Fort Lee Jr Girls Recreation Basketball League 7th-8th Grade Rules




All games consist of four 8 minute (running time) quarters. The clock will be stopped during the final 2 minute of each quarter for foul shot and for all dead balls.


Start time will start at the scheduled time.  If a team is not present and ready to begin within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time the game is forfeited.


1.Uniforms should always be worn and tucked in.


2.No jewelry of any kind is allowed to be worn by a player during the game and all players must wear shorts (no jeans, leggings, sweatpants) during the game.


3.If the score is tied at the end of regulation play, there will be (1) 3 minute overtime.  If the score remains tied, we will continue to play 2 minute overtimes until the game is decided.




4.Playing Time All Players that are present for a game must play a minimum of 8 minutes which is one Quarter. 


If the team are unbalanced. Then the following takes place:




Team 1 has 7 players, Team 2 has 9 Players


The team with 9 Players has to play each player 6 minutes instead of 8.


this is figured out as follows:  7 Players times the 8 Minutes a quarter = 56 minutes


56 Minutes divided by 9(players)= 6.2 (round of to 6)




Team 1 has 8 players, Team 2 has 7 Players




Team with 7 Players has to play each player 6 Minutes instead of 8


7 players times 8 Minutes per quarter = 56 minutes


56 minutes into 8 Players = 7 Minutes




Team 1 has 8 Players Team 2 has 6 Players


Team 2 has to play every player 6 Minutes instead of 8


6 players times 8 Minutes = 48 Minutes


48 Minutes divided by 8 Players = 6 Minutes


If team has 6 Players and the other has 9 player then (6 players times 8= 48) Team with 9 players has to play each player 5.1/2 minutes, while the other team with 6 players has to play each player the full 8 minutes.


So basically the formula is that for the difference In players in attendance it is 1 less minute per player difference. 

* If the difference is ONLY 1 player, you can talk to the opposing teams coach(s) and if you both agree just to match up as long as EVERYONE Plays the 8 minutes that is fine. The big issue is when the in balance is 2 or more players. Then the above rules will apply



The reasoning for this is that it would not be fair to make the team with more player in some cases 2 more players have to play all of its players 9 minutes while the team with lets say 7 players plays the 2 subs for the 2nd quarter and then plays the 5 starters for the remainder of the game while the other team is still filtering subs in the 3rd quarter or it I facing 3 starters in the 2nd quarter when they only have 1 starter due to them paying there 4 subs in the 2nd quarter.  What I suggest is making some substitutions in the first quarter to allow you more leeway for the remainder of the game. Because you know that the starters will be playing a lot in the 2nd half. The tracking will be done at the scorers table and whatever is tracked at the table is official. Please do not argue with them as they are community service kids just doing the best job that they can. Mistakes do happen. I will always be near them to assist. (when I am not checking the hallway).


This is a HONOR SYSTEM, However, if it is determined by the league that you are knowingly breaking or” stretching” the rules you will be warned once. A second warning means you will be suspended for the rest of the game and a third warning means that you will be suspended for the rest of the season and will not be asked back to coach the following year.



5.All players will be allowed 5 personal fouls before ejection.  A team will be allowed 7 team fouls before the one and one bonus situation and 10 team fouls before the automatic two shot bonus.


6.All teams are allowed four 60 second time-outs to be used at their discretion. Time-outs can be called by any coach or players. If the game goes into overtime, each team is awarded one additional time out.


7.Any player who gets into a fight will automatically be suspended for 2 games. If a player gets into a second fight that player is automatically suspended for the remainder of the season.  If a member of a player’s family is ejected from the stands that player must automatically leave the game the game and can’t return for that game. If a member of a player’s family is ejected for a second time, that player is automatically suspended for the remainder of the season.


8.If a coach is ejected from a game for two technical fouls, he MUST LEAVE THE BUILDING, and is suspended for the next two games.


9.Fast Breaks are allowed.




10.No full court pressing is allowed, until the last 4 minutes of the game or overtime Your team is allowed to play defense at the half court line; however you must allow the other teams’ player to cross the half court line before engaging them. 




11.16 point rule: Once a team has a lead of 16 points or more, ALL STARTERS MUST BE REMOVED FROM THE GAME. They can re- enter the game only if the lead is down to 8 points. If the lead goes back up to 16 or more, they once again must be removed from the game.


12.All Substitutes must report to the scorer’s table before entering the game. When a player is on the foul line they can enter before the 2nd shot. They can only enter the game after a stoppage of play.


13.Code of Conduct:  Inappropriate conduct will NOT be tolerated before, during or after the game. This includes the use of profanity anywhere in the gym. Fans, Coaches and players will be supportive of their team, and at a minimum, polite to the referees and opposing team. Not at any time should a spectator speak to a referee, Say any derogatory comments towards the referee or league official. If this happens, the spectator will have to leave the building with the player. If this happens a second time the player is suspended for the remainder of the season. 


14.Snow/ Bad Weather Policy:  If the schools are closed due to poor weather conditions, all games will be postponed. Please check the web site and your emails for notifications of such an event. The same applies to practices. If your team has a practice at one of the elementary schools and they are closed due to bad weather, Holiday, then your scheduled practice is also cancelled. It is up to the coaches to reschedule.


15.School Detention: If a player receives a Saturday morning detention, she will not be allowed to play in her scheduled afternoon game. If she receives a 2nd Saturday detention she is suspended for that Saturday game and the following weeks game. She is also not allowed to practice.


16.If a player does not show up to 3 consecutive practices without a valid reason (School Work, Family function, health reasons) the coach is not obligated to play her. Coach must notify league immediately when players are not attending practices. If this is not done, then the above rule is void.

17. It is Parents responsibility to notify coach if daughter can’t attend a practice or a game.