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The Post Office Cafe Fire

CLICK HERE  for "go fund me" Post Office Fire Fund Relief 

The community hub for those who love sports and wings, unfortunately burnt down this past weekend, leaving a commnuity without its social center and employees without any income. 

We hope to raise funds to provide those employees, who lost their jobs due to the fire, some compensation for their hardwork, especially some much needed love and funds as they try to figure out their next move.

We appreciate any donations, no matter how small. Our goal is to show love and aid those in need due to this unfortunate series of events. 

We are hosting a fundraising event at PEP Bowl of Philadelphia on December 17th from 5pm-9pm. We hope to see you all there! 

In-Person Event Description: Raising money to help the Post Office Cafe staff, who lost their jobs on Saturday, when the Cafe burnt down. Let’s relieve a little stress from their lives with a little extra help and spending money as the holidays near. 
Cost: $50 per person. Bring extra money for 50/50 and other donation giveaways.
https://www.facebook.com/events/194736187753779??ti=ia )

Thank you for any and all support!

News Articles of the Fire:



SJMSBL 2017 FACT: Tri-State Elite Umpire Association had 2 umpires at every game during the SJMSBL season except for (2) games. There was only one umpire @ these two games… NOT BAD over 1300 games were played in 2017.


SJMSBL 2017 FACT: On average 2017 teams played 94.7% of their Regular season games. That stat is up from (THE RAINY SEASON) of 2016 teams played 88.4% of their Regular season games.


New for 2018

-        NO-CHARGE-..Managers of the SJMSBL are welcome to post an advertisement onto your website www.SouthJerseyMSBL.com . Send JPEG photo/image to eecnph@comcast.net


The images used for the sponsor banners and sidebar graphics can be any size you wish, but there are some practical limits so that you don't affect the layout of your pages.

The standard size for web banners is 468 pixels wide by 60 pixels high. You can use larger or smaller sizes, but we recommend not exceeding 700px wide or 200px high.

The sidebar graphics can also be any size, but we recommend keeping them under 175px wide. Any larger, and they will make the whole sidebar section wider. As an example, you could sell 50px high images (by 175px wide) as "small" sidebar ads, and 100px high images as "large" ads.

Unless you're using photographs in your images, then it would probably be best to use the GIF file format. That works best for flat images. If you're using photos, gradients, or complex graphics, then JPEG may be better

Please also include information- Website URL. Phone #, email address 


Fyi: www.SouthJerseyMSBL.com FOR 2017; THE WEBSITE GOT 3,000 – 8,000 VISITS PER MONTH     2017: JANUARY –NOVEMBER = 70,587 VISITS


January 2018 Managers Meeting Date & Time TBD

The SJMSBL will have new rules effecting all divisions

-        - The DL and games needed to qualify for playoffs

-        - Protocol for a washed out weekend

-        - Forfeited games the last week of the season

-        - The last day of the regular season


-        - How to contest a players age or games played to qualify for playoffs



2017 Toys for Tots and Holiday Food Drive



I would like to thank everyone for their participation this year in our 4th annual Toys For Tots/Holiday Food Drive. It was an amazing day and without the efforts of many such a great day is not possible. In the past we filled a van with food this year we filled a 16’ UHaul cube truck from front to back and top to bottom. You literally could not have fit a piece of paper in the truck. We also hit it way out of the park with the toy collection and to all we truly made a difference, making this holiday season a little brighter for many. Again my heartfelt thanks!-


Lou Marshall





November 6th - 11   The DelVal Bombers Play in the 45+ Division. The Team is Managed by Neil Hourahan

November 12 - 18th   The Montgomery County Yankees Play in the 50+ Division. The Team is Managed by Mark Greenspan.

November 12 - 18th    The Tri-State Nationals Play in the 50+ Division. The Team is Managed by Tom Donahue & Sam Segarra.

CLICK HERE to follow Results of above teams

CLICK HERE for National tournament info... email eecnph@comcast.net if you need further info or contact


2017 Mid-Week Champions


Manager: Bill Mason

Local SJMSBL Player Writes a Book

During his senior year in high school, author Bill Bowers needed to make some tough decisions about his life path. At seventeen, he made a commitment to join the Air Force. On October 5, 1984, he began his military career.

In Nighthawk A Young Airman's Tour at Clark Air Base, he recounts his coming of age in the 1980s while stationed at Clark Air Base in the Philippines. Through a series of vignettes centered on the antics and comedic misadventures of a young airman's first tour of duty, this memoir offers a mirror of who we are as individuals. It shares real-life stories that explore the ups and downs of service in the military, the culture and economy of the Philippines, and the actions of a bunch of kids tossed onto an island paradise.

Nighthawk A Young Airman's Tour at Clark Air Base focuses on a self-proclaimed screw-up with a moral compass that often causes conflict. It tells how an eighteen-year-old kid fresh out of high school became a man.



      2017 35 National Champions

                    DELCO WARRIORS

Manager: Dennis Spencer




                                                                                                                 True Fans Mr. and Mrs. Ball with son Phil


2017 SJMSBL MVP and Cy Young Award Winners


18 Plus Division

MVP- Jake Robinson ( Old Dirty Batters )

Cy Young- Zach Irwin ( Old Dirty Batters )

25 Plus Division

MVP-Paul Conway ( Cherry Hill Longwoods )

Cy Young- Elliot Castillo ( Philadelphia Cardinals )

35 National Division

MVP- Greg Vanucci ( South Jersey Cardinals )

Cy Young- Al Davis ( South Jersey Cardinals )

35 American Division

MVP- Mike Somers ( Harpers Assault )

Cy Young- Steve Porrini ( PBC Royals )

45 National Division

MVP- Angel Rodriguez ( Cheltenham Reds )

Cy Young- Sam Simpkins ( Jersey Shore Baseball )

45 American Division

MVP- Javier Barret ( Philadelphia Old Timers )

Cy Young- Pete Maldonado ( Philadelphia Old Timers ) Co-Winners voting tied

Cy Young- Gabe Mastrangelo ( Gloucester Twp. Mariners ) Co-Winners voting tied

52 National Division

MVP- Ken Joerg ( Marlton Braves )

Cy Young- Joe Emerson ( Gloucester County Phillies )

52 American Division

MVP- Mike Ickes ( Delaware Pirates )

Cy Young- Jeff Budin ( Montgomery County Yankees )






                      35 All Star Game Frawley Stadium

Manager: Dan Ciecka                                                       Manager: Jose Hernandez




Anyone interested in joining a 45 and over team for the upcoming Liberty Bell Tournament in Early October, Please contact George DiBello gjdibello@yahoo.com 609-489-1930

The South Jersey Men's Sr Baseball League, the SJMSBL was founded in 1992. The SJMSBL is a Men's Baseball League which includes age bracket divisions; 18+, 25+, 35+, 45+ & 52+. Most age brackets have two divisions based on competition. Regular season spring/summer games are played on Sundays, usually at 9am. The 18+ Division begins there games @ 12:30pm on Sunday. Our Spring Regular Season begins Sunday, April 8, 2018, and ends in late July. The Spring/Summer season playoffs end before Labor day. Our Midweek Season begins in June and ends before Labor Day. Midweek games are played Tuesday, Wednesday &/or Thursday. Our Fall Season games are played on Sunday @ 9:00am. The Fall Season will begin Sunday, September 10, 2017, and ends Mid-November


Please fill out New Player Interest Form online registration ASAP if you are interested in playing Baseball in 2017 or 2018. We'll find you a team!

Please fill out a New Team Interest Form registration ASAP if you are interested in putting a team into the Midweek or Fall Seasons.- .



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