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December 17, 2018

L & P started the season 1-7, then had their players start to show full time and went on an amazing roll.  They finished the regular season 10-10 and in 5th place.  They swept all three rounds of the playoffs finishing with Donatos.  So in their final 18 games played they were 15-3.  L&P was led by their pitching, Joey D'angelo was the workhorse throwing gem after gem.  Ron Lam was equally effective.  Their offense had many stars including but not limited to Chris Garcia (League MVP, Tom Bracco award), Jeff Suarez, Buddy Rupp, Mike, Babakis, Jared Delmar, Craig Longo & Danny O'Brien to name a few.  Steve Schwartz Nick Chausey and the Durante brothers all had solid seasons and helped keep the team together during their slow start.  Good job fellas.


Jeff Suarez was the Championship MVP. 


Runner up Donatos had a solid season all around:

Newcomers Rey Toro and Joe Tronolone were awesome additions and big pick ups,  big seasons from Vinny Mazza (injuries could have cost this team first place), John Manuellian's 42 RBI's were the most in current league history (since 2010), and Jeff Scire (most runs scored this year). 

Team was rounded out by solid play from Anthony Sutter, Jorge Beritian, Gordon Rugg, Kevin Rugg, John Spinelli and John Decro.   



Past Winners

August 9, 2013

I have moved and some of my paperwork is missing. Let me know if you can fill in the blanks. My email address is phillybbop@yahoo.com

Winner Runner up
1987 Wall to Wall (Padres) Pauls Hauls
1988 Orange Crush South Beach
1989 Prebon South Beach
1990 South Beach
1991 JR's
1992 Fowarding Services
1993 JR's
1994 Stream Team Padres
1995 Major League Screen Print 4 G's
1996 JR's G&J Collision
1997 JR's Oasis Deli
1998 JR's Stream Team
1999 JR's French Twist (Padres)
2000 JR's Beer & Billiards
2001 JR's Mortgage Link
2002 Mortgage Link (USC) Stream Team
2003 Aces Ted Parnese Law
2004 Aces US Coachways
2005 Aces Ted Parnese Law
2006 Ted Parnese Law Aces
2007 Aces Ted Parnese Law
2008 Ted Parnese Law Aces
2009 Ted Parnese Law US Coachways
2011 Ted Parnese Law Aces

2012  Ted PArnese Law  Donatos

2013   Catello Electric vs Donatos

2014    Alexa Rose   vs  USC

2015    USC    vs  TPL

2016    Griffs    vs   USC

2017    Griffs    xs   Donato's

2018     L&P  vs Donato's


January 24, 2018







Playoff schedules

November 25, 2017

This week games:


Donato's vs Bullies 8:30 at 50

USC vs Oakwood Diner 12:00 at 50


Alexa Rose vs Aces  8:30 at 75

L & P vs Griffs Jabronis 12:00 at 75





October 4, 2017


   HITTING LEADERS                                                                  PITCHING  LEADERS                                                        

    Batting Average                                                                       ERA

    Vin Garcia  (USC)   .685                                                          Brian Cunningham  (Griff's)  3.54

    Steven Murphy  (Aces)   .667                                                Pete Lindell  (Oakwood)  4.05

   Vinny Demetrio   (Alexa Rose) .667

  Jerb Lynch    (Alexa Rose)  .643                                               Lou Rendiero  (Bullies)  4.79

                                                                                                     Ronnie Lam (L&P)   4.86


     Home Runs                                                                            Wins        

    Vin Garcia   (USC)    6                                                            Anthony Dondiego  (USC)  6

    Steven Murphy (Aces)   6                                                     Pete Lindell  (Oakwood)   4

    Kenny Cedel   (USC)   6                                                         Brian Cunningham   3

    Matt Hellman    (USC)   4                                                        Tom Gulotta (Aces)   3

    Jimmy Wrenn  (Oakwood Diner)  3                                       Chris Larkin   (Alexa Rose) 3


    Runs Batted In                                                                       WHIP

    Vin Garcia  (USC)    26                                                           Ronnie Lam  (L&P)   1.53

    Steven Murphy (Aces)   22                                                   Pete Lindell  (Oakwood)  1.69

    Marty Costello  (USC)    19                                                    Brian Cunningham (Griff's)  1.72

    Sal Todaro   (USC)   16                                                           Lou Rendiero  (Bullies)   1.79


      OPS (On Base + Slugging)                                                  Strikeouts

    Vin Garcia  (USC)   2.227                                                       Brian Cunningham  (Griff's)   4

    Steven Murphy  (Aces)  2.198                                              Ronnie Lam  (L&P)     4

     Boomer Manuellian (Donato's)   1.747                               Pete Lindell  (Oakwood)   3

     Steve Stiller   (Bullies)   1.704                                            Chris Larkin   (Alexa Rose)   3

     Matt Hellman  (USC)   1.69                                              Anthony Dondiego (USC)/Mike Gannone (Wanderers)  2




Donatos Sweep Alexa Rose

In two very good games Donatoes swept Alexa Rose.  In the first game, Donatos jumped out to a 5-0 lead on Anthony Noto 2 run double and some misplays in the field by Alexa Rose.  Chris Larkin Sac Fly cut the lead in the 3rd.  In the 4th inning Joe Sears hit a rocket to left that hit the tree rattled around and was caught by Anthony Sutter for an out as per the tree rule. 


In the second game Donatos scored 3 in the first with hits by Boomer, Sutter and Scire.  In the 3rd inning RBI's by Paul Nigro and Matt Giobbie cut the lead to 3 -2,  it stayed that way till the bottom of the 5th When Anthony Noto drove home another run.  Alexa Rose showed some heart scoring 2 in the 7th to tie the game on hits by Vinny Demetrio and Frank Muirhead.  In the bottom of the 9th. Jay Lane drove a pitch off the right field wall to win the game. 

Glove need restringing

Call Kevin 347-968-0080




 Opening Day is upon us once again.  The  2017 Robert Kelly Memorial Hardtop League begins this Sunday, August 27th, with five big doubleheaders.   The league may be the strongest it's ever been, with the addition of two new powerhouse teams, and two teams combining to make one "super team".  In addition, the defending 2016 champs, and the champions from the last 3 years before that are all back for another season.   Below is the week one slate:


                        Week 1    Sunday August 27th


   8:30 AM      Donato's   vs.  Aces         P.S. 50

   8:30  AM     Bullies vs.  Oakwood Diner     I.S. 75

  10:45 AM     Moe's vs.   L&P  Tree Service    P.S. 50

  10:45 AM     Griff's (Defending 2016 Champs)  vs. Catello Electric  I.S. 75

  1:00  PM      US Coachways vs. Alexa Rose     P.S. 50


         (Full Schedule is on the site under the Schedules tab) 

        (Stats and Standings will be updated every week)






It was two hard fought games between Griff's and the 2015 defending champs USC at IS 75 last sunday.


Griff's jumped out to a quick 7-1 lead, only to see USC roar back to tie it at 7-7.  Griff's added 3 runs in the 6th and hung on

to win Game 1,  10-8.   Game two was much the same, a hard fought back and forth with Griff's winning 5-4.

Brian Cunningham and Edgar Gonzalez were the winning pitchers and Tommy Amato drove in all 5 runs in Game 2 to take home MVP honors.   Andrew Costello starred offensively and John Schreiber starred defensively for USC. 


December 4, 2016

The 2016 Championship game is here.

The top two seeds have made it. 



      # 2 Griff's Jabronis  vs. # 1 U.S. Coachways

            10:00 AM at I.S. 75 (2 out of 3 series)


Good luck to both teams. Should be a classic.



Semi Finals Are Set

November 25, 2016


Semi Finals are set for this Sunday.


#1 US Coachways    vs.   #5 Ted Parnese Law

       10 am at PS 50  (2 out of 3 series)


#2  Griff's Jabronis   vs.   #3 L&P Tree Service

      9am at IS 75      (2 out of 3 series) 


 Good luck to all four teams.


playoffs stats for first round and semis will be up on Monday.











Top Pitchers in 2016

November 26, 2016



                    2016 Top Pitchers Robert Kelly Softball

                         (League Leaders in Bold font)


          Ronnie Lam        L&P Tree         8-2     3.23 ERA    1.49 WHIP

          Rey Toro         Catello       9 wins  3.89 ERA   1.48 WHIP  15 CG's  2 K's

          Brian Cunningham    Griff's         6-0, 1 SV   3.99 ERA  1.65 WHIP  2 K's

          Anthony Dondiego  USC           8-0   7 CG's  2 K's

          Tommy Gulotta       Aces             8-3,  1 SV   2.03 WHIP  2 K's

          Jeff Scire           Donato's            8-5   1.96 WHIP  13 CG  3 K's

          Chris Larkin      Alexa Rose         7-4   1.67 WHIP  7 CG    2 K's

          Edgar Gonzalez  Griff's               5-4   1.95 WHIP  3 K's




2016 Robert Kelly Final Offensive League Leaders

November 17, 2016




                                       Batting Average


                          Boomer Manuelian  TPL   .698

                             Fudgie Tronolone   Catello       .648

                                       Sal Baio                   USC            .634

                                       Andrew Costello     USC            .622

                                       Ricky Lopez             Griff's         .593

                                       Charlie Donohue      Catello       .589


                                                    Home Runs


                       Alan Kopeloff    Moe's Goonies    7 

                                         Marty Costello          USC               6

                                         Kenny Cedell            USC               6

                                         Anthony Sutter         Donato's       6

                                         Andrew Costello       USC              5

                                         Matt Giobbe               USC             5

                                         Jimmy Wrenn            Griff's          5


                             RUNS BATTED IN    (RBI)


                       Andrew Costello         USC           29

                                        Marty Costello             USC            26

                                        Gordon Rugg              Donato's     26

                                        Steve Mavis                 USC            22

                                        Boomer Manuelian      TPL            21

                                        Anthony Sutter           Donato's     21

                                        Kenny Cedell                USC           21


                          (Hits, OBP, SLG, OPS and Pitching Leaders coming soon)

                                              Currently Having site issues

























































































November 14, 2016


  The 2016 Robert Kelly Memorial Playoffs are set.

   All Playoff Series are 2 out of 3 Games.


QUARTERFINALS (Gordon Rugg Sr. Division)


Sunday November 20th


#2 Griff's Jabronis  (11-6-1)  vs.  #7  Donato's Plumbing (8-8-2)

8:30 am at P.S. 50


#3 L&P Tree Service (10-7-1) vs. #6 Catello Electric (9-9)

8:30 am  at I.S. 75


#1 US Coachways (13-5)   vs.  #8 Moe's Goonies (9-9)
12:00 pm   at P.S. 50


#4  Aces  (9-8-1)  vs.  #5 Ted Parnese Law (9-8-1)

12:00 pm at I.S. 75


Good Luck to all teams



Rules and Conduct

September 26, 2016

Rules were discussed before the season at meetings that were not well attended.  If you have any questions on the rules, please call me to discuss them or if you need a copy.


I have been asked for a couple of years to get new umpires at 50, I did.  They are good umpires but there is definately a learning curve.  The pitching is unlike any other leagues and they are new to it, it will take time.  Also, remember  I have explained the strike zone to the umpires and asked them to  give the pitchers the high strike.   Like anything else I will dicsuss the zone again with them. 


Lastly, guys these guys are good they are in the right position and they have been reccommended by a couple of different sources.  Lets be courtesous in our discussions.  I understand in the heat of the moment you can be upset but they are doing the best they can while learning. Also there are neighbors, that dont want to hear you curse. 


I am making calls to all the managers to go over any queestions and complaints  Thank you for your understanding.

