Board Meeting Minutes

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Silver League Board Minutes – Thursday, May 24, 2018


Board Members Present:  Chuck Lancaster, Randy Ballard, Dave Vanderneut, Gary Beckman, Mike Crawford, Larry Chimento, Tom Koch, and Dick Kapper

Absent: Tom Koch, John Welsh, and Jeff Sloan (PM At Large seat is vacant at this time)

\Others Present:  Jim Ruby, Roger Mears, and Larry Deibel


 April 25, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes previously emailed out approved unanimously.


Jeff Brenneman has resigned as the PM At-Large Rep.  Until that position is filled, Division PM Reps will have to handle “sub matters”.  Web Site will have a note looking for a replacement, and any Board member can “recruit” a replacement for Jeff.  Chuck L. should be advised if anyone comes forward.


Treasurer’s Report –   Tom K. was not available, but Chuck L. advised that all incoming and outgoing monies were current at this time.


Uniforms - All teams and paid participants will have their complete ordered 2018 uniforms by next by next Wednesday (the seventh playing date of the season)


There is no reason for any player, manager, coach, Asst. Mgr., etc. Not to be in the correct 2018 uniform as of then.  Reps, managers, and umpires should be aware of Silver League Rules (3. Dress Code, A. 1 – 4)


A copy of the 2018 uniform orders, and suggestions received for 2019 (Copy attached), were given to all present to allow them information for future uniform decisions.


Prior to the end of the season “championship awards” will need to be decided upon.


 Opening of 2018 Season-   No major problems advised.


 > There was some confusion with the AM rain out system, and a problem with the lights being turned on timely one evening.  Both of these were addressed, and handled, by Barberton P & R personnel.  Should not be problems in the future.


  > Silver Division: New screen location


 Silver Division will continue to use the new/test setup.  It will be reviewed as needed.  There appear to have been minimum formal complaints to board members. “Complaints” as to the “why” and “how” have been handled by explaining to those questioning how the set up works, and “why”. There is a need for more uniformity, and enforcement (Two warnings and then removal to another position) among, and by, SL umpires. 


(Since a batter can still legally hit an “illegal” pitch, the board will have to decide at the next meeting what the umpire’s ruling should be when a batted “illegal” pitch is fielded “illegally” by the pitcher.)


 >There has been some confusion, and possible inconsistency, with Silver Division schedules on the Web Site versus those prepared and handed out by Division officials.


There were some differences, and other problems with how players interpreted what they were reading. Chuck L. will print out THE schedule, and give it to all managers in the Silver Division to give to their players.  (This will be a Web program to be discussed for 2019)


 >Use of the SL storage shed, and the putting out, and returning equipment seems to be go as hoped.


  >Some discussion of umpire “situations” so far this year.  “Attitudes” – interpreted as “too nice”, “Too mean”, “inconsistent”, “position behind the screen” (all divisions), etc. – have apparently been noted.  Jim Ruby, Umpire-in-charge was present.  He will try to rectify any problems that actually do exist. Board members are to watch for situation that should be discussed.


  >Blue Division: “too fast” pitching-


This came up after an umpire gave three warnings (correctly) to a Blue pitcher, and removed him from pitching. The issue came up as this was the first time any umpire - doing a Blue game - , had called the THREE warnings. (Two warnings, and a removal action).  The need to enforce the rule this year had been emphasized to the umpires in their 2018 meeting.  The resultant “perfect storm” lead to the confusion, and some irritation by players.  This will be reviewed for possible – in certain divisions – rule changes for 2019.  The current rules in Silver League and SSUSA rules will continue to be used as stated at this time.        


 NEXT Board Meeting – Thursday, June 21, 2018, at 6:30 PM, at ACME in Green.


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