• 2012 Camp Ransburg Photo slide show - Troop 318 members
    Camp Ransburg Photo slide show the week Troop 318 was there. Many pictures of Troop members.

  • Peter Barzcak - St. Christopher jazz concert - youtube - Clip 1
    If you want to see St. Christopher jazz concert in youtube you just type (St. Christopher jazz concert) you will see first video clip, then you click on my name (Huu Nguyen) or small icon at lower left you will see all 4 parts of concert.

    clip 2: http://youtu.be/k7bio\0yvNfY
    clip 3: http://youtu.be/zUeW6iW-FnE
    clip 4: http://youtu.be/PI48h5e8_V8

  • Troop 318 on ShutterFly.com
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    Click the "Ask" button and send us a message - we will approve you if you are a Troop 318 member!

  • 2011 Camp Ransburg Video
    Video of Troop 318 at Camp Ransburg in 2011.

    Please Note!!
    This is unpublished/unlisted, so the only way anyone can get to it is through this link to youtube.

  • 2009 South Dakota Trip Video
    In 2009, members of Troop 318 visited South Dakota the Bad Lands, Mount Rushmore.
    Please Note!!!
    This is unpublished/unlisted, so the only way anyone can get to it is through this link to youtube.

  • 2007 Camp Ransburg Video
    Video of Troop 318 at camp Ransburg in 2007

    Please Note!!
    This is unpublished/unlisted, so the only way anyone can get to it is through this link to youtube.

  • 2006 Camp Ransburg Video
    Video from 2006 of Troop 318 at Camp Ransburg.

    Please Note!!
    This is unpublished/unlisted, so the only way anyone can get to it is through this link to youtube.

  • Venture Crew 418
    We have started a new Venture Crew; it is Crew 418. This is co-ed; so if there are any daughters, sons or sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews or friends that are age 14 to 20 that would like to know more about this fun new group, we will be having a meeting Sept.12th at Mr. Smith's house. If you are interested, please see Mr. Smith, Mr. Harmening or me and we can give you the scoop. This is different than Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts, so come out and hear what type of new friends and fun you can have.

  • Calumet Council BSA

  • Emergency Preparedness Information
    Scouts who are currently working on, or planning to work on the Emergency Preparedness merit badge? Should check out this web site. Click on the icon.

  • NC - Troop 780
    Troop 780 from North Carolina has a great website of information.

  • Online Scout Leader training
    Online Leader Traning - Youth Protection, Boy Scout Fast Start, Troop Committee Challange, Safe swin Defense, & Safety Afloat.

  • PAST Copies of Boy's Life - ALL issues - 2008-1925
    Great link to read ALL of the Boy's Life magazines 1925 to 2008.

    resource link to get Merit Badge worksheets.

  • Merit Badge information at usscouts.org
    Offical Scout site with information on all Merit Badges at usscouts.org. Includes Recent Revisions to Merit Badges and Boy Scout Advancements.

  • MERIT BADGE Worksheets usscouts.org
    Another resource link to Merit Badge worksheets.

  • Michigamea Lodge - QA
    Link to Lodge website.

  • Chicago Area Orienteering Club
    CAOC holds Orienteering meets all over the Chicago & South Subburan area. Mr. Desch is a member and the Orienteering Counselor.

  • Poison Ivy, Oak, Sumac Information Center
    Poison ivy is a harmful vine or shrub in the cashew family. It grows plentifully in parts of the United States and southern Canada. Poison ivy usually grows as a vine twining on tree trunks or straggling over the ground. But the plant often forms upright bushes if it has no support to climb upon. Species related to poison ivy include poison oak, which grows in the Pacific Northwest and nearby regions of Canada, and poison sumac, which grows in the Eastern United States. Poison oak and poison sumac both are shrubs. The tissues of all these plants contain a poisonous oil somewhat like carbolic acid. This oil is extremely irritating to the skin. It may be brushed onto the clothing or skin of people coming in contact with the plants.

  • Scout Lists - create your own camping list
    To build your camping checklist, packing list, click an icon below to get one designed just for your outdoor activity, season and climate. Each packing list includes a detailed camping check list of all the things you'll need to achieve success. Let us do the work and to determine all the camping equipment that you’ll need. Your camping checklist will include gear, clothes, camping supplies and personal items you might need.

  • Camping Equipment - Campmor
    Here are a few more deals you may want to checkout at CAMPMOR.

    Kelty Coyote Backpack 4750, No 88035. My son, Tom and Daniel Lysy both have this pack and like it. The shoulder straps adjusts from 13" - 20" which will fit most boys as they grow. DO NOT BUY ANY BACKPACK SITE UNSEEN. It is costly to have to return this item. Checkout the pack at Dick's Sporting Good or my favorite REI to make sure it will fit. I paid $125 plus tax for Tom's. It is on sale at Campmor for $90 plus $8 shipping/ no tax.

    For older scouts the catalog also lists another Kelty pack on sale, Red Cloud 5600, No 88032-P. Be sure to try this pack locally before ordering.

    Kelty makes good to better grade products that carry a lifetime warranty. I have returned a 20-year old tent to them for repairs without any problems.

    Princeton Tec Blast Flashlight, No 55843-P Color Neon Green - I have this flashlight (color Granite), it is light weight and durable. For $5 it is a good buy. Due to shipping costs, consider adding this if you are placing a larger order.

    Do not wait too long. Both items are listed in catalog "While Supplies Last".

    You can check out these items at http://www.campmor.com

    Disclosure: I too, am not affiliated with Campmor.com in any way, but I have made several purchases from their web site and have found good deals and experienced good service.

    Don Witte