Stats are updated

September 26, 2016



HR:  Matt Giobbie  4

RBI: Andrew Costello 21

BA: Charlie Donahue 810




Wins: Rey Toro 6

ERA: Rey Toro  3.63

Whip: Rey Toro 1.31




USC 8-0

Catello 6-2

Griffs ,TPL , L&P & Moes are 4-4

Aces and Alexa Rose 3-5

Donatos 2-4

Wanderers 0-6









      ***Note:  For access to Pitching stats, click on the "PITCHING" tab in the stats section***



                                   NO GAMES SEPTEMBER 4TH DUE TO LABOR DAY


                                  EVERYONE ENJOY THE HOLIDAY WEEKEND!!


Couple of items

October 28, 2016

Please review the games played in order to have players qualify.    If there is rain this weekend, we will be playing next Saturday for make ups.  We will go over the schedule at a meeting on Sunday. 


Here are the updated League leaders:

HR:  There is a five way tie with 4,  Andrew Costello (USC), Jim Wren (Griffs), Ken Cedell (USC) , Anthony Sutter (Donatos), Alan Kopeloff (Goonies)

RBI: Andrew Costello (USC) 22, Marty Costello (USC) 18, John Manuellian (TPL) 18


Batting Ave: Charlie Donoghue (Catello) 707,  Sal Baio (USC) 696,


W: Rey Toro (Catello) 8, Ron Lam (L&P) 6, Anthony Dondiego (USC) 6.


ERA: Rey Toro (Catello) 3.66, John Donia( TPL) 3.68, Ron Lam (L&{P) 3.72



Tournament Game

August 29, 2016

We are sending a team to the Blue Lives Matter invitational tournament on October 8th 2016.  The manager will be the winning manager from the year before (in this case Anthony Dondiego) and will comprise of players from this league.  More information to follow. 


August 24, 2016



The 2016 RKL season kicks off this Sunday, August 28th, with four great doubleheaders:


                                                           I.S. 75


        8:30 AM           Alexa Rose vs. Catello Electric


           10:45 AM      **U.S. Coachways vs. Griff's Jabronis

                           (**US Coachways Defending Champs)


                                                               P.S.  50


         8:30 AM           Ted Parnese Law   vs.  Moe's


        10:45 AM          Aces        vs.   L&P Tree Service  


                 Bye Week:   Donato's  -  The Wanderers



Note :       This season will be named in the memory of Gordon Rugg Sr. 

                           (2016 Gordon Rugg Sr.  Division)


                  ***Good Luck to all teams this season***


All Star Voting Results

December 3, 2015

Below is the final results of the Robert Kelly Memorial All Star voting.  We had one player at each position, 4 OF  2 Pitchers and 2 EH.  The EH were the next two highest vote totals.  an example is at 1st Base  Boomer won the voting and Richie Christie was second.  Richie was entered as the 1st EH.   This is not an exact science and we will try to get more in depth next year.   One requirement to the voters that every team be represented on one of the teams.


1st Team

1B)    John Manuellian (Boomer)  TPL 

2b)     Brian Cunningham              On Paper

SS)    Anthony Noto                       TPL

3b)     Joe Tronolone (Fudgie)      Catello

C)      Brian McDowell                    Aces

P)      Jeff Scire                              Donato's

P)      Chris Larkin                           Alexa Rose

OF)   Andrew Costello                   USC

OF)   Vin Garcia                             USC

OF)   Anthony Sutter                      Donato's

OF)    Matt Giobbie                        Alexa Rose

EH)    Rich Christie                        L & P

EH)    Darren Miller                       Padres


2nd Team

1b)      Tom Loughran                   On Paper

2b)      Gordon Rugg                    Donato's

SS)     John Cronin                       On Paper

3b)      Anthony Kosta                    Moe's

c)       Nick Ciancaruso                   USC

P)      Tom Gullota                          Aces

P)     Anthony Dondiego               USC

OF)    Vinny Mazza                        TPL

OF)    Mike Zaccariello               Alexa Rose

OF)    Ricky Tepedino                   Padres

OF)     Matt Helman                       USC

EH)    Paul Stabile                         L & P

EH)    John Decrescenzo             Donato's

Congrats to the players listed and lets get more votes in next year. 






Scroll down if you're using a smart phone to see final stats

Final playoff stats for all 8 teams can also be found in excel form in the "Handouts" Section


******End of Season Awards and 1st and 2nd Team All Pro Selections coming soon******







**Scroll down if you're using an Iphone to look at this page**

(Stats also available in excel form for each team in the Handouts section)














2015 Playoffs Stats as of 11/20/15 (1st rd stats)

November 20, 2015

Each team's stats can also be found and downloaded via excel spreadsheet in the HANDOUTS section














                                                 BATTING AVERAGE


           Rich Christie               L&P                .672

                                    Boomer Manuellian    TPL                .636

                                    Anthony Noto              TPL               .623

                                    John Tronolone          Catello           .623

                                    Vin Garcia                   USC                .620

                                    Brian Cunningham    On Paper        .617

                                    Darren Miller               Padres           .614


                                                          HOME RUNS


                    Andrew  Costello        USC               13  

                                   Vin Garcia                    USC                  10

                                   Anthony Noto              TPL                    9

                                   Boomer Manuellian     TPL                    9

                                   Matt Giobbe                 Alexa Rose        7

                                   Vin Mazza                     TPL                    7

                                   John DeCrescenzo      Donato's            5

                                   Anthony Kosta             Moe's                 4

                                   Dylan Fusco                 Moe's                  4

                                   Marty Costello              USC                    4


                                                          RUNS BATTED IN


                 Boomer Manuellian     TPL                33

                       Vin Garcia                   USC                      30

                                    Andrew Costello        USC                      28

                                    Matt Giobbe               Alexa Rose           28

                                    Matt Hellman              USC                      25

                                    Anthony Noto            TPL                       24     

                                    Vin Mazza                   TPL                       24


                                                      OPS (On Base+Slugging)


        Andrew Costello         USC               2.160

                        Vin Garcia                  USC                    2.110

                                    Anthony Noto             TPL                    2.069

                                    Boomer Manuellian    TPL                    1.934

                                    Mike Zaccariello         Alexa Rose        1.905


                                                         Runs Scored


            Anthony Noto             TPL                 36

                         Vin Mazza                  TPL                       26

                                     Boomer Manuellian  TPL                        26

                                     Andrew Costello        USC                      24

                                     John Tronolone         Catello                  23

                                     Vin Garcia                   USC                      22




             Rich Christie            L&P                 39

                                      Anthony Noto             TPL                      36

                                      Boomer Manuellian    TPL                      35

                                      Seth Friedman            Aces                     35

                                      John Tronolone          Catello                  33

                                      John DeCrescenzo     Donato's               33

                                      Joe Crispi                    Aces                      31

                                      Vin Mazza                    TPL                        31

















                 ANTHONY GUARNIERI JR

                      BATTLING CANCER


              Saturday November 14th      2pm till ???????

              Pelican Club     112 Fingerboard Road SI, NY  10305


              FOOD/DRINKS   -   50/50 RAFFLE    -   BOX POOLS


                     TEXAS HOLD 'EM TOURNAMENT AT 5PM

                                        $100 BUY IN


                                FOR MORE INFO CALL

                           GLENN VAN PELT 917-439-5404






      The 2015 Robert Kelly Playoff Matchups are Set. 

         All playoff series are 2 out of 3 games.




Sunday November 15th


#1  US Coachways (15-3) vs.  #8 Catello Electric (7-10-1)                      8:30 am at P.S. 50


#2  Ted Parnese Law (12-3-3)  vs.  #7 On Paper (Griff's) (7-10-1)           8:30 am at I.S. 75


#3  Alexa Rose (12-6)     vs.     #6  Aces   (8-8-2)                                    12:00 pm at P.S. 50


#4  L&P Tree Service (11-7)  vs. #5  Donato's Plumbing  (10-8)            12:00 pm at I.S. 75







November 9, 2015

we must clean up the fields after the games.  Kids go to school there.   if we lose the field we do not have a league.  

Guys this is the last week of the season. Please review your teams GP to make sure you get the guys there to qualify for playoffs. 

Batting Leaders

We are more than half way through the season and here are the batting leaders with at least 18AB:



John Manuellian TPL -  6

Anthony Noto  TPL  - 5

Vinny Mazza  TPL  - 5

Vinny Garcia  USC  5

Anthony Sutter  Donatos  4



John Manuellian  TPL  20

Vinny Mazza  TPL  17

Vinny Garcia  USC  17

Matt Hellman  USC  13

Phil Paterno  Donatos  13


Batting Average

John Manuellian  TPL  750

John Cronin  On Paper  722

Anthony Noto  TPL  714

John Tronolone  Catello 700

Brian Cunninham On Paper  667




Week one in the books

September 1, 2015

Anthony Noto was a wrecking ball for TPL vs Pauls Glass Padres.  He hit 4 HR's as TPL swept Padres 11-4 and 16-4. 

All the other games were splits.  Catello Electric banged out 18 runs in the first game but was held to two in the second game against defending champ Alexa Rose.

At 75, The Aces scored 4 runs in the last inning to get a split against "On Paper". 

In the second set L &P came back in game two to get a split against USC. 

Opening Day

August 29, 2015

Opening day is upon us.  I have been going through alot of personal turmoil this year and I am behind in setting up league.  Here are some last minute items:

First off welcome back all the old teams and a special welcome to the new team Moe's.  Lets make them feel comfortable.  

This is a tough week for all teams involved with vacations,  we could talk about next year waiving this week and playing a scheduled saturday game. 

All fees must be paid before the second week of the season.  You must seek me out.  

Email me a tentative roster at phillybbop@yahoo.com so I can get a jump start in setting up teams on website. 

Since attendance was light for rules meetings, I have made the following decisions:

1) I have reverted back to two courtesy runners except for injury.  

2) Tie breakers are as follows: Head to head,  run differential in head to head games, run differential in total games.

3) Playoffs are as follows Top 8 teams  1vs 8 2 vs 7 3 vs 6 4 vs 5.  We will reseed in the second round in case of upset

4) Top seed gets the choice of field and time.  Second seed the third seed.  In the second round the top seed picks the field (games are at 9am) The other game will be at the other field. 

5) Finals are at 75 

6) Be aware that these are public fields and they can be taken from us, so clean up your mess (dont let the custodian get pissed), kids go to this school so dont bring glass to the fields, do not block someone's drive way. 

Lastly, THERE is no fighting on the field. I dont care if its after/before or during the game.  If there is a fight at field there will be a suspension for the first incident.  If it happens again the suspension will be indefinite.  

Have a great season.  Call me with any questions.

My number is 718-679-3134 

Not a great turnout for meeting

July 22, 2015

So we are not changing much from last year,  See me for fees, schedules ect. 


Two items did come up from teams that showed up

1) Jay Lane has asked that the second round of playoffs the second seed will get the option of field and time.  In the past, the first place team picked field at 9am and the second set had to go to the other field. 

2) the championship be played alternatively at 50 and 75. 


I would like to hear from your managers.

Season to start on August 30th

July 17, 2015

We are having a final meeting next week date TBD.  Season will open up on August 30th. We are planning for a special guest to throw out the first ball of season Nicky Lynch.  Nicky was a SI Padre baseball player on my son's team from 5 to 11 years old.  He came from a great family.  I recently found out that he had a brain tumor removed and was undergoing treatment.  I decided to participate in the NYC Brain Tumor Walk and with the help of Mikey Bagels we raised $250 from player in the league. the donation was listed as Robert Kelly Softball on the NYC Brain Tumor Walk website.  The site is still open for any donations.  Team Nicky http://www.braintumorcommunity.org/site/TR/TeamraiserEvents/NewYorkBrainTumorWalk?px=3523214&pg=personal&fr_id=2500

We will have 10 teams this year and there have been some defections so it should be an exciting year.  I will ask managers to send me a prelim roster to set up on website at phillybbop@yahoo.com  We named the division after Robert Columbia this year. 

