Last Updated: June 25, 2017 

Federal League By-laws and Game Rules

Composite Bat Determinations

Composite bats that meet BBCOR standards and contain no metal materials are allowed for play in the Federal League, both for regular season and tournament games.

In addition to this overall ruling, the Demarini S243 is specifically banned from usage beginning in 2016.


2016 Tournament Information

The 2016 Federal League Tournament will be held August 13/14 and August 20/21; the weekend of August 27/28 will be reserved for makeup games due to rain, etc.  Locations include Alimagnet, Big Willow, Veseli, Elko, and New Market.

For 2016, there are two divisions in the regular season - Metro (20 teams) and Southern (10 teams).  There are no subdivisions.

The AAA bracket will consist of the top 5 Metro teams and the top 3 Southern teams.  The AA bracket will consist of the next 6 Metro teams and the next 2 Southern teams.  The A bracket will consist of the 8 remaining teams with the best winning percentage (regardless of division) and the B bracket will consist of the 6 teams with the lowest winning percentage (regardless of division).

For AAA, AA, and A brackets, the playoff format will be a 3-game round-robin pool play (seeds 1,4,5,8 in Pool A and 2,3,6,7 in Pool B), with the 4th game being the matchup of A1 vs B1, A2 vs B2, etc.  Tiebreakers within each Pool will be overall record, run differential, then head-to-head result.

For the B bracket, the playoff format will be determined based on how many teams participate in the tournament.


Tournament Seeding - Tiebreaker Order:

1) season record
2) head to head competition between the two teams
3) run differential in head to head competition
4) run differential for the season
5) fewest runs allowed for the season