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Today's Attendance:

  • 18+ All-Star Game Saturday, July 22 @ 3:00
  • 25+ All-Star Game Saturday, July 22 @ 12:00
  • 35+ All-Star Game Saturday, July 8 @ 12:00
  • MVP & CY Young Nominations due no later than July1
  • 52+ All-Star Game Saturday, July 8 @ 3:00
35+ & 52+ All-Star Games
Saturday, July 8, 2017   12:00 PM

New Balance Cherry Hill

Midweek Team (Nats) need 4 Players Vs. SJ Tribe @ 6:15pm @ Atkinson Park (Tuesday, June 27)


If interested and willing to pay $15 email Paul pauly08@yahoo.com or call him at 609-519-0090

Anyone interested in joining a 45 and over team for the upcoming Liberty Bell Tournament in Early October, Please contact George DiBello gjdibello@yahoo.com 609-489-1930

Emailed to all Managers 6/15/17 @ 9:00am

Please nominate one or two players from your team as candidates for MVP & Cy Young. Nominations will not be accepted after July 1. Please email nominations to eecnph@comcast.net & lmarshall@unfi.com

Nominations will be posted on Front Page of the website. Managers will then vote on Nominations. Votes on Nominations will not be accepted after July 18. MVP & Cy Young Winners will appear on the Front page of website July 21. - above is approved by all Managers March 7th meeting

18+ Angelo Marciano Nominations


1.Yermin Taveras (Nationals)