We have the fields from August 23rd for anyone to play exhibition games. 

Free Agent forms under Online Forms

January 13, 2015

If you are interested in joining the league please fill out the registration form under the Online Forms tab.   The form will be emailed to a league director who will forward over to the managers.

Congratulations to the 2014 Champs Alexa Rose

November 18, 2014

In an exciting three game set played at 75 Alexa Rose defeated top seed USC.  In the first game Alexa Rose opened the game with 2 runs in the top of the first with RBI singles by Shawn Lombardo and Frank Russo.   Sal Zaccarello RBI single in the thirs fame Alexa Rose a 4-0 lead.  Pitcher Chris Larkin was keeping the powerful USC bats on ice in the cold weather.  In the top of the 6th Alexa Rose increased the lead to 8-0 with RBI hits by Matt Brady, Lombardo, Russo and Zaccarello.   USC closed out the scoring with 1 in the 6th and 2 in the 7th for a final of 8-3.

In game two, USC opened the scoring with a 2 run HR from Vinny Garcia.  The Costello brothers Andrew and Marty contributed with 4 hits and 2 RBI's as USC and pitcher Frank Tripodi shut out Alexa 7-0.   Setting up the deciding third game. 


Alexa Rose opened the scoring with a Vinny Demetrio Sac Fly in the 1st.  USC came right back in the bottom of the inning with Sal Baio and Matt Helman driving in 2 runs to take the lead.  Alexa Rose took over the game with 6 runs in the 3rd inning Led by Vinny Demetrio RBA single Shawn Lombardo 2run  hit.  The final score 7-3. 

Stats are updated for playoffs

November 13, 2014

All the stats are updated and listed under the handouts section.  Congrads to Alexa Rose and USC for making the finals.  A new champ will reign.  So at 50 it took three games but USC defeated TPL.  Both teams showed that they are champions and neither team gave up.  At 75 Alexa Rose came out swinging and took game one.  The jumped out to an early lead in game two before Catello came roaring back to tie the game.  In extra innings Alexa Rose took a two run lead going to the bottom of the 7th but Catello showed why they won the championship last year scoring one run and had the tying run on third and the winning run on second before Chris Larkin got the third out.  Some controversy in this game on a rule for which I will explain.  The rule states that you can go from 8 players to 9 but the 9th man is an automatic out.  And you may add a fielder before the 4th inning. So the implied rule is if you go from 9 players to 10 then the 10th man is an out.  I will make a change in the off season to better word this rule.  


After the game was over, an incident occurred on the field that needs to be addressed after the season.  This situation cannot be allowed in this league. 

Also, we must keep in mind that this is a public field and there are neighbors to keep happy.  I am asking all of you to clean up the field and not to double park this week.  

Alexa Rose vs USC.  The number one vs the number two team.  Great match up with the new and improved Alexa Rose adding Sal Zaccarello, Paul Nigro and Matt Giobbi to an already good roster.  And is this the year USC finally closes out the season as champions.  Newcomber Vinny Rivera joins a remarkable team.  Lets see. 

I have a prior engagement and my dad is in the hospital so Mike Gannone will be at the field to hand out the trophies and the winnings.  The MVP will be decided by Mike and the two umpires.  All other awards will be handed out after the season.  


We will have a after season meeting to go over the season and to see if we want to change any rules.  This was one of the more successful years as many of the teams had a legitimate chance to win this year.  I want to make the league even better next year so I am up for suggestions.  




Stats are on line under uploads

November 7, 2014

The playoffs at 50 in the play in game.  Bungalow defeated Pauls Glass Padres 13-8  Winning pitcher Edgar Gonzales hit a tying HR in the 3rd to lead the way.  They gained the right to play the 1st place USC.  USC pounded Bungalow led by Sal Baio and Vinny Garcia 6 hrs between them.  In the second set a rematch of last years finals of Donatos vs Catello Elctric.  Donatos won the first game, but defending Champ Catello Electic showed the heart of a champion by pounding the ball to win the next two.  They were led by Nelson Rivera 3 HR and with one of the grittiest performances seen in this league John Tronolone pulled a hammy but continued to play and struck for 6 hits  many off the fence where he was able to limp to first.  In addition he continued his vacuum play at third.  

Over at 75 was a day of sweeps.  In the morning games, the wiley vetern team of TPL defeated L&P.  They were led by the offense of Larry MErrill and Anthony Noto and the pitching of Chuck D'Amodio.  Jon Manuelian hit a grandslam in the first game to ice the victory. 

In the second set,  Alexa continue their magical ways with a sweep over the Aces.  In the second game Chris Larkin pitched a two hitter.  Anthony Galletta and Paul Nigro led the offense. 


Next up a matchup we have all been waiting for TPL vs USC (50) and Alexa Rose vs Catello Electric (75).  These should be great games. 



Category Winners

November 6, 2014

Congrads to the HR Champ John Decrisenzo Donatos with 6.  Runner ups were Vinny Garcia USC 5 and Mike Zaccarello (Alexa Rose), Joe Sears (Donatos), Steve Toscanini (Aces) and Anthony Noto (TPL -Combined) with 4.  The RBI leader was Joe Sears (Donatos) and Anthony Noto (TPL -Combined) with 20.  Shawn Lombardo (Alexa Rose was the runner up with 19.  Mike Zaccarello (Alexa Rose) led the league with a 794 batting average. Vinny Garcia (USC) was the runner up with 679 BA.


Rookie of the Year was Vinny Garcia (USC).  The Comeback or returning player of the year was Shawn Lombardo (Alexa Rose).   

Big day for TPL USC Alexa Rose and Catello

November 2, 2014

Today bungalow defeated Paul's Glass in the play in game.   USC proceeded to sweep Bungalow.   In the second set. Donatos won game one but Catello Electric woke up and went on to win the next two to move on.  At 75. TPL swept third seed L and P.  In the second set. Alexa Rose swept Aces. 

Next week TPL vs USC at 50 830. 

Alexa rose vs catello at 75 830. 

Playoffs on the line

October 25, 2014

there are some big games this week USC VS Alexa Rose at 50. Donato's vs L & P at 75. TPL VS. BUNGALOW at 50 and Padres vs Catello at 75.  All the   Games matter for playoff seeds. 

Playoffs are set Sat 3 pm at 75.  8 vs 9. Play in.  

 Next week is the marathon  we will try to accommodate around it  

We we will reseed if there is an upset. 

1 vs 8/9

2 vs 7

3 vs 6

4 vs 5

We will utilize both field 830 and 12.   The week after both fields are utilized 10 am. Finals at 75 10 am  


if you play in another league be aware of our times.  

League Leaders

With one week left in the season here are your league leaders. Good Luck to everyone in the playoffs. 

Average - (20 Ab's min)

Mike Zaccariello - .893

John Spinelli - .656

Shawn Lombardo - .655

Sal Baio - .652

Vinny Garcia - .650



John Decrisenzo - 5

Steve Toscannini, Mike Zaccariello, Joe Sears, Vinny Garcia - 4

Matt Giobbie, T.J. Geniale - 3



Paul Nigro - 6

Lance Sigman, Steve Toscannini, Shawn Lombardo, Charlie Donahue, Mike Lucca, John Manuelian, Vinny Mazza, Anthony Mazza- 5

Mike Russo, Vinny Demetrio, Jeff Plez, Jude Gregorio, Joey D'Angelo, Paul Colletti-



Mike Zaccariello - 6

John Decrisenzo, Mike Lucca, Vinny Mazza - 4

Russ Stefanski, John Spinelli, Mike Colleta, Keith Lotito, Jimmy Chioffi - 3



Joe Sears - 20

John Decrisenzo - 16

Shawn Lombardo, Anthony Perrincino - 15

Lance Sigman, Matt Giobbie, Vinny Mazza - 13



Steve Toscannini - 17

Gordon Rugg, Anthony Perrincino - 16

Joe Curro, Joey D'Angelo - 15


Make up game scheduled

September 24, 2014

Make up game between TPL and Catello on Saturday Oct 18th at 11am at 75.  

Today's photo

September 21, 2014

Late Posting

September 13, 2014

Things looked bleak for USC Down 8-4 in the 5th inning and Steve Mavis injured his ankle.  Bases loaded no outs when the Aces Juan Cruz hit a smash to third.  In a blink of an eye there was an around the horn triple play and the king of the regualr season was on the way.  Int he 7th USC scored 6 runs to take the lead and held off the ACES 12-10. In the Secind game  USC was up 7-4 in the last inning when Phil Lee hit a towering shot into the RF trees that looked like a game tying HR.  A few seconds later the ball fell into MAtt Helmans glove for another triple play.  Amazing.  

In the second set  Donatos swept Alexa Rosa. 


At 75, TPL opened their season with a 14-4 rout over L&P when they decided to talk legend Mydo Perrancino out of retirement. What did he do. Pitch a brillant game 4-2 win.  

In the second set, Pauls Glass Padres was winning 4-2 in the bottom of the 7th inning when disaster struck and Bungalow/Griffs scored 3 runs for the win.  In game two, pauls glass scored 2 in the bottom of the 7th to tie game only to lose in the 9th.  In this game, Bungalow'2 Tom Loughran continued his mastery over pitcher Phil Bracco with a towering HR.  Also, Pauls Glass lost Nick Yodice and Joe Petro to injuries for a couple of weeks.  


August 29, 2014

Let me know if there is a mistake.  TPL vs Catello will be scheduled by next week.  If there are no rainouts playoffs start St Nov 1  at 75 8 vs 9.  time TBD

1 vs 8 or 9  on Sun Nov 2  

2 vs 7

3 vs 6

4 vs 5


The highest seed gets to pick time and field.  


2nd round

highest seed vs lowest seed 

two middle seeds 


Highest seed gets to pick field  the other game is at the other field. 


Finals are set at 75 at 10 am start

Opening Day

August 27, 2014

Opening Day turned into sweeps weeks. 

USC v. Bungalow - USC picking up where they left off last year in their domination of the regular season. Taking two games from Bungalow, USC coming back with vengeance to win that championship they felt was theirs last year. Anthony Dondiego & Frank Tripodi surrendered 4 runs in two games while the team collected 39 hits for them.


Aces v. Paul Glass Padres – Aces proved that Paul’s Glass was breakable by scoring a total of 38 runs in the doubleheader. Joe Crispy & Lance Sigman led the way for their team combining for a total of 11 RBI’s between both of them The Ace’s making a statement this year that they’re still one of the powerhouses in this league.


Alexa Rose v. L & P – This was by far the games of the weekend. Going down to the wire Alexa Rose was able to squeak out 2 wins Sunday. Scoring 6 runs in the bottom of the 7t allowed Alexa Rose to make a huge comeback and steal the first game. The second game Alexa Rose needed to depend on their defense holding off L & P threat for a comeback of their own. Mike Zaccariello mashed for his team collecting 3 homers and 7 RBI’s in the 2 game set. After the game Mike Russo was heard stating these were 2 “mint” wins for Alexa Rose.


TPL, Donatos and Catello Electric open their season September 7th






July 23, 2014

The start of the season is right around the corner and player movement speculation is running rampart.  Who is jumping teams? Who is retiring? Is there new players being added?   We shall see in the next few weeks. 


The schedule for 9 teams is finished and will be distributed soon.  I am waiting to see if we pick up a tenth team. 


The rules have been uploaded. 


Chucky has started some discussion in the social media on who were the all time best hitters in this league's history.  The consensus was that it had to be one of the players from JR's. 

