Last Updated: August 21, 2017

**********FROM THE DESK OF THE PREZ**********
Please remember this league is ran by VOLUNTEERS.  If you would like to volunteer please reach out to, we are always looking for help.


UMPIRES – JUNIOR 1 AND JUNIOR 2 DIVISIONS – See Rules Section for most detailed information
The team parent will make an umpire schedule based on your home games.  The names will be randomly assigned.  It is the parent’s/family’s responsibility to either fill the position or have a substitute fill the position. This part of the game is not an option.   We have time limits for games this year so please be prepared to begin at 6:00 p.m.  Any questions or comments should not be directed to the Team Parent. Instead please contact your division Commissioner.    

Home Team – Prepares field for play, game ball and supplies the Plate Umpire.

Away Team -   Supplies Field Umpire.  Rakes the field at the end of the game and empties the trash can at your field.  Please carry trash to the dumpster in the parking lot.


We are working hard to make sure we maintain our good relationship with the surrounding community. Make sure you respect the following rules when driving to the Old Mill Complex.
• PLEASE do not park on the street for any game or practice unless necessary. Treat the surrounding neighborhoods as if they were your own. Opening Day and the All-Star event will be parking challenges as usual, but we will have people on hand to help you fit into the property. You can help by carpooling to the events.
• PLEASE fill up the parking lot first. If you are forced to park in the grass, please park perpendicular to the street, in the grass.
• PLEASE do not speed through the neighborhood on your way to practices or games. No injury is worth a couple of minutes
saved in the car. Obey all traffic laws at all times.
• PLEASE be careful on the curve from Old Mill Lane to Timber Lane.
• PLEASE pick up all of your trash and throw it away in the receptacles provided. On your way through the facility, pick up any trash you see laying around. We do not want trash to be blowing around the fields and onto neighbor’s yards. If you see anyone not obeying these requests or being disrespectful, feel free to report them by sending an email to .

Please report any signs of landscapers dumping in our fields.  Do not approach these people. However, please obtain any information you can.  i.e. pictures, license plates, etc.   

Thank you all for being a part of such a successful softball organization.  We appreciate everything you do.  Remember we are all volunteers, pick up trash, help your coaches, we are here for the girls!

I am looking forward to the upcoming 2017 season at our Old Mill complex as well as our Brandywood fields.  Opening Day is right around the corner, April 29th. 

Enjoy your time at Old Mill…home of the Talleyville Girls Softball League and Thank You for all of your support.



Sean Plasmier
Talleyville Girls Softball League Board