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2020 Power Rankings: August

August 1, 2020

1.) Great Lakes Gators (7-2): They take 2 from the defending champs and sit with the best record in MLW at the break. No words. A complete and utter turnaround if I've ever seen one.

2.)Western Wildcats (6-3): The 'Cats have already matched their 2019 win total and are looking promising. Huge divisional games coming up for them to see if they're the real deal.

3.) Pacific Predators (5-4): Although they lost 2-1 to the Gators after a 9 consecutive series-win-streak, they still have everything on the table for them.

4.) Midwest Mallards (5-4): That sweep of the Cobras was MUCH needed. This has been a roller coaster of a year for Quack Attack nation already. Nobody knows what kind of Mallard team will show up each series.

5.) Eastern Eagles (5-4): Eagles have had great pitching but very poor offense as of late. It's pretty much the same story as it has been the past 7-8 years: Dan carrying.

6.) Coastal Cobras (4-5): Cobras fans can only hope this isn't another one of those "oh my god what is happening" years.

7.)  Downtown Diamondbacks (2-7): Knorp is the future.

8.)  Metro Magic (2-7): Chadwick is a beast.

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