This brings me to another poll.  Who is the best team of all time. 









September 12, 2014



First Favre, now D’Amodio launches comeback bid
If NFL quarterback Brett Favre can once again come out of retirement, then so can Joe D’Amodio.
And that is exactly what the 43-year-old infielder intends to do in the Robert Kelly Memorial Fall Hardtop League.
But instead of donning his usual Ted Parnese Law uniform, D’Amodio will wear the blue and white of perennial league playoff contender Coachways on Sept. 12, a rare Saturday doubleheader in the loop.
D’Amodio, who sat out all but one week last season, is anxious to get back on the playing field.
"There’s a great opportunity here for this team to win a championship," he said. "Coachways is loaded with a lot of talented players. They came close to winning it all the past few years. Can I help them win it all? I’d like to think so."
D’Amodio, who first retired in 2005 but came back to play later that season for Parnese, said he was talked out of retirement this time by longtime friend Phil Bracco, a current pitcher on Coachways.
"He said we started out together back in this league in 1987 and that we should finish our careers together this season," laughed D’Amodio. "We won the title that year and the hope is we can do it again."
The Manahawkin, N.J., resident, who twice batted .600 or better in the league during his stellar career, said he’s wants to help Coachways in any capacity he can.
"Pinch-run, pinch-hit, play the infield, play the outfield ... whatever they want, I’ll do," said D’Amodio. "Hey look, I’m old and out of shape and I don’t even know if I can still play, but I’m going to give it a try."
Bracco, whose father Tom discovered D’Amodio in 1982 while driving up D’Amodio’s Eltingville block, knows his childhood friend still has what it takes.
"This makes our team stronger," says Bracco. "His heady play in the field and steady bat will make all the difference."
The righty-swinger, who hopes to at least play the required four weeks to qualify for the playoffs, originally had planned to play with Coachways full-time.
"My mind said one thing, but my body said I couldn’t," explained D’Amodio. "Having to commute 150 miles round trip to play softball on a Sunday morning after commuting back and forth from work all week takes its toll. I hope Coach Dondiego and the rest of the guys understand that. Plus, I have two daughters and I missed a lot of their activities working weekends at the paper (the Staten Island Advance) all these years and now they’re playing travel softball on Sundays and I didn’t want to miss all of those games. I learned the last few years, it’s not about me, it’s about my kids."
D’Amodio leaves behind a Parnese squad, which copped the league championship last year and two out of the last three. Parnese and Coachways met in the first week of the season two weeks ago. There’s a chance D’Amodio could face his former teammates come playoff time.
"It’ll be fun and strange playing them if that happens," said D’Amodio. "I have a lot of friends there. They’re a bunch of great players who have worked hard to get to the top of the heap in this league.
"I’m sure Chucky’s not happy about this, but he’ll get over it. Parnese is doing just fine without me."

Catello Electric Sweeps Donatos for the Title

December 8, 2013

Catello Electric won its first championship on the Robert Kelly Softball League with a two game sweep of Donato's Plumbing.  In the first game Catello won 3-2.  Vic Romano opened the scoring with a HR in the second inning.  In the third inning Charlie Donogue single brought home Winning Pitcher and series MVP Tom Sliger.  Donatos came right back with an RBI double by Mike Sutter.  Catello showed they were game when Vic Romano sac fly drove home Rey Toro for a 3-1 lead.  Donto's would not quit and scored one in the 4th on a sac fly by Steve Spinelli and had the bases loaded buy could not bring home the tying run,.  From that point forward both pitchers shut the door with scoreless pitching


In the second game, Catello put the pressure on with two runs in the 1st inning on Vic Romano's singel and John "Fudge" RBI Double  (First of three hits).  In the second inning Charlie Donogue had a 2 run single.  Joe Curro (Donatos) brought home Mike Sutter with an RBI Ground out to cut the lead to 4-1 but Donnie Kiernan RBI single put Catello back up by 4.  In the 5th Catello broke the game open scoring 3 runs Eric Gollinger 3rd hit of the game plated Gary Minervinni, Vice ROmano 4th RBI of the day anf John Fudge brought home the 8th run.  Donatos did not quit as they scored 5 runs in the 6th, John Spineeli RBI a 2 run Error and Miuke Sutter's 2 run single.  Tom Sliger shut the door and proved that he was the MVP getting the last out of the 6th and a 1-2-3- 7th inning. 


Stats are updated and posted.

We are going to have off season meetings on the rules for next year. 

Thanks for a good year and see you next year.  Let the hot stove begin.

Upset Weekend

November 10, 2013

In a rematch of last years championship, Donatos exacted sweet revenge bu defeating TPL in three games.  In game 1, TPL opened up with 5 runs in the first inning.  The big hit was Anthony Noto's three run HR.  Noto hit another one in the 5th and John Manuellian hit one.  With their backs to the wall Donato's opened up with a huge 1st inning scoring 7.  HR's by Gordon Rugg and Anthony Sutter led the attack.  Now the start of game 3and once again Donato's knock in three in the 1st inning.  Gordon Rugg hit a 2 run HR and Phil Paterno singled in another.  Gordon had a 2 run double in the 4th and Anthony Sutter smashed anohter HR. 


At 75, the powerful USC team was shut down by Tom Sliger and the Catello team.  Game 1 Catello started in early with three runs in 1st and 4 more in the 2nd (Charlie Donoghue 2 run triple.  Gary Minervini had three rbI's and Dom Catello was 3-3.  USC showed the heart of a champ scoring 4 runs in the 6th inning for a 4-2 win  Mike O'Halloran had a 3 run HR in the inning. 


Now we started game 3, and Catello scored 7 runs in the first 2 innnings.  Vic ROmano 2 run double in the first started them up. 


This sets up the Final and for the 1st time in 11 years either the Aces or TPL are not in the final.  A good run boys. 


Catello Electric vs Donato's Plumbing 9am at 75. 



WOW there were almost upset

November 5, 2013

USC finished the regular season undefeated but survived a scare against Bungalow.  USC was mercied in the first game 18-5 as Brian Cunningham had a big day.  In the second game USC jumped out to an early lead and held on for a 18-9 win.  In the third game USC won easlily 13-3. 

TPL swept the ACES.  7-2 and 10-0.  Jorge Beritian and John Manuelllian were the big hitters.


In the morning games at 50 Alexa Rose defeated Donatos 4-3 in the first game, Steve Scotto was 3-3.  Darren Miller had 5 hits for ALexa Rose but Donatoes woke up with HRs by Anthony SUtter (2), Kevin RUgg, Gordon Rugg and John Spinelli won the next two games 7-5 and 8-1. 

Catello Electric swept L & P 15-2 and 9-8.  Charlie Donaghue had 5 hits for Catello.  Jay Harrell and Dom Catello had HR's also,.


This sets up the semi's with USC vs Catello at 75 and TPL vs Donatos at 50. 


Its time to start thinking about the All Star Ballots. Take a look at the stats,  each manager, league official,  umpire and main scorekeepers will get a vote.   


Playoff stats are under the handouts section.



8:30 at 75  USC vs Bungalow  2 out of 3

12:00 at 75  TPL vs ACES


12 at 50  Catello vs L & P

8:30  50 Donato's vs Alexa Rose


Unfortunately, the marathon is this week.  Some teams will be shorthanded but for those who live in Brooklyn you could come here before the bridge closes or for later games you can get to SI through NJ.  I know that is a big pain but try to get here for the playoffs. 

USC finished undefeated this year with a little help from a controversial triple play.  With the bases loaded and no outs the ACES were within seconds of tying the game when The Aces batter hits a smash to third.  Marty Costello fileds the ball very near the foul line (some thought it was foul) and steps on third throws to second and the relay get the batter for a triple play.  Great play by Costello.  Was it fair was it foul with our replay we will never know. 

In another odd moment at 50.  In a tie game (4thh inning) 5-5, Donatos batter hits a smash to RF.  It hits the tree in RF and somehow slowly rolls under the fence in the RF corner.  The Umpire ruling gave the batter third base.  THIRD BASE in essence a Ground Rule Triple.  The Padres argued the call to no avail.  But here is the odd part;  later in the inning Donatos batter hits the ball off of the left field fence, the ball hits the pole and bounces out into the street. WAIT how many times have you seen the ball go out of  play in RF and LF in the same inning.  This one was called a Ground Rule double.  Needless to say there will be a ruling later in the week on balls that leave the field of play at 50.  The final result was a Donatos thrashing of the Padres 17-5. 

Lets wish Anthony Dondiego a speedy recovery. 



Week in Review

October 15, 2013

USC Continues their undefeated season with a sweep over Catello Electric 14-5 and 12-9.  In the losing effort, Jay Harrell had an unbelievable game with 3 HR and 8 RBI's for Catello.  In the first set Donato's continued their hot hitting with a sweep over L&P.  

At IS 75, The Aces and Bungalow split the DH.  Steve Guarneri had a big day for the Aces with 5-5 day.  For Bungalow, Tommy Loughran had 5 hits. 

In the second game The Padres kept the game close (5-4) until the bottom of 6th whenTPL scored 10 runs.  In the second game TPL ran away with it 14-0.  

League Leaders:

Batting Ave 8 game min

Jude Gregorio   Bungalow  667

Chris Seagriff   L&P         618

Marty Costello  USC         595



Jay Harrell   Catello       8

John Manuellian  TPL      4



John Spinelli  Donatos    22

A. Costello    USC         19

John Manuellian  TPL      19


Team Stats


USC   473

Donatos  453




Donatos 142

Week in Review

October 11, 2013

IS 75 Catello Electri Swept The Padres .  In the first Game Jay Harell 2run HR in the bottom of the 6th led to a 5-3 victory.  In the second game, Jay Harrell lead leading 5th HR and Rey Toro shutout led Catello to the sweep.  Donatos won the 1st game 14-5. In the second Game Bungalow opened up an 11-0 lead after 1 1/2 innings.  In the bottom of the 2nd, Donaatos scored 2 runs in the 3rd they scored 3 runs in the 5th they scored 3 runs and they capped the comeback by scoring 6 runs in the 6th.  Big hit was John Spinelli 3 run HR.  


At PS 50 ALexa Rose swept L&P. In the 1st game Vinny Demetrio RBI was the deciding factor in a 4-3 win.  In the second game Alexa Rose scored 8 runs in the 7th to finsh a comeback win 10-5.  Mikey Bagel 3 run triple was the big hit in the inning.  Darren Miller also had a two run triple in the inning.


In the second set. USC swept TPL 15-3 and 12-8 in extra innings.  Sal Baio was 3-3 with 4 RBI's in the first game Steve Mavis contributted with a mamouth 2 run HR.  In the second game USC was led by the Costello brothers ( 6 RBI's) to the win in 8.  Matt Helman 2 run triple was the winner in the 8th.


The mix up. I inadvertedly thought that the Doyle benefit was next week. I would like to change next sat game between Bungalow and Alexa Rose to Sunday.  I apologize to anyone who was inconvienced.

Umpire Discussion

September 27, 2013

I spoke to Mitch on the recent calls from umps. 

1) Padres  vs ACES play at plate.  Padres runner was out at plate and they argued that Aces catcher blocked plate with out the ball.  (Great play by Brian).   Since ball was in flight and on infield this was technically the correct call.  I ask you if in fact we should amend the rule to give the runner a small pathway to the plate to aviod possible collisions. 

2) TPL vs Bungalow - umpire called Bungalow runner out on interference on a ball hit between pitcher and the catcher.  Catcher and runner ran into each other.  Technically correct call but it was borderline. 