2. Paul Carullo (Nationals)


1. Ryan McCuin (Nats)

2. Tyler Frounfelker (Nats)

 25+ Hot Stover American Division


1. Philip Rossi Sr.(Indians)

2. Mike "Beef" Sandefur (Cards)

3. Jean Marte (Cards)

4. Timothy Taggert (P. Indians)

5. Juan Martinez (P. Indians)

6. Anthony Roccia (Pirates)

7. Albert Rodriquez (Pirates)

8. Paul Conway (Longwoods)


1. Ryan Cole (Indians)

2. Eliot Castillo (Cards)

3. Rudy Diaz (Cards)

4. Timothy Taggart (p. Indians)

5. Samuel Magro (p. Indians)

6. Chris Rains (Pirates)

7. Jason Mitch (Pirates)

8. Kevin McDowell (Longwoods)


35+ American Bill Curzie Nominations


1. Mike Somers (H. Assault)

2. Lou Spassatempo (H. Assault)

3. Kurt Appleby (Pats)

4. Jesse Pantano (SF Cards)

5. Reggie Easely SF Cards)

6. Dave Magaldi (Royals)


1. Kenny Bouillon (H. Assault)

2. Steve Porrini (Royals)

3. Riley Berton (Pats)

4. Joe Hoffacker(S.F. Cards)

5. Jim Fish (S.F. Cards)

6. Dave Shell (S.F. Cards)

35+ National Bill Curzie Nominations


1. Tom Jackson (Rangers)

2. Mark Conti (Rangers)

3. John Spencer (Warriors)

4. Bob Shaw (Warriors)


1. Dan Ciecka (Rangers)

2. Mark Conti (Rangers)

3. Bob Shaw (Warriors)

45+ American Mike Dunleavy Nominations


1. Frank Lojewski (b. Masrlins)

2. Dave Harris (b. Marlins)

3. Neil Hourahan (Rangers)

4. Dan Battista (Mariners)

5. Terry Pezzola (Mariners)


1. Frank Lojewski (b. Marlins)

2. Eric Mehler (Rangers)

3. Tadd Kozniewshi (Rangers)

4. Gabe Mastrangelo (Mariners)

5. Mike Pente (Mariners)

45+ National Mike Dunleavy Division


1. Saint Pegan (JS Baseball)

2. Link Rodriquez (JS Baseball)

3. Mike Trout (Royals)

4. Scott Wasienko (Royals)


1. Sam Simpkins

2. Angel Rivera

3. Will Denning (Royals)

4. Ray Dudonis (Royals)

52+ American Hot Stover Division


1. Ray Conolly (SJ Phils)

2. Randy Young (SJ Phils)

3. Mike Ickes (Pirates)

4. Jose Matias (Pirates)

5. Ray Connolly (Phils)

6. Randy Young (Phils)


1. Scott Warfel (SJ Phils)

2. George Hadfield (Pirates)

3. Juan Toribio (Pirates)

4. Scott Warfel

52+ National Hot Stover Division


1. Scott Goff (GC Phils)

2. Jim Ball (GC Phils)

3. Ken Joerg (Braves)


1. Joe Emerson (GC Phils)

2. Phil Dunbar (Braves)


Regular Season Ends on Last Sunday of scheduled season. The regular season will not be extended.  YOUR TEAM CANNOT MAKE GAMES UP BETWEEN LAST SUNDAY OF SEASON & PLAYOFFS

* make up postponed games ASAP

* assume we will be rained out last week of season




Players cannot be added to the roster past the calendar date of Jun 11 . 52+ Division exception: 52+ division can add players all season.- emailed to Managers May 29 & June 7

2017 All Star Games

All All-Star games scheduled to be played @ Frawley Stadium

Email below Manager if your team is not sending anyone to the ALL -STAR game

Games are 7 Innings

Line-ups with uniform #’s & full roster need to be given to announcer before game

Need someone to take Team Picture. Email team Pic to eecnph@comcast.net

Please note: If game is rained out or shortened because of inclement weather. Game will NOT be made up.


18+ Saturday, July 22 @ 3:00

·     Bombers, Nats, Ol’Dirty email 5 All Star selections to Joe Sigismondi @ joesigismondi@gmail.com by July 10

·     Tribe & Thunder email 7 All Star selections to Javier @ southjerseytribe@gmail.com    by July 10  

25+ Saturday, July 22@ 12:00

·     Pirates, Longwoods, 45’s & Cards email 4 All Star selections to Orlando @ djland2003@aol.com by July 10  

·     Rangers, A’s, P. Indians & Indians email 4 All Star selections to Tom @ lager2008@aol.com  by July 10  


35+ Saturday, July  8 @ 12:00

·     Cards, Cruisers, Bull Dogs, Rangers, Royals, Chiefs email 4 All Star selections to Dan @ chakabeast@me.com by June 23 

·     Reds, Sharks, Warriors, S. Cards, Assault,, Pats, Tigers email 3 All Star selections to Jose @ jose.hernandez1@comcast.net by June 23 


52+ Saturday, July 8 @ 3:00

·     Pirates, A’s, Giants, Chelt Reds, Braves, Indians email 3 All Star selections to DJohn @ johnf.wyatt@state.de.us by June 23 

·     Yanks, BlackSox, SJ Phils, Panthers, GC Phils, Cinn. Reds email 3 All Star selections to JMark @ yankee13@comcast.net by June 23 





For more All-Star information SEE HEADLINES 

The South Jersey Men's Sr Baseball League, the SJMSBL was founded in 1992. The SJMSBL is a Men's Baseball League which includes age bracket divisions; 18+, 25+, 35+, 45+ & 52+. Most age brackets have two divisions based on competition. Regular season spring/summer games are played on Sundays, usually at 9am. The 18+ Division begins there games @ 12:30pm on Sunday. Our Spring regular Season begins Sunday. April 2, 2017, and ends in late July. The Spring/Summer season playoffs end before Labor day. Our Midweek Season begins in June and ends before Labor Day. Midweek games are played Tuesday, Wednesday &/or Thursday. Our Fall Season games are played on Sunday @ 9:00am. The Fall Season will begin Sunday, September 10, 2017, and ends Mid-November


Please fill out New Player Interest Form online registration ASAP if you are interested in playing Baseball in 2017. We'll find you a team!

Please fill out a New Team Interest Form registration ASAP if you are interested in putting a team into the Midweek or Fall Seasons.- .



