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2017 45+ Meeting All Star Game, Regular Season & Playoffs

45+ Managers voted 7-3 Via email 2/14/17

The SJMSBL does not give preferential attention to any team(s) based on their ability to play. A more talented team has no more say than a less talented team. As a result, the SJMSBL along with the 45+ Managers have decided to construct 2 divisions. We hope that the two Divisions will lead to better competition

Below approved by all 45+ Managers Via email-.



·        All-Star Game will be scheduled for a Saturday in June or July @ Frawley Stadium, Home of the Wilmington BlueRocks. Stadium address: 801 Shipyard Drive, Wilmington, DE 19801

   7 Inning Game

 At Ground Rules managers can even teams out. To give players more playing time we'd want the same amount of players on each Team.

Pick 3-4 players from each team. 

SATURDAY, JUNE 24 @ 12:00

SJMSBL ALL-STAR (Blue Team)- (Home Team)

      Manager: Walt

W Senators

GT Mariners

CH Rangers





Manager: Mike Gomez

B. Marlins

Cinn Rangers

Old Timers

Jersey Shore Baseball

Chelt. Reds


American Division

1. Washington Senators

2. Black Marlins

3. Cinnaminson Rangers

4. Philadelphia Old Timers

5. GT Mariners

National Division

1. Jersey Shore Baseball

2. Chelt. Reds

3. Cherry Hill Rangers

4. Rays

5. Royals


45+ Managers elected to grandfather in under-age players who played in 2016

45+ Managers elected to potentially waiver new under-age players who are to turn 43 and 44 in 2017. (These waivered players cannot Pitch or Catch). All waivered players need to be approved by League & 45+ Managers. In 2017 all waivered players will be listed on our website. DISABLED LIST AND WAIVERED PLAYERS (tab), Please note: Teams coming from other leagues are encouraged to call Neil (609)304-8483 or Lou @ (856)266-7916 ASAP to discuss any special waivers needed.

New Rules voted by 45+ Managers

Each team will be allowed two courtesy runners per game, and they don't have to be identified at the exchange of line-ups before the beginning of the game.  When the manager decides to use a courtesy runner, that person will be dedicated as the first courtesy runner of the game.  That runner does not have to be run for on each following at-bat, he can have the option of receiving the courtesy runner or running for himself.  That would also apply to the second player that receives a courtesy runner in the game.  The runner that is used as the courtesy runner is the last batted out, unless it is a pitcher or catcher or the other courtesy runner.


With respect to pitchers and catchers, they can receive a courtesy runner at any time during the game, not only when there are two outs as a speed up rule.  Their use of the courtesy runner does not count towards the two that are allowed per team.  The pitcher or catcher can refuse to take a courtesy runner during the game and doing so will not prevent them from using a courtesy runner at another point in the game.


For the Regular Season, the National & American division Managers elected to play each team in their division 3X's 12 games Games + 3 games out of Division.. For a total of 15 games in 13 weeks.  2 scheduled Doubleheaders

Schedule-Mariners Vs. Gavura Rangers, Saturday, June 17th @ 6pm

Available open 2017 Spring/Summer Sundays

April 2, 9, 23, 30

May 7, 14, 21 (no DH on the 14th)

June 4, 11, 18, 25 (no DH on the 18th)

July 9, 16,/ 23, 30

August 6, 13, 20, 27

·        Managers voted to play Mother’s Day, May 14.

·        League does not schedule games Memorial Day weekend, May 29

·        League does not schedule games July 2nd



-        Sunday, July 23  ONE (9) Inning Game Seed #1 Vs. Seed #4

-        Sunday, July 30  ONE (9) Inning Game Seed #1 Vs. Seed #4

-        Sunday, August 6 ONE (9) Inning Game Seed #1 Vs. Seed #4

If Necessary game 3 played. If both Series Sweep Championship starts Sunday, August 6

-        Sunday, July 23  ONE (9) Inning Game Seed #2 Vs. Seed #3

-        Sunday, July 30  ONE (9) Inning Game Seed #2 Vs. Seed #3

-        Sunday, August 6 ONE (9) Inning Game Seed #2 Vs. Seed #3

If Necessary game 3 played. If both Series Sweep Championship starts Sunday, August 6



·        Umpires are paid by SJMSBL

·        Winner of Championships receives $500 Credit towards 2018 Spring/Summer Season

·        If both Series Sweep in semi’s Championship starts Sunday, August 6. If not below schedule stands


-        Sunday, Aug. 13  ONE (9) Inning Game Semi Winner Vs. Semi Winner

-        Sunday, Aug 20  ONE (9) Inning Game Semi Winner Vs. Semi Winner

-        Sunday, August 27 ONE (9) Inning Game Semi Winner Vs. Semi Winner

Managers understand, in the spirit of ending playoffs before Labor Day the SJMSBL can change the Playoff Structure to Play a Double Header Playoff Sunday format. 3rd game or second game of Doubleheader would be 7 Innings.

·        Changes will be made in the event of “Acts of God” (rain, weather, etc.)


·        Please note: “Act of God” definition does not equate to “Not having enough Players.”


Fee Schedule

Cost per umpire per (9) inning Game @ $80

Cost per umpire per (7) inning Game @ $70


1.Cancelling with less than one hour until game time- $45 per umpire (If umpires did not leave for game yet, no fee will be charged)

2. Umpires arrive at field and no game due to weather: $45 per umpire

3. Game 1 of DH Starts, no game two due to weather: No fee charged


4. Game 1 of DH starts, no game two due to team decision: $45 per umpire for second game


John Gallante

Director and Assignor 

Tri-State Elite Umpire Association 


E-mail is preferred unless it is a notification on the day of the game. 




2 MVP & 2 Cy YOUNG Nominations from each Team will be DUE July 1

* Nomination Ballot will be emailed to Managers June 15, 2017. Ballot will also be available @ "Handouts" on

* Nominations will be published on Front page of July 5, 2016

* Managers will than vote on Nominations. Final vote is DUE July 18, 2017

MVP & CY Young winners will appear on Front page of Website July 21, 2017



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