The REVERE YOUTH FOOTBALL AND CHEERLEADING ORGANIZATION is a member of the Ohio Gridiron Youth Football Association (OGYFA) and offers tackle football for ages 8-12, 7-Player football for 2nd graders (USA Football Rules), Flag Football for grades Kindergarten-1st Grade, and Cheerleading for grades Kindergarten-6th grade


Our Revere Youth Football program is undergoing some big and positive changes this year. Changes that will result in better teams at the youth level, and will eventually carry over to our high school teams.

  • Expanded Competition this year!  Regular season games will included contests against members of the All-Ohio Gridiron League (  The winners of each of our Ohio Gridiron league championships will face off against the All-Ohio's winners in a youth football SUPER BOWL to finish off the season.
  • New Practice Equipment this season!  The Revere Youth Football Association's Board of Directors recently authorized the purchase of much-needed practice equipment.  Our athletes will be the first ones to have an opportunity to use our new blocking sleds, tackling dummies, lineman chutes and many other training aids.  These purchases were made possible by a combination of sound fiscal management in past years and generous, tax-deductible donations.
  • We’re concentrating our efforts on 3 primary goals, in order of importance: 1) Player safety; 2) On-field performance; and 3) Appearance.
  • We are integrating our youth teams with the high school and middle school teams, working closely with Head Coach JAMES BOYEAS on philosophy, strategy and playbooks.
  • We’re developing what we call THE REVERE WAY, giving our kids touch points in games, practices and life. Our youth will see consistent growth from Kindergarten through their senior years at Revere High School.

             In short, we’re working hard on building a true program—one that we can all take pride in, both on and off the field.  Please support our boys, our program and our community!


ALL PRACTICES THIS YEAR will be held at BATH COMMUNITY PARK from 6-8PM (tentatively)


Home games will be played at either BATH COMMUNITY PARK or possibly Revere High School Football Stadium.

This website will be used as a communication tool to provide you league information, team schedules, email and text alerts, game reminders, weather alerts in the event practice is cancelled, and more!

Information for the Revere High School Football Program can be found here.

 2018 - TENTATIVE Season Schedule and Upcoming Events 


  •  July 30-August 17 - Monday-Friday from 6-8PM
  • SCHOOL STARTS ON AUGUST 21 - Practice will be on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6-8PM



  • July 28-29 - EQUIPMENT HAND OUT - Bath Community Field/Equipment Shed
  • August 11 - FIRST SCRIMMAGE (TBD)
  • August 18 - SECOND SCRIMMAGE (TBD)
  • August 25 - FIRST GAME OF THE SEASON (8-week season)
  • Nov. 4 Weekend - CHAMPIONSHIP GAMES