3) Illegal pitches. - will be inforced.  Amended rule to give 3 warning before removal/

4) Balls and strikes - I stressed that this is a lob ball league 3-6 arc.  The high strike should be called. 

Guys lets remember this is a game.  No reason to fight. 

Weekly Update

September 24, 2013

Best DH of the day USC defeated Alexa Rose in a sweep but heres the scoop.  In the first game USC opened up to a 11-0 lead after 2 innings and looked like a blowout.  But Frank Russo grand slam helped Alexa Rose to bridge the gap but USC held on for a 16-13 win.  USC was led by the HR with Sal Baio 2, Steve Mavis 1, Chris Cooper 1, John Scriber 1, and Steve Swartz 1.   In the second game Alexa ROse opened up a 9-2 lead after 3 innings only to watch USC score 11 in the 4th and finish the sweep 15-10.  

In other action, The Aces spanked the Padres in a DH mercy.  Alex Capobianco had a huge day at the plate with 2 triples and 2 HR and 8 RBI's.  


At 75 TPL swept Bungalow/Tool Shed 12-0 and 10-7.  John Manuellian had a 2run HR. 

Also at 75 the hot hitting Donatos swept Catello Electric.  12-0 and 10-3.  Phil Paterno continued his hot hitting with 4 more hits. 

League Leaders

Runs Scored

Phil Paterno     Donatos   16

Lance Signman Aces       12

Joe Curro        Donatos   12


HR leader tied is  Sal Baio and Jay Harrell with 3


RBI Leader

Anthony Sutter   Donatos    13

John Spinelli      Donatos    13

Joe Columbia     Alexa Rose 11




Vinny Demetrio    Alexa Rose 650

Bob Durante        L & P        647

Marty Costello      USC         647


Next up a battle for 8th between Bungalow and the Padres.  The Aces vs Alexa Rose, USC vs L&P and games of the week Donatos vs TPL.  


September 18, 2013

After three weeks of the season we have some interesting developments:

USC leads the pack followed by L & P and TPL. 

League Leaders:



Anthony Sutter    11

John Spinelii          9

Joe Columbia        9

Phil Paterno          8


Runs Scores

Phil Paterno     13

Joe Curro         9

Chris Seagriff   8


Home Runs

Jay Harrell   3

This year we have had the passing of Alexa Rose and Rob Columbia.  Please lets keep them in our prayers. 

On the good sidw we have had many babies born.  Lets hope they are future players. 


The last item : During the ALexa Rose vs TPL game a play happened which is not addressed in our rules. So we will clarify here.  A batter swung and hit the balll into the ground.  (Chopped )  As long as the batter swings hard and through (no swinging bunts) the play will be allowed. 


Season to start August 25th.

August 20, 2013

As of right now we have 9 teams and I will close out the registration on Sunday.  If we have 9 teams each team will play 16 games and have one week bye.  I would like to propose that the first 7 teams will make the playoffs and the 8 and 9th place team have a one game playoff to receive the last seed.  Here is how it works:  8 vs 9 on Sat one game with the winner going to Sunday 2 out of 3 against the 1st place team.  This way each team will have a minimum of 17 games played for the year. 


I am going to be able to get balls between 75 and 80 a doz (depending on the number of dozen I order).  Please let me know ASAP.  


Rules are online and the rest of the schedule will be posted by Monday night. 


Have a good season and play ball.



Season to start August 25th.

August 14, 2013

The season is set to get under way on August 25th.  At this time there are 9 teams.  We are still looking for 1 more.  I will be meeting with you to collect fee and give out 1st week schedule.  This will give me one more week to get the last team.  CALL ME to set up appointment.

In the last 11 years  Ted PArnese Law and the Aces have won 5 championships each and USC one.  The all time leader is JR's with 8 championships.  

Who can win it this year?  


Chris Walsh is a honest local South Shore guy running for councilman.  He is looking for your vote.

All star

December 19, 2012

I know I owe you guys the stats for the finals.  I will get to soon.

In lieu of an All Star game, I put the note out there to vote on the All Robert Kelly League Team.   Each voter had there own criteria. the only request I had was that they qualified for the playoffs.  


I thought of how this should go and I decided on this:  I calculated each player total votes and then put them in the position most voted for.  ie Noto got a vote for 3B (???) since he was a SS this year it got added to his SS totals.  The players voted for DH on the ballets were given a position.  ie Harrell was given 1B.  If there was a tie I gave the outcome to the player who got the most votes at the position.  The top two players after the postiion players are decided will be the EH.  I am also going to list a couple of close calls.  Remember this was for fun so don't be mad.

1B    John manuelian   TPL

2b    Gordon Rugg       Donatos

SS    Anthony Noto       TPL

3B    Craig Longo         L&P

c      Jeff hawthorne      USC

P     Jorge Beritian        TPL

OF    Sal Baio              USC

OF    Chris Cooper       USC

OF     MAtt Hellman     USC

OF  Alex Copobianco    Aces

EH   Jay Harrell           catello

EH   Rey Toro             Catello


Just missed 

Mike Zaccarello            Mikey Bagels

Vinny Mazza               TPL

Steve Spinelli             Donatos

charlie Donoghue        Catello

I received a good recommendation for next year.  the managers submit the positions eligible for voting. 


2012 playoff stats are set under the handouts section

December 29, 2012

Look at you may.  Sorry so late.

The Robert Kelly Allstar team is in the voting stage

November 26, 2012

Each team can give one vote, the scorekeepers and the umpires also. Here are the positions:


I have collected 4 ballets so far. Send me a ballet to phillybbop@yahoo.com. A player needs to have at least qualified for the playoffs to be considered but to receive my vote they needed a min of 10 games.

The stats are on the system.

Remember this is for fun so lets take it for what it is.


December 4, 2012
Its official, with a DH sweep over Donatos this week (4-0 and 6-3), TPL has cemented its position as one of the best teams in the 25 year history of the Robert Kelly Softball League. In the first game, Jorge Beritan pitched a shut out and John Manuelian made two sparkling over the shoulder catches. Jay Lane also starred in the DH.

TPL has now won 5 out of the last 7 years to join The Aces and JR Restaurant as multiple year dynasties.

This year was extremely tough for TPL squad as they lost Sal Gianone early in the season to injury. What was manager Chuck D'Amodio going to do but reach out to Mike Anderson.

TPL is the example of a true team. Yes the are led by power hitting and slick fielding John (Boomer) Manuelian and league leading RBI man Anthony Noto but they couldn't win without hard hitting Jay Lane and Drew Clapp.

They defense is stellar with sure handedness at every position, especially in the OF led by CF's Mike Piccarelli and leadoff spark plug Vinny (Suits) Mazza, Jeff Fortune and Mike Anderson.

When you speak of TPL you think of their pitching. Jorge Beritan has one of the highest winning percentages in the history of the league and the ever crafty Chuck D'Amodio. Chuck has turned down the antics this year but keeps on winning,

The catching is led by John O'Connor who always gets the big hit against USC. Lastly a special mention goes out to the utility player on the team Brian (Happy) Trimboli. Brian was a last minute pick up and proved to be a key member of the team.

I want to mention the key to this team is that the same guys come each week and the fact that they are truly friends, helps with the chemistry. That was the same characteristic of the Aces and JR teams.

Lets hope for another extremely close and competitive 2013.

one more item of note

December 1, 2012
USC catcher Jeff Hawthorne had a great day in a losing effort. Jeff had 5 hits and two intentional walks.

I hope everyone comes by tomorrow and roots for one of the teams in finals.

Finals are set

November 27, 2012
playoffs stats
Wow an interesting day. This is what the Robert Kelly League is all about. There were four good teams and two sets of thrilling playoff series.

First lets say Congrads to the defending champion TPL. They won a hard fought three game set with Catello Electric. Coming back from a 3 run deficit in the bottom of the 7th in game three to win the third and final game 4-3. They showed the heart of a true champion.

In game one, Vinny Maza single in the second gave TPL a 3-2 lead which they held on for a final 4-3. Game two Catello showed that they were here to play pounding TPL 11-4. Jay harrell had a two run HR in the 5th to pull away. That set up the third and final game. Catello opened up in the first with a SAC fly from Russ Stefanski. They increassed the lead in the second on a Dom Catello HR. a Charlie Donahue single in the 6th gave Catello a 3-0 lead going into the bottom on the 7th The new addition to TPL, Brian "Happy" Trimboli opened the inning with a walk. Vinny Mazza's hit a potential DP ball but his hustle beat the throw(in a very close play) to keep the dream alive. Later in the inning Anthony Noto drilled a 2 run single. John Oconner walked to tie the game and Drew Clapp singled in the winning run.

At PS 50, The underdog Donatos team shocked the world with the defeat of USC 2 games to 1. They say good pitching can beat good hitting any day. Here was the prime example, Pete Distefano pitched all three games and held the mighty USC squad to an average of a little over 4 runs a game. In the first game. Anthony Sutter and John Spinelli drove in a run each in the third to take a 3-1 lead. Donatos extended it to 4-1 with a Sutter SAC fly in the fifth. In the bottom of the fifth, Chris Cooper tied the game with one swing of the bat with a 3 run HR. The tie game was short as Pete Destefano singled in the 6th for the lead with the final score 5-4. Game two was a pitching duel. the score was tied 2-2 in extra innings when the USC bats erupted for 4 runs and a 6-2 victory. That led us to the final game three showdown. The Spinelli brothers opened up a 2-0 lead in the top of the first inning with RBI singles. The USC squad came right back with a Frank Sansonetti HR. In the bottom of the fourth an unusual play happened. With a man on first, Chris Cooper hit a ball through the trees in right field which hit the fence and the RF appeared to catch the ball. Is it an out is it a hit? Confusion happened and USC ended up with two runners on second base. (One was tagged out) The rule is if the ball hits the tree it can be caught not if it hits the fence. Pete Destafano pitched out of that jam and USC did not score. In the top of the fifth, Donatos put the pressure on with a John Spinelli single. They scored two more in the 6th on a Joe Curro single. USC showed they had something left with a two run single by Matt Helman. But Donatos came right back in the top of the 7th with three uns 2 by Mike Lucca single and one by Phil Paterno. USC did not go quietly scoring one run in the bottom of the inning on a Frank Tripodi single but could not bring the get anymore. Game Set Match 8-4.

Stats are attached

This brings us to the championship this weekend. TPL vs Donatos 9:30 at IS 75. Can DOnatos beat the Aces, USC and TPL to win it all? Will TPL win again? Stay tuned.

!st round upsets

November 18, 2012
Click Here To Download
The 2012 playoffs got off on a crazy start. There were three sweeps and two upsets.

At 50. 3rd seed L&P dropped two to 6th seed Catello Electric. (16-4 and 6-4) Catello continued this seasons offense barrage with Jay Harrell, Rey Toro & Russ Stefanski all getting three hits in the opener. Danny Interlandi had a 2 run HR for the losing team. In game two Catello jumped out to a 6-0 lead and held on. Rey Toro had a 2run HR.

In the second set, USC defeated Mikey Bagels 13-6 and 8-3. Sal Baio had 2 HRS and 7 RBI;s on the day. Chris Cooper and Matt Helman also HRed for USC. Frank Russo had a HR and 4 RBI's for the losing team.

At 75 defending Champ TPL swept Griffs 14-2 and 13-4. John Manuelian had a big day with 2HR's and 6 RBI's. Anthony Noto had 5 hits on the day. Tommy Laughran had 4 hits for the losing team.

In the second set. Donatos upset the Aces in three. Anthony Sutter enjoyed a huge day for the winning team.