Upcoming Games

Tuesday, Jun 27
Willingboro Nationals @ S.J. Tribe6:15pmAtkinson Memorial Park
Wednesday, Jun 28
Indians @ Mt. Laurel Mayhem6:15pmDelran Middle School
Thursday, Jun 29
Bang Bros @ Philadelphia A's6:15amAtkinson Memorial Park
Camden Pirates @ Cinnaminson Rangers6:15pmRiverton Park
Friday, Jun 30
45+ Mike Dunleavy American Division
Philadelphia Old Timers @ GT Mariners7:00pm - 10:00pmGloucester Township Community Park
Sunday, Jul 2
52+ Jim Malick National Division
Indians @ Cheltenham Reds9:00amCheltenham Little League Field #5
Trenton Giants @ Cheltenham Reds12:30pmCheltenham Little League Field #5
45+ Mike Dunleavy American Division
Washington TWP Senators @ Cinnaminson Rangers9:00amCinnaminson Memorial Park
45+ Mike Dunleavy National Division
Jersey Shore Baseball @ Cherry Hill Rangers9:00amCherry Hill Babe Ruth
Cherry Hill Rangers @ Jersey Shore Baseball11:30amCherry Hill Babe Ruth
35+ Bill Curzie American Division
Ben Salem Yankees @ Harpers Assault9:00amTaylor Avenue Field
Harpers Assault @ Ben Salem Yankees11:30amTaylor Avenue Field
Wednesday, Jul 5
S.J. Tribe @ Mt. Laurel Mayhem6:15pmAtkinson Memorial Park
Thursday, Jul 6
Cinnaminson Rangers @ Bang Bros7:00amCinnaminson Memorial Park
Indians @ Willingboro Nationals6:15pmAtkinson Memorial Park
Camden Pirates @ Philadelphia A's6:15pmDelran Community Park
Saturday, Jul 8
35+ All-Star (RED) @ 35+ All-Star (BLUE)12:00pmFrawley Stadium
52+ All-Star (RED) @ 52+ All-Star (BLUE)3:00pmFrawley Stadium
Sunday, Jul 9
52+ Jim Malick American Division
Cheltenham Reds @ South Jersey A's9:00amLenape High School - Varsity
Indians @ Delaware Pirates10:00amBrandywine Park
52+ Jim Malick National Division
Hammonton BlackSox @ Philadelphia Panthers9:00am48th & Woodland Play Ground
Montgomery County Yankees @ Marlton Braves9:00amCherokee High School JV Field #3
South Jersey Phillies @ Cinnaminson Reds9:00amCinnaminson Memorial Park
Trenton Giants @ Gloucester County Phillies9:00amWashington Lake Park
45+ Mike Dunleavy American Division
GT Mariners @ Black Marlins9:00amCherry Hill Rotary Field
Cinnaminson Rangers @ Philadelphia Old Timers9:00amRyan Howard Field at Hunting Park
45+ Mike Dunleavy National Division
Washington TWP Senators @ Cheltenham Reds9:00amCheltenham Little League Field #5
PBC Royals @ Cherry Hill Rangers9:00amCherry Hill Babe Ruth
Jersey Shore Baseball @ Clayton Rays9:00amClayton High School
35+ Bill Curzie American Division
Springfield Cardinals @ Marlton Reds9:00amHartford Crossing
PBC Royals @ Ben Salem Yankees9:00amRobert K Shafer Middle School
South Jersey Tigers @ Harpers Assault9:00amTaylor Avenue Field
35+ Bill Curzie National Division
Bordentown Patriots @ Delco Warriors9:00amCollingdale Community Center Field
Cherry Hill Chiefs @ Haddonfield Bull Dogs9:00amRadnor Field
Trenton Sharks @ Riverton Rangers9:00amRiverton Park
Aston Cruisers @ S.J.Cardinals9:00amWestampton Recreation Sports Complex
25+ Hot Stover American