Last Updated: February 11, 2016

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All-Star Team Selection

The All-Star teams will be selected close to Memorial Day weekend. It's done at this time because we need at least three weeks to size, order and receive all the uniforms. All information about how the teams are selected, what teams are formed and the makeup of each can be found in the EJBL Local Rules document here.

All-Star Season Player Eligibility Requirements

From the Official Babe Ruth League Rule book. This rule applies to EJBL as we play Cal Ripken Baseball which is part of Babe Ruth League:


1. d. To be eligible for tournament play in any division of Babe Ruth League, Inc. a player must have played in at least one-half (1/2) of his team's scheduled league games played prior to the start of tournament play.

NOTE: When an odd number of games are involved the player receives the benefit - i.e. for eligibility 1/2 of thirteen games played is six games. If a player is unable to meet the above because of injury or participation in scholastic sports, contact Babe Ruth League, Inc.

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