Next up USC vs Donatos at 50 at 9am
TPL vs Catello at 75 at 9am

Stats are attached

Playoffs are set

November 11, 2012
First Congrads to TPL for winning the regular season. The Champs get the first see. Good job once again. Playoffs are set

8:30 50 L&P vs Catello Electric
12:00 50 USC vs Mikey Bagels

8:30 75 TPL vs Griffs
12:00 75 Aces vs Donatos

Rememeber if the is an upset we will reseed in the next round.

Resume League next weekend

November 4, 2012
Our hearts go out to those who were negatively affected by hurricane Sandy. This was a horrible tradgedy that will always be remembered. While no one will be over the storm we need to address our league. We will play the last week of the season next Sunday 11/11 . Games will be at same time. The playoffs will start 11/18/12 NO MATTER WHAT. If 11/11 games are rained out then the season is over.

hurricane sandy

November 1, 2012
This was a terrible storm. I am not sure if about this weekends games. First I want to make sure everyone is ok. I hope and pray so.

Pls txt me.

Donatos vs Aces make up game is moved

October 25, 2012
to 50 at 830 on sat. the field Is 75 is getting a glaze on Sat. The field should be ok for Sun but we wont know until Sunday morning. So I am in the process of moving the games around. Nevertheless the season will end next weekend.

Games of the week

October 13, 2012
There are a bunch of great games this week. 1) Aces vs Catello at 50. 2) USC vs L&P at 50 3) Donatos vs TPL at 75 4) Mikey Bagels vs Griffs at 75 and last two teams with no wins SI Bombers vs the Padres at 75.


October 10, 2012
League Leaders 5 or more games played.


Chris Cooper of USC 4
Tom Sollatario SI Bomers 4
A bunch with 3


Anthony Noto of TPL 17
Eric Gollinger of Catello 14
Craig Longo of L&P 12
Rey Toro of Catello 12

Batting Average

Craig Longo of L&P 750
Jay Lane of TPl 708
Lance Sigman of Aces 687
Alex Copobianco of Aces 682
Mike Zaccarello of Mikey Bagels 667

This is from the official scorekeeper and not including the last Aces vs SI Bombers game.

Crazy week for RKSL

October 10, 2012
On Sat, swept a tough Padres team 5-3 and 6-3. At 50, on Sunday, a huge USC squad (18 players) pounded Griffs Place in a DH sweep. Sal Baio had 2 HRs, Frank Sansonetti had a 3 run blast and Chris Cooper's grand slam ended the second game. Rodrigo Paris had 3 hits in his last game with USC. In the second set, TPL took a 3-1 lead into the 4th during a steady drizzle. The rain started to come down harder. Mikey Bagels scored 4 runs in the bottom of the fourth to take a 5-3 lead. After the inning, the umps called both managers to a meeting and called the game. The game was official because the losing team batted 4 times. The second game was postponed. At 75, L&P Tree Removal brought Mydo Perrancino out of retirement to help the defeat Catello Electric two games. Craig Longo was 7-8 for L&P. In the second set, The Aces swept SI Bombers in a steady rain. In this game the official scorekeeper went on strike due to the rain. Unsafe work conditions.

On a note USC released Rodrigo Paris and he was picked up by Catello Electric. This was done before USC will miss Rodrigo and will be playing him in a couple of weeks.

Another note, Drew Clapp lost his glove at 50. Please contact me or Chuckie for return of glove.

One more note, I would like to have an all star game on Sat October 27th. Let me know this week if you are interested.

I will post league leaders later.


There is an open roster with two restrictions. 1). You can not play on two teams. 2) you must play in 8 games to qualify for playoffs. If you play for a team and want to go to another team you must get a release from the original team. You will not be allowed to change teams past mid season.

Week in review

September 24, 2012
At 75, TPL demolished the Padres in a DH mercy Sweep. Anthony Noto was a major contributor with 7 rbis on the day. USC had a dramatic comeback, in the first game of the middle set, scoring 4 in the bottom of the 7th capped by Rodrigo Paris long walk off single to end the game. In the second game the USC squad opened up a 10-1 lead only to have to hold on 10-8. Steve Mavis hit a bomb over the left center field fence. In the third set, Catello Electric swept Mikey Bagels. Jay Harrell had a 3 run HR in the 3rd inning and Gary Minervino had a 2 run HR 5th innings.

At 50, L & P Tree Removal swept the SI Bombers 14-4 and 11-9. Craig Longo had a 2 run blast in the both games. In the second set the Aces swept Griffs Place 15-3 and 13-12 in extra innings. Brian McDowell and Tom Gullata had big offensive days. A play of note happened in the second game Matt Cuesta hit a ball into the tree in right field and the ball never came down. It was correctly ruled a ground rule double.

Opening Weekend a smash

September 9, 2012
Ted Parnese Law opened the season defending their championship with a sweep over SI Bombers. Anthony Noto had three hits in the opener. Brian Trimboli had a big day against his old team. The SI Bombers first games in the league did not start out well with TPL winning on mercy. The second game was competitive. 5-3. TPL Manager Chuck Damodio was quoted as saying " that is a good team". Another new team The Padres gave L & P a run for the money losing 8-3 and 5-2. Old Timer Gino Palummo had a two run double in the first inning for The Padres. USC started out in fine fashion with a 14-2 drubbing of Mikey Bagels. Matt Helman had two HR's. New comer Chris Cooper had two HR for USC on the day. In the second game, Mikey Bagels had the hitting shoes on beating USC 8-4. At 50 there were no cheap HR's. On sat, Catello Electric and Griff Place split the DH in the rain.

Welcome to the 2012 season

August 30, 2012
Welcome to the 25 year of the Robert Kelly Softball League. The first winner was The Padres and there are only two people left in the league from that team Joe Petro and Phil Bracco. Rumor has it two others, Gino Palumbo and Joe Damodio, might be making a come back. Can TPL defend its crown? Will anyone else besides TPL and the Aces make the finals? Lets see.


December 1, 2011
Playoffs stats
Ted Parnese behind the pitching of Jorge Beritian and the hitting of Jay Lane, Anthony Noto and John O'Conner swept the defending champs Aces. 8-0 and 8-5. The Finals MVP was Jorge Beritian. 10 innings pitched 1 run allowed.

There is no all-star game this year, Next year we will pick a date in the beginning of the year.

I hope all have had a good time this year and lets look forward to next year.

Attached are the final stats for the playoffs.

Fianls Set

November 27, 2011
The finals are set for this Sunday. Aces vs TPL. At 50, the Aces won a hard fought battle over USC in three games. In game three after USC scored one run in two innings with bases loaded the Aces Kevin Kenny's HR jump started the Aces in the 9-3 victory. At IS 75, TPL swept Griff's Place in two hard fought games. TPL even pulled off a triple play. Good luck. Score Keeper at 75 never brought me the book so the stats are delayed.

Here are the stats

November 18, 2011
Click Here To Download
Attached is the playoffs stats. Also jn handouts section

First Round is Over

November 13, 2011
The Aces won the 1st game 5-0 behind the pitching of Tommy Gullatta and the HR's of Steve Guarneri and Alex Copobianco. In the second game, Jay Harrell grand slam pushed Live Wire past the Aces 6-4. In Game three, the Aces scored 6 runs in the 3rd inning to win the series

USC avenged last years defeat to Donato's by sweeping the set 3-0 and 16-10. Anthony Dondiego pitched a shut out in game 1. Sal Baio had 2HR's and 3 RBI's. In game two Donato's jumped out to a 6-0 lead in the first inning. Tim Murphy came in relief and stopped the bleeding while the USC bats awoke. Steve Mavis, Richie Payne and Sal Baio had 3 RBI's each.

TPL defeated L&P in both games. 7-1 and 14-3. Jorge Beritian pitched a 8 hit gem. In game two, TPL opened up a 6-0 lead in the first inning. Mike Piccarelli had 4 RBI's for the winner.

Griffs Place upset Mikey Bagels winning games 1 and 3. Tommy Loughran was winning pitcher in both games.

Season ends Playoffs set

November 6, 2011
After the Aces clinched 1st place yesterday, the next 4 top playoff teams swept their games today. of the top teams swept their double header this week. TPL swept their games against Griff's Place at ps 50. John Manuellian captured his HR championship with his 8th HR. Chuck Damodio missed the DH due to an injury. Good luck to him. USC defeated the Antelopes 6-4 and 13-1. Sal Baio had a great day with 3 HR's finishing in second place in the HR race. Donato's swept all 4 games this weekend to finish in 5th. Mikey Bagels needed to win the second game of the DH against L&P to clinch third place. With the score tied in extra innings, Bagels team loaded the bases and won it on Mike Zaccarello rbi single.

Playoff games are set

Aces vs Live Wire 8:30

USC vs Donatos 12:00


TPL vs L&P 8:30

Griffs Place vs Mikey Bagels 12:00

All the stats are updated. Good luck to each of you guys and lets have lots of good games.


November 4, 2011
The rain washed out last week, The schedule is updated. The HR championship is John Manuellian's for the taking. The Aces are in a great position to finish in 1st place this year. 2-6 is still to be decided with some great matchups this weekend.

Unfortunately, once again I have to give our condolences to Paul Bronski. His mom has passed away this week. Join me in giving our prayers to him and his family,

Shirts are required for the Playoffs

October 22, 2011
So get everyone a shirt.

Aces Sweep Live Wire

October 22, 2011
The Aces spanked the shorthanded Live Wire in a DH sweep 14-0 and 11-0. Lance Sigman was the big hitter with 6 RBI's on the day.

Congrats to Chris Marini

October 22, 2011
Chris Welcome to the world of Married Men.

Jorge Beritian lost a glove

October 17, 2011
A grey Dimarini

Exciting Day at 75

October 17, 2011
yesterdays games at IS 75 were amazing. All 6 games were competitive and exciting. In the first set, USC and Donatos faced off. Donatos eliminated USC in last years playoffs. The first game a thrilling 11-10 victory for USC. Sal Baio had a HR and 5 rbi's and ANthony Dondiego was 3-3 and 3 rbi's. Donatos did not quit as they scored a run in the last inning and had the tying run on third base to end game. In the second game, USC jumped out to a 7-1 lead on Richie Payne's 4 RBI's but Donato's came right back with 4 in the fourth. Leading 8-5 in the 7th, USC held on as Donatos scored 2 on Kevin Rugg's single. In the second set, Mikey Bagels won two nail biters 3-2 and 4-3. Paul Coletti had a deciding hit in the first game and won the second game with a walk off HR. The third set was a rematch of last years final (Aces vs TPL). John Manueliian 3 run HR in the 1st inning of Game 1 was the difference in a 3-0 win, Jorge Beritian was the winning pitcher. In the second game once again TPL jumped out to a 3-0 1st inning lead on Anthony Noto's 2 run double. Jay Lane RBI single in the 4th extended the lead. Up 4-0 in the bottom of the 7th the Aces showed why they are the champs by scoring 5 runs to win the game. Alex Copobianco had the game winner. In other action, L&P Tree Removal defeated Major League Screen Printing in a DH 6-3 and 12-6. Jared Delmar and Paul Fay were the big hitters in the first game while Paul Mishone contributed in the second game. Griffs Place won the DH against Viscal Energy 12-0 and 7-3.

Tomorrow is the Doyle Benefit

October 8, 2011

Donatos sweep Viscal under the RUGG

October 2, 2011
The Rugg brothers led Donatos to a sweep over Viscal Energy. Kevin's had 5 RBI's in the first game while Gordon had 4 in the second.

Field Dimensions

So I was asked to measure the fields at 50 and 75. Here they are:


Left field line 256.10
Left Center (opening) 266.2
Center 333
Right Center (3rd tree) 230.1
Second Tree 217.3
Right field line 211.8
Pitchers mound 47 ft
Bases 60 ft


Left field line 266.4
Left center ( opening) 293.9
Center 344
Right Center (white pole) 228
Ramp 181
Right Field line 197
Pitchers mound 47 ft
bases 60 ft

Condolences and Congrats

1st I would like to wish Paul Bronski and his family condolences on the passing of his father, Our prayers are with them.

In a happier note, congrats to Brian Trimboli, (Happy) on his wedding,

What a day to play Baseball

Todays games were great games to watch.
Anelopes Vs L&P : 1-1 These games were both very good hard played games with each team winning won of the games.
TPL VS Viscal Energy 2-0 TPL won both games with the help and hitting of Jon Manuellian and his 3 HRS
ACES VS Griffs 2-0 Aces sweep Griffs with the hitting and help of ALex Copobianco and his 3 hrs
USC VS Major Leauge 2-0 USC won both theire games despite being short on players. Steve Mavis Had 2 HRS Mikey Bagels vs Donates 2-0 Ricky Tepedino had a 3 run homer.
Ricky was told Joe D'amodio was playing again for TPL and was overheard saying, "Not a big deal, hes no good anymore"


Opening weekend!

September 10, 2011
Welcome Antelopes and Viscal Energy to the Robert Kelly Memorial Softball league. In their first appearance, Antelopes broke even with winning one game and losing the other, while Viscal energy didnt has as much luck and lost both their games to a reinvented Mikey Bagels team. Chris Larkin and Vinny Robertini pitched fabulous games for the winners.
This Weekend was the start of the league and many great games were played under fair weather. At P.S. 50 The four games were between Antelopes, Major League, Donatos Plumbing, and TPL. Antelopes VS Major League : 1-1, : First game major league won by 18-11 behind the hitting of Jay Harrell ( 2 homeruns and 6 RBI'S). The 2nd game the Antelopes showed amazing win with 9-3 due to the hittings of the Piccirillo Brothers (John and Rudy)
Donatos Plumbing VS TPL : 1-1 : first game was won by Donatos (12-11) and the 2nd game was won by TPL (9-8). The Aces opened up the defense of their championship with a DH pounding of USC at IS 75. Kevin Kenny 1st AB was a long HR and his last AB in the DH was another long HR. Welcome to the league. Steve Jackson also had a HR. Griffs Place defeated L&P in a sweep. Timely hitting by Mike Nelson and Jeff Pleszawitsz.

With the rainouts

I hope everyone made it through the storm ok. Unfortunately we were rained out on our first weekend. Sux. Next games are Sept 10th. I will make up the games from last week on saturdays during the year.

With Hurricane Irene on way it appears that we may have a washout on Sunday. If so lets have a meeting anyway. I will be in touch by Saturday and let u know if we are postponed and the meeting time and place.

Thanks guys

With The End of Summer Comes The Beginning of SoFtball

August 21, 2011 – 08:30 AM
Welcome back

With the summer coming to a close, It is time for the Robert Kelly Memorial League To begin!
This year we start on August 27th, which might be changed to August 28th due to team conflict.
To check where and when you might be playing, click here -> schedule

The Homerun rules will be the same as the season before and the Score keeper will keep track of the balls hit in right field. There might be adjustments to the rules NEXT YEAR.
Also pitching rules ARE enforced this year. I.E. Two feet starts on the rubber, one foot must be on at the time of ball release. There will be two warnings, after 3rd warning, removal from pitching is necessary
I hope this to be one of the best seasons and good luck to all of the teams playing this year.

Also Trystan will be selling Gatorades, water, and breakfest bars at P.S 50 for the opening weekend.
He will be going back and forth between the two fields. Check back to know when he is coming to your field to bring you all your drinking and eating needs :).
Have a good week and GOOD LUCK!!!


The Aces have returned to the top spot this year with a sweep over Ted Parnese Law. Seth Friedman had a great day offensively while Steve Guarneri and Alex Capobianco smashed HR's in the second game. More to follow

Allstar Game Update

The Aces and TPL are not coming to the game. So everyone can get one more player. Please text me the roster for the game. Happy Thanksgiving.

Stats week one

Click Here To Download
see attachment for excel file on stats

Finals set

In the most competitive season in the history of the league ( 1st to 7th seperated by three games), the finals are set. For the 6th time in 8 years, the Aces vs Ted Parnese Law will play for the championship. There is no denying that these two teams are two of the top teams in the history of the league. Congratulations to Donatos and W's for reaching the semi's for the first time. Come out to 75 at 8:30am to see the finals. As of right now the Allstar game is set for Saturday 10am at 75. There is a request to make it the week after. The league will call you in the next two days to see if we should make it the Sunday after or keep it Saturday. We have a couple of trophies to give out.


IS 75 8:30am TPL vs Donato's

PS 50 8:30am Aces vs W's

All sets are 2 out of 3.

Good luck.

Allstar Game

Allstar Teams

TPL 5 players
USC 4 players
Donato's 4 players
Major League 4 players
Mikey Bagels 3 players


Aces 5 players
W's 4 players
Hitmen 4 players
L & P 3 players
Mugshots 2 players
Simple Seafood 2 palyers

The tentative date is the Saturday before the finals 10am at IS 75.

Playoff Thrillers

November 15, 2010
WOW What an exciting day in the Robert Kelly Memorial Hardtop League, All three playoff series went three games. Lets start at PS 50. The Aces vs L & P Tree Removal. The Aces jumped out to a 9-0 lead after one inning as Steve Toscanini led off the bottom of the first with a HR. In the inning the Aces had 2 triples (Steve Guarneri and Steve JAckson) and a HR by Alex Capobianco. Alex hit another HR in the 2nd inning on the way to a 14-2 mercy. L & P showed that they are an up and coming team by taking the second game 6-3. Eric Klaymen 2 run HR put L&P out in front to stay. In the third game L & P jumped out to a three nothing lead on a 2 run single by Joe Lucci and a RBI by Ray Lozada. The Aces came storming back in the bottom of the third with RBI hits by Doro Sperantaz, Steve Toscannini and Brian McDowell. Tom Gulotta grand slam put the game away in the 4th. Aces win 13-8. The second set Donatos vs US Coachways was just as exciting. The USC squad opened up with 2 runs in the first innning with Sal Baio triple and Matt Helman's HR. With USC leading 5-2 in the 5th disaster struck. 1st USC could not score with the bases loaded no out with Donatos making an unusual 3-2-4 double play. In the bottom on the 5th Donoatos bats exploded Joe Curro hit an opposite field triple PK tripled in a run Pete Destefano singled in a run and Gordan Rugg doubled him home. Sal Baio's HR tied the score in the 6th inning and in the bottom of the 6th Mike Lucca single scored Larry Merril for the 7-6 victory. Behind the pitching of Phil Bracco ( 7 hitter) and the hitting of Rodrigo Paris (HR 2 rbi's) USC tied the series at one setting up game three. Matt Helman opened the scoring with a blast in the first. Mike Lucca RBI double tied the score in the second. TJ Dunn 3 run HR gave Donatoes the lead in the third. The USC club put men on base in almost every inning but could not score again off of Pete Destefano (5 hitter) gem. The third game of the day for Pete.

At IS 75, Major League Screen Printing nearly upset Ted Parnese Law, the defending champs, Losing the first game on a grand slam by Anthony Noto. Winning the second game only to be shut out the third game. In the other set, W's defeated the Hitmen 2 games to one to advance to the semi finals. Would have given more info but misplaced the book at the moment. Sorry

Final Stats

November 7, 2010

Sal Baio USC 9
Frank Sansonetti L&P 8
Steve Mavis USC 8
Anthony Noto TPL 8

Batting Average

Frank Sansonetti L&P 694
Eric Klaymen L&P 647
Mike Nelson W's 633
Steve Cresci SSF 600
Jon Manuellian TPL 596


Jon Manuellian TPL 36
Steve Mavis USC 30
Sal BAio USC 27
Anthony Noto TPL 25
John Spinelli Donato's 24

Final Standings

November 7, 2010
Ted Parnese Law
L & P Tree Removal
Major League Screen Printing
Mikey Bagels
Simple Seafood
42 Boys

The playoffs will start

November 1, 2010
The playoffs will start November 14th no matter what.

Donatos runs into second

October 31, 2010
Donato's sweep of Simple Seafood push them into second place tie. TPL's come from behind victory in the second game led them to a split with L & P Tree Removal. Winning pitcher Chuck D'amodio chipped in with two hits. In the first game, Eric Klayman had 3 HR's for L&P. At IS 75, The Aces defeated USC in the first game 9-2. Jimmy Grant was 3-3 and Tommy Gullatta shut down the USC attack. In the second game Phil Bracco pitched a 4 hitter and chipped in 2 hits. Sal Baio and Steve Mavis hit HR's.

HR Leaders

Sal Baio USC 8
Frank Sansonetti L&P 7
Anthony Noto TPL 7
Steve MAvis USC 7

Glove, Hat Bat and batting glove found

October 31, 2010
let me know if you are missing them. ps the glove is not alex's

Alex from Aces lost a glove

October 24, 2010
It was a black glove. Please advise if you found it.

L & P Sweeps W's

October 24, 2010
In one of the two matchups of the week, L & P Tree Removal showed their mettle by sweeping the previously hot W's team. Joe D'Angelo hitting and pitching led L&P in the second game. In the other marque match up, TPL righted the ship with a sweep over the Hitmen. Jorge Beritian pitched a gem in the first game with a 2-0 shut out. Matt Helmen 2 run HR in extra innings help USC to 2 wins over MLSP. The Aces were 4-0 over the weekend. Donatos beat up on Mikey Bagels.

On Halloween the games of the week are TPL vs Donatos and USC vs the Aces.

Leader Board

HR Leaders
Sal Baio USC 6
Frank Santinetti L&P 5
Steve Mavis USC 5
Steve Cresci SSF 4
Jay Harrell MLSP 4

RBI Leaders

John Manuelian TPL 26
Sal Baio USC 20
Steve Mavis USC 19
Sal Postivo Hitmen 16

BA Leaders Min 8 games

Frank Santinetti L&P 739
Richie Christie W's 697
Sal Baio USC 686
Anthony Galletta Hitmen 667

Major League Screen Printing ties record

October 11, 2010
Tom Sliger of MLSP pitched a pair of shutouts against Mikey Bagels to tie the league record. These wins propelled them into the 8th and final spot for the playoffs at this moment. TPL crushed SSF and taught the youngsters a lesson with two mercies. A rematched of the Manrissa finals saw a different outcome as W's swept a DH from Mugshots. The once again shorthanded USC split a DH with the 42 boys. USC has gone from undefeated to 7th place in the last 3 weeks. Lets see if they can rebound or continue to flounder. The Aces showed their championship blood with a pair of come from behind wins over L & P Tree Removal. On Saturday the Hitmen swept a DH over Donatos in what were the games of the week.

This week features a bunch of great games. Donatos' vs Aces on Saturday. On Sunday TPL vs USC and Hitmen vs Aces.

Ted Parnese is in a familiar place (1st)

October 1, 2010
Going into last weekend there were 4 undefeated teams, no there are three. W's put a spanking on US Coachways winning a tight opening game 13-12. W's came out hitting as Ray TOrro led off the game with a HR and they kept hitting with a 7 spot. USC showed there heart by tying the score by the 4th. It stayed that way until the 6th when W's scored 5. In the bottom of the 7th USC scored 4 runs and had the bases loaded when Rodrigo Paris smoked a shot to center that was caught. Game over. Tommy Loughran 2 run HR led W's to the sweep 12-4. While Chuckie and a couple of other guys were enjoying Vegas the shorthanded TPL swept Mikey Bagels in a doubleheader. Obviously Chuckie is not needed.

