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2019 Wilson Junior Baseball Registration Deadline: Registration must be received no later than March 4th to guarantee a spot at Spring Training and seasonal play.  

Player Eligibility:   Players must be enrolled in a grade no higher than 8th grade for the 2018-19 school year.  Players who have aged out of SWPLL can register at the 6th grade level of JBO. Players should be living at an address or attending a school, within the Wilson High School boundaries.  It is possible to get a waiver for the residency/school requirement; if this applies to you please contact League President Leah Hunter wilsonjbopdx@gmail.com

Philosophy:  JBO provides a transition from youth baseball to high school level of play.  All JBO games are played on full-size fields, the same size used for the high school to the major leagues. Most new JBO players find the transition to a larger field challenging at first. At Spring Training and throughout the season, we will focus on individual skill development, including fielding, hitting, pitching, position and team preparation aimed at developing players to their highest ability level and preparing them to play high school baseball.  

Spring Training:  JBO coaches and volunteers will lead players through Spring Training from March 4th to March 20th on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, see calendar for dates. Spring Training will consist of 9 sessions at WHS school gyms, the Wilson batting cages or (weather permitting) outside.  We will also have a pitcher and catcher only training, see calendar for dates. A final schedule will be distributed as soon as possible. We expect players to attend at least 90% of offered Spring Training sessions – failure to meet this requirement will be considered during team selection. Also, field maintenance will be mandatory.  See calendar for those days.

Roster Selection:  Roster selection will be completed by coaches following Spring Training, with input from the JBO Board and prior years coaches.  Players will be divided by skill level and team needs, not age or school. Wilson JBO intends to find a place for every player; HOWEVER, it is possible that the number of registered players does not fit we will have either two or three teams.  Thus, we reserve the right to try to find alternative places to play for some players or offer weekend-only options. Players will be cut only as a last resort.

Uniforms: Players will be sized for jerseys on the first day of Spring Training, so it is particularly important to attend on the first day and all of the sessions. Cost of uniforms is sperate from registration.

Practices and Games: Games begin on April 22, 2019. The season runs until early July, with possible post-season tournaments in mid or late July.  All practices and games are on weeknights. There will be options for additional, weekend baseball for an additional cost.

Fees:   The registration fee for 2019 is $398.00 Seasonal Play. Tournament fees will be TBA and paid to the coaches.  If you are registering more than one player, the second and all additional players are 20% off, $79.00.  This fee covers team registration with JBO, umpires, fields, coaches, insurance, supplies, and some field maintenance. This does not cover uniforms or non-league weekend baseball options AKA tournament fees. Uniform fees will be separate. We will offer scholarships please email wilsonjobpdx@gmail.com for more information.

JBO players who are paid in full will be eligible for discounted fees for weekend clinics with Wilson HS Baseball starting January 13th.  More information on these clinics can be found at WHS Preseason or under the Clinics tab on the website.

Fees the for the tournament will be collected directly by the coaches.

Fields:  Our home fields are at Jackson Middle School.  Occasionally, a game might be held at Wilson. Note that your registration fee covers some field maintenance.  We will need families to do a mandatory for field work crews March 16th and April 6th as we try to get Jackson ready for play as soon as possible.

A parent meeting will be April 6th 4 pm at Wilson High School.

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Thank you

Leah Hunter

Wilson JBO President


 As we all know Nonprofit organization relies heavily on the generosity of the community. Wilson JBO is no different. We would love for you to sponsor these kids who are participating in something they love and we love to watch.

Wilson JBO will offer you logo visibility on a banner that will hang in our field, on all outreach materials and acknowledgments on our social media and website. Our mission as a board is to renovate and restore the 2nd Jackson filed to game playable.  We have the people power to do the work but we need to be able to rent the tools and buy the volunteers pizza. Whoever is willing to donate the $7,000 it will take to restore this filed we will name it after you.


Donation Levels

Platinum = $1,5000

Gold = $1,000

Silver= $500

Bronze = $250

Honorable mention = is what you can give cause every dollar helps


If you would like more information on the details of each level of sponsorship please contact us at wilsonjbopdx@gmail.com


What you give today builds tomorrow



Leah Hunter

Wilson JBO President

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If you are new to Wilson JBO and would like to get on our e-mail list, please send your contact information to wilsonjbopdx@gmail.com.  In 2019 our baseball program is open to players in 7th or 8th grade and who live or go to school with in the Wilson High School territory.  Please provide your player's name, school and grade, and also contact information for all parents/guardians who you would like to receive league e-mails.  Thank you.

JBO Bat Rules 2018

Here are the current JBO bat rules, direct from the state JBO website:

All baseball bats in JBO, Inc. will be either “BBCOR”,  “BPF 1.15”, or “USABaseball” certified. Umpires are required to perform a pre-game inspection of all equipment, especially bats, to ensure proper certification. Use of an illegal/altered bat shall be considered unsportsmanlike conduct and the player and Head Coach shall be ejected from the game. Both the ejected player & coach may be subject to further disciplinary action by the District and JBO, Inc.
To identify JBO sanctioned youth bats, look for one of the following stamps on the taper of the bat.


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