for dressing out:






UNIFORMS are available for purchase:


                           $20.00 for the set (shirt & shorts


                           $15.00 for just the t-shirt


                           $10.00 for just the shorts

Should you choose not to dress-out, and your participation is limited due to your attire, you will not receive full credit for participation.

If you have any questions about the class, please email 

Coach Garner at:

or Coach Cole at: