Last Updated: April 25, 2017
  • PLEASE slow down when driving to all your games especially at the Old Mill Complex. Thanks!
  • Please check website for all game updates and cancellations!!
  • Opening Day 4/29/17

Welcome to the home of the

Talleyville Girls Softball League

For over 40 years, Talleyville Girls Softball League has been sponsoring the diamond dreams of fast pitch players from Northern Delaware, Southeastern Pennsylvania and Northern Maryland. Talleyville is comprised of a recreational league with five divisions and travel teams for girls ages five to eighteen. Whether your interested in learning the game and having fun in the recreational league or the more competitive play of our travel teams, Talleyville has a place for you.

TGSL Opening Day set for Saturday 4-29-17

Talleyville Girls Softball League will be hosting our annual opening day on Saturday, 4-29-17.  Games will begin at 9am and continue throughout the day.   We look forward to seeing all of our new and returning families.  The girls will be excited to get out there and enjoy some great softball.  We are keeping an eye on the weather and it looks like a great day.  Don't forget to check out the snack bar and our "Talleyville Softball" clothing sales.  We will be holding a 50/50 too!  See you on Softball Saturday!!!

Talleyville Softball League Day at the Blue Rocks Sunday 5-14-17

On Sunday May 14th at 1:35pm, Talleyville Softball is hosting a day with the Blue Rocks!  Come out and join your teammates and their families for an awesome day.  Arrive early to participate in the pre-game parent-child catch in the outfield.  A portion of your ticket price will go back to raise money for the league.  Tickets are only $10 each.  The softball team who sells/purchases the most tickets will be a part of the on-field ceremonies.  The deadline to purchase tickets is April 29, 2017.  Any questions, please contact Audra Powell at

                                  Click here to print your Talleyville Softball League Day at the Blue Rocks order form


Talleyville Softball Welcomes Philly Phanatic to the Old Mill Complex

Upcoming Games

Saturday, Apr 29
Pleasant Hills Alley Cats @ Artisans' Bank9:00amOld Mill 2
Cajun-Sno @ Got Grout10:00amOld Mill 2
Pleasant Hills Alley Cats @ Darley Pharmacy11:00amOld Mill 2
Ludwig Agency State Farm @ Lacy Real Estate Group12:00pmOld Mill 2
Wyatt's Wild Kittens @ Dr Fink's Live Wires12:00pmOld Mill 1
Mortgage Network Solutions @ Andrew White Realty Group1:30pmOld Mill 1
Dr Fink's Live Wires @ City Systems Real Estate3:00pmOld Mill 1
Lacy Real Estate Group @ Swigg3:00pmOld Mill 3
Junior 1
Ceccola Construction @ Greeley & Nista Orthodontics9:00amOld Mill 4
Chick-fil-A @ Panunto Real Estate10:30amOld Mill 4
Petrunich Oral Surgery @ Cicorelli Dental Group12:00pmOld Mill 4
Dr. Matt's Bats @ Ludwig Fitness1:30pmOld Mill 4
YCST @ Top of the Line Tile3:00pmOld Mill 4
Junior 2
Claire's Fashions @ El Diablo Burritos9:00amOld Mill 3
Johnnies Hotdogs & Chicken Shack @ Maier's Shell10:30amOld Mill 3
El Diablo Burritos @ Brandywine Exteriors12:00pmOld Mill 3
Foulk Lawn @ MW Roofing, LLC1:30pmOld Mill Lane
Wyatt's Wildcats @ LulaRoe Steffenie Moran9:00amOld Mill 1
Mojo Loco Ecletic Street Food @ Forwood Manor10:30amOld Mill 1
Monday, May 1
Cajun-Sno @ Ludwig Agency State Farm6:00pmBrandywood Elementary
Pleasant Hills Alley Cats @ Artisans' Bank6:00pmOld Mill 2
Junior 1
Panunto Real Estate @ Ceccola Construction6:00pmBrandywine High School
YCST @ Dr. Matt's Bats6:00pmOld Mill 4
Junior 2
Maier's Shell @ Foulk Lawn6:00pmConcord High School
Johnnies Hotdogs & Chicken Shack @ Brandywine Exteriors6:00pmOld Mill 3
Mojo Loco Ecletic Street Food @ Claymont 26:00pmClaymont
LulaRoe Steffenie Moran @ Claymont 16:00pmMount Pleasant High School
Forwood Manor @ Wyatt's Wildcats6:00pmOld Mill 1
Tuesday, May 2
Lacy Real Estate Group @ Got Grout6:00pmOld Mill 2
City Systems Real Estate @ Lacy Real Estate Group6:00pmBrandywood Elementary
Andrew White Realty Group @ Mortgage Network Solutions6:00pmMount Pleasant High School
Swigg @ Wyatt's Wild Kittens6:00pmOld Mill 1
Junior 1
Top of the Line Tile @ Greeley & Nista Orthodontics6:00pmBrandywine High School
Chick-fil-A @ Cicorelli Dental Group6:00pmOld Mill 4
Junior 2
MW Roofing, LLC @ Johnnies Hotdogs & Chicken Shack6:00pmConcord High School
El Diablo Burritos @ Claire's Fashions6:00pmOld Mill 3
Wednesday, May 3
Darley Pharmacy @ Cajun-Sno6:00pmOld Mill 2
Junior 1
Greeley & Nista Orthodontics @ Chick-fil-A6:00pmBrandywine High School
Petrunich Oral Surgery @ Ludwig Fitness6:00pmOld Mill 3
Junior 2
Brandywine Exteriors @ Claire's Fashions6:00pmConcord High School
Foulk Lawn @ El Diablo Burritos6:00pmOld Mill 4
Claymont 1 @ Forwood Manor6:00pmClaymont
Wyatt's Wildcats @ Mojo Loco Ecletic Street Food6:00pmMount Pleasant High School
Claymont 2 @ LulaRoe Steffenie Moran6:00pmOld Mill 1
Thursday, May 4
Artisans' Bank @ Lacy Real Estate Group6:00pmOld Mill 2
Wyatt's Wild Kittens @ Andrew White Realty Group6:00pmBrandywood Elementary
Lacy Real Estate Group @ Mortgage Network Solutions6:00pmMount Pleasant High School
Dr Fink's Live Wires @ City Systems Real Estate6:00pmOld Mill 1
Junior 1
Ceccola Construction @ Petrunich Oral Surgery6:00pmBrandywine High School
Ludwig Fitness @ Top of the Line Tile6:00pmOld Mill 4
Junior 2
El Diablo Burritos @ Maier's Shell6:00pmOld Mill 3

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Saturday, Apr 29
Opening Day9:00am
Sunday, Apr 30
Picture Day
Sunday, May 14
Blue Rocks Game- Talleyville Appreciation Day!1:35pm

For a complete calendar listing, click here!