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Aston Valley Baseball Meeting Minutes

General Membership Meeting






Anthony Marusco, Bernie Seasock, Laura Brooks, Vicki Hittle, Bob Weeks, Fran Miles, Dan Campbell, Steve Chapman, Jason Hickman, Amy Grady, Jim Buggy, Michael Grady, Mark Fifer, Mark Korenkiewicz, Amanda Doyle, Scott Sexton, Brian Morris, Tony Diorisio, Ralph Carotenuto, Jason Farrell,  Henry Hittle, Mike McDermott, Ralph Papa, Denny Anastasia, Earl Derrickson, Cory Sheridan, Mike Cimabue, Clilff Thompson, Mike Volturo, Rob Locklear, Joe Hart, Joe Fiorelli, Jon Dalton, Steve Downs, Vicki Lovecchio, Pat Dever, Walt Campbell, Chris Darpino, Craig Stokarski

Called to Order:




Motion to approve:


Treasurer’s Report - Fran Miles

General Fundraising 101.10

Capital Improvement Account 3808.33

General Account: 12,853.26

New Business: None

Motion to approve:Steve Chapman

Second:Anthony Marusco





Teeners-John Howe(Not Present)

This upcoming season we are looking to do an interleague with BYC.  


Majors-Bernie Seasock

Looking to play two games at Brookhaven on Thursdays.  Gave the kids two extra teams for the year.  


Minors- Bob Weeks

Minors will also be playing in Brookhaven.  Looks like 7 teams in the Minors.  Gives our kids an opportunity to play different positions.


Rookies-Dan Campbell

No report.


Teeball- Vicki Hittle

We are going to have clinic on a week-night.  The games will be on Saturdays.  Keep teams small to make it easier to manage.  


Equipment Manager-Jason Hickman

Coaches- If anyone has a bag please get in touch with him to return it.  


Parents Auxiliary- Laura Brooks

We are currently in the process of looking for new vendor to keep the costs down.  Looking to decide on pictures.  


Facilities-Steve Chapman

Got a few hand draggers.  The tractor and lawn mower are going out for repair.  March 11 and 18 will be using Community Service help and then on the 25 at Buggy Field.  We have had one quote, but waiting on two others for the minor field.  Looking to fix the field and keep it fixed.  


Player Agent- Jim Buggy

Registration Dates-Walk in

Municipal Building

1/20 from 6-9

1/21 from 9-3

1/27 from 6-9

1/28 from 9-3

February 1st is the late registration.  

We do not know at this time if we will be having a redraft.  


Rules- Mark Gauzza

Rules that are proposed for the playoffs/ tournament being passed around.  

2018- The adoption of wood-like bats.  All bats that we have at this time will be illegal.  




President’s Report - Anthony Marusco

We did have a quote for the minor field, but that fell through.  Once the field is fixed it will be the coaches job to maintain them.  

Fundraising Items:

Blue Rocks April 23, 2017

$10.00 a piece.  

Top 9 sellers will be announced on the field.

Beef and Beverage- May 2017

Up to 300 people.  


Golf Tournament-May 1

Paxon Hollow

Pictures for the Season-

We will be using Joe McGinn’s company to honor Kelly.  

2018- Will be a new photographer.







Rules Meeting

We have two proposed rules.  One we discussed.  The second will be discussed after the board discusses.  

Cliff Thompson wanted the rookies to get a warning for the coach pitch third strike.  


3                                          Alot                                               1

Yes                                       No                                               Abstain

Allow the 6 year olds to pitch and catch?  Rule Change for Jason Hickman.  

Discussion ensued for 20 minutes or more.  


16                                                18                                                        3

Yes                                              No                                                   Abstain




Motion By:


9:39 PM

Fran Miles

Mark Gauzza







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