Games of the Week:
sat Hitmen vs USC
Sun Aces vs TPL

Also, due to the rain and the number of make ups there will be no more changing of games, I do not have enough of time to make them up. I still have 5 games to schedule.

Rained Out Again

September 13, 2010
Most of the games were rained out this Sunday. Chuckie Damodio go ahead single led TPL to a comeback 10-6 victory over the 42 Boys. The second game was suspended in the second inning with TPL leading. At IS 75 the Hitmen swept a doubleheader from Mikey Bagels.

New Season to Start

The start of the Robert Kelly Softball League is right around the corner. We have an exciting new year coming up. The champs TPL is back to defend their repeated crown. The last two runner ups Aces and USC will be on their tail. Other notable teams are the Hitmen, W's Blackdog Grill, Donato's, Simple Seafood, 42 Boys and Bagels. There are two new teams Mugshots and L & P Tree Removal. Lets have some fun.

finals tomorrow

November 28, 2009
TPL will face US Coachways in the best two out of three on Sunday IS 75 at 9am. It is a battle of two old foes. Can US Coachways take the crown away from TPL, It will be tough, TPL is playing its best ball of the season right now. Sweeping W's and the Hitmen at 75. US Coachways has been pounding ball at 50 beating BDG and Mona Vie Aces. The finals are at 75 which will help TPL. Good luck guys and play ball.

playoffs stats are in file uploads

November 22, 2009
the file name is rksl playoff roster.xlsx

Finals are set

November 22, 2009
Wrote a nice write up by system logged out so here is the fast one. We had two upsets TPL swept the HItmen and USC outlasted the Mona Vie Aces in three games. Finals will be next Sunday at 75 9am.

All star game is tentatively scheduled for December 6th

November 20, 2009
We had a three way tie for the HR Lead this year and that will be decided in a HR Derby before the game. Here are the participants:

Jason Harrell
Steve Mavis
Paul Stabile

Also, this year we would like the umpires to play in the game and the players to umpire, Any Volunteers besides me?

Make up of team to be decided.

!st round is over

November 16, 2009
The Mona Vei Aces showed the heart of a champion by rallying in the bottom of the 7th for a 12-11 victory over Donato's. Here is the scoop: Down 11-6 in the bottom of the 6th, the Aces started their comeback, Phi Lee hit a three run HR to tie the game and Seth Friedman's single won the game. The Aces wanted to keep Donato's down and jumped out to a 5-0 lead in the 1st inning led by Steve Guarneri's 2 run bomb. Phil Lee hit another HR and Steve Toscannini and Alex Copobianco also Hr'ed. In the second set of playoff games US Coachways jumped out to big leads in both games to a sweep over Black Dog Grill 9-5 and 11-2. Matt Helman, Mike O'Halloran (2), Richie Payne and Sal Baio all HR'ed. At 75, the 2nd place Hitmen pounced on Simple Seafood 15-1. Keith Campanella had 3 RBI's for the win. SSF came back with a 8-5 win as Joe Masseria chipped in with 4 RBI's and Ricky (Chucky 2) Tepedino held the mighty Hitmen down. Game three started as a battle 2-2 going into the 4th when Vinny Demetrio 2 run HR. Final 7-3. In the final set of the day. Defending Champ Ted Parnese Law swept W's 5-4 and 5-3. This was the best set of the day. The second game was decided in the top of the 7th when Sal Gianone hit a 2 run bomb over left field. Jon Manuellian hit a moon shot on the roof earlier in the day. Next week the Aces vs USC and the Hitmen vs TPL. Good luck

Playoffs Info

November 11, 2009
1st let me say congrads to all the teams BUT a special one goes to Donatos as a new team sneaking in with the last seed. That gets you a series with the ACES. After years of talking smack, Barlow I mean Simple Seafood jumped into the 7th spot and the 1st time in the playoffs in a long time with a victory over USC on the last day. That got you a series with the Hitmen. Ted PArnese Law once again cannot meet the Aces until the finals. How does Chuckie do it? Crystal ball? I dont know but third place got you a series with W's (Mugshots). USC rebounded from a mid season slump with winning 3 out of 4 on the last day of season to finish 4th and a set with Black Dog Grill. Good luck to all and to all Good night.

Playoff Rosters will be printed at fields

November 9, 2009
The playoff rosters will be printed and present at the fields for the playoffs, including inj waivers.

Playoffs Set

November 8, 2009
ok here are the playoffs schedule:

8:30 75 Hitmen vs Simple Seafood
9:45 75
11:00 75

12:00 75 TPL vs W's
1:15 75

8:30 50 Aces vs Dinatos

12:00 50 Black Dog vs USC

TPL Split with the Aces

November 7, 2009
The suspended game was finished with TPL winning 9-8. The MONA Vei Aces won the nightcap 8-2. W's pounded Big Nose Kates in a DH sweep, Simple Seafood split with Black Dog Grill. Official Standings going into the last day are as follows:

Aces 30 points
Hitmen 30 points
TPL 25 points
Black Dog Grill 22 points
W's 22 points
USC 18 points
Dinatos 17 points
Simple Seafood 16 points
Padres 14 points
Big Nose 8 points
42 Boys out

Here is the scenario Padres play TPL. USC Plays Simple Seafood and Big Nose. W's plays the ACes and TPL plays Padres. Remember 8 games are needed to qualify, Playoffs start next sunday.

Season into last week

ok guys last weekend of regular season. Here are the official stats we give two points for a win and one for a tie.

Hitmen 30 points
Aces 28
Ted Parnese 23
Black Dog 20
W's 18
USC 18
42 BOYS 2

The playoffs are still not decided as 10 teams still are mathmatically alive for the 8 spots. No position is decided. Remember to qualify for the playoffs you need to have played in 8 games. It does not appear that we have time for the all star game.

games are off

October 18, 2009
Games will be made up november 8th

1st set called off

October 18, 2009
A noreaster is causing problems we lost sat games and the 1st set today. If it is still raining at 10am the rest of the day will be called off. THe make ups will be the November 7th and 8th.

ACES Roll over Simple Seafood

October 3, 2009
The Aces rode the pitching of Bob Nehas and the bats awoke to smoke SSF in a DH sweep 7=0 and 12-1. Alex Copobianco had 4 RBI's in the second game. In the other set of DH the Hitmen swept Black Dog Grill.

Rainouts to be scheduled either Sat 10/10 or 10/17

September 30, 2009
We have purchased the permit for 50 on Sat 10/10 and 10/17. We are going to make up the games on those two dates at either 50 or 75. Please txt me any restrictions u might have. I will post by Friday night. In addition, the team 12 games have been removed from the sched and all other games have been moved up. Please ck. Lastly, if there is rain again this weekend we will schedule a meeting for either monday or tues night for make ups. Please stay tuned

Games are cancelled

September 27, 2009
The weather man says rain until noon so the day is off enjoy the day of football.

Sundays games

September 26, 2009
We will try to play the games tomorrow. The weather forcast is rain early so we will push the games back if necessary. Please stay tuned.

W's not penalized for forfeits

September 22, 2009
A ruling was issuesd not to give W's two forfeits for their double header against Hitmen only two losses. There was a playoff game which conflicted with their game here and they called to late to cancel.

Parnese upset

September 26, 2009
The 42 Boys picked up their 1st victory over TPL 3-2. Chuck D'amodio picked up his 1st hit of the year a RBI's single to center in the 2 run 4th but picked up his second loss after 16 straight wins. Paul Stabile was 4-4 and had the game saving over the shoulder (Willie Mays style) catch on Anthony Noto's bomb in the 5th. The 42 boys had to forfeit the second game as one of their players had to go and one got injured.

W's also forfeited their double header against Black Dog Grill.

Guys you need to show up with enough players to play. It is not good for the league to have forfeits. Nobody wants to show up at the field and not play.


September 25, 2009
I have a new internet sports talk show on UBATV.COM. You can view this by going to UBATV.COM then scrolling down to the bottom right hand corner where there is an icon UBA VAULT. Click that icon when you get to the next screen there are tabs in the middle right hand side. My show is called Everyday People. Watch the show, join the blog and make comments, you never know I might mention you from the league. My email address is phillybbop@yahoo.com for comments

September 24, 2009
Simple Seafood thought this year was different. they came back from a 13 run deficit against Big Nose Kates when in the past they would have folded. In the 1st inning SSF roared out to a 4-0 lead. TPL showed they are the champions and came back with 5 runs in the bottom of 1st (led by Anthony Noto's HR. SSF scored 4 in the 3rd and TPL came right back with 2 in third and 6 in 4th and 6 in the 7th. The next game TPL scored 5 in the 3rd to eventually win 9-3. Next up for SSF USC. USC were DH winners over the 42 boys led by pitching of Phil Bracco and hitting of Sal Baio and Steve Mavis. Dinato's showed the league they are a team to be reconded with as they split with the Aces. Black Dog grill swept big Nose Kates. On Sat the Padres split with the Hitmen. Vinny Robertini of the Padres pitched a great game in game 1 a 3-1 victory. The big Games this week are at 50 the Padres and Black Dog Grill and at 75 TPL and Barios Restaurant Aces.

Big Nose sees it aint so Simple

September 17, 2009
After losing the 1st game Big Nose Kate's scored 14 runs in the 1st inning. Now in past years Simple Seafood (Barlow) would have folded like a tent. But not today, SSF kept scoring runs in bunches to close the gap and won it in the last inning 17-16. Next up a big test with TPL . Black Dog Grill showed that they are a team to be reckoned with when the beat USC in the first game of DH. Coachways won the nightcap to earn a split. The Hitmen swept TPL at 50. Big news here is the loss by Chuck D'Amodio his 1st in 2 years. The Padres outsluged the 42 boys 18-16 and 9-5. The Padres welcomed back Paul Bronski with 3 HR's. The other new team scored 4 in the bottom of the 7th to beat W's 5-4. In the nightcap W's held on for a 5-4 win.


September 9, 2009

An illegal pitch is automatic ball unless the ball is hit. It will then be the batters choice.

Tree is left field at IS 75 is in play(all you can get).

The HR in RF at 75 is over the 4th floor not 3rd floor.

A game will end on mercy automatically once the score difference is 12 runs and the home team has batted 5 times.

August 20, 2006
On the ramp in IS 75 is a single.

The season was underway with a thrilling doubleheader between defending champs Ted Parnese Law and US Coachways. Coachways behind the pitching of Anthony Dondiego and the hitting of Mike O'Halloran, Steve Mavis and Jeff Hawthorne led to the upset 8-4. In the second game, the champs showed their mettle by pounding Coachways pitcher Phil Bracco for 9 runs in less than two innings, Coachways battled back by scoring 7 runs to close the gap 10-9 but went down quietly in the 7th. In the second set. Dinatos got a warm welcome to the league with an 8-4 win over Simple Seafood in the first game. Simple Seafood won the second game 5-2. AT ps 50 the Aces welcomed a new team 42 boys with a DH sweep and the Padres opened up with a sweep of Big Nose Kates. Big Nose added two old faces to their team Pat Sellitti and Rich Calabro. Welcome back boys. We were not able to fill the 12th slot so each team will get a bye. Sorry. I will change the schedule to remove the gaps in times.

On Sat the Robert Kelly Fall Hardtop league opens its 2008 schedule with US Coachways against the Hitmen. The game is played at IS 75 starting time is 9:00am. SILIVE has been full of trash talking and the fun has just begun. Ted Parnese Law was successful in overturning the division method of scheduling. Instead of the top 4 in each division it is now the top 8 teams to make the playoffs. A new rule is in effect, for a player to be eligble to play in the playoffs they must have played in 8 games. Also a ball hit over the third window in IS 75 is a HR this year.

September 9, 2008
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