This web site is dedicated to our families and the young men playing baseball at Huntsville East Babe Ruth, a division of Huntsville Babe Ruth Baseball. Home games are played at Optimist Park and John Hunt Park. Players age 12 to 18 are eligible to participate. We welcome everyone to come out and support our players!  


April 12, 2019

Coaches Meeting on April 17

The mandatory coaches meeting will be held Wednesday, April 17, 6:30 pm at the Optimist Recreation Center. 

All coaches should plan to attend. 

Those coaches planning to field a team in the club / travel / competitive league must bring all of their teams registration information and the team registration fee. 

Please contact R. H. Coates or Bill McArdle if there are any questions. 

R. H. Coates  

Bill McArdle  

February 11, 2019 – 10:55 AM

Spring Baseball Registration 

Walk-in registration for the 2019 Spring Baseball season will be on three Saturdays, March 30, April 6, and April 13.   Please check back at this website again before registering - more information to follow later in February.   

Registration will take place from 12 noon to 3 pm at Sandhurst Park on each Saturday.  Game play will start May 4th and end in early July. Registration forms for individual players and those registering on a team are available under the Forms / Handouts tab (above).   

The league will have separate divisions for recreational teams and competitive teams at each age group.  The cost is $100 per individual recreational player or $1300 per competitive team.  That is still less than $8 per game for each player!  

DISCOUNT for early recreational player registration ... Any individual player (recreational league) that registers by 3 pm Saturday, April 6 will pay a discounted fee of $85 (save $15).  Please note this is a firm cutoff time for the discount - no exceptions. 

Parents & coaches may also register by filling out one of the registration forms and mail the registration form, concussion form, and birth certificate to league officials.  Or you may print and fill out the registration form and concussion form, scan the signed pages, and e-mail or hand in to league officials (and then arrange to hand in the birth cert. & fee at a subsequent practice).

Also!  Parents or family members, please consider volunteering as a coach! 

For more info please contact ...

R. H. Coates (Optimist Park, Eastern) at 

or Bill McArdle  (Sandhurst Park, Southern) at



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February 25, 2015

 Helmets: "Nine Innings of Brain Safety for Baseball"

Please take a few moments to look over the brief 2-page information brochure for concussion safety, provided by the CDC on the NFHS website.  Link:


February 27, 2015

 Huntsville Babe Ruth Concussion Policy
Any athlete who exhibits signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion shall be removed from the contest and shall not return to play until a medical release is issued by a medical doctor. Any health care professional or certified coach may identify concussive signs, symptoms, or behaviors of an athlete during any type of activity.  Once concussive signs are identified, only a medical doctor can clear the athlete to return to play.

Each athlete and a parent must complete and submit a signed form to any HBRL official. The form is available in the Handouts page of this web site and is now part (page 2) of the registration forms. 

(Updated 2/27/15)  Please go to the CDC's web site to learn more.  There are several free online courses under the CDC's "Heads Up" program - the courses aid in identifying symptoms of a concussion and the procedures to follow when these symptoms are recognized.  The course is available at:  

Training for coaches is available at: 


In Case of Severe Weather

Games shall be suspended whenever lightning is seen or thunder is heard (no matter how far away it may seem) or whenever weather conditions make it unsafe to play. Play may be suspended by the Umpire, any Huntsville Babe Ruth Official, or Huntsville Recreation Services Representative. If none are present then the managers/coaches can suspend play. Whenever play is suspended EVERYONE shall leave the field & take shelter in substantial buildings or in cars with the windows rolled up. Avoid small rain shelters, dugouts, bleachers, trees, metal fences, gates, power poles, etc. Play shall not resume until 30 minutes from the last lightning or thunder. The maximum time for suspended play is 45 minutes, after which the game is called off for the day.
Let's all make sure that safety is paramount!

Also, please find additional information at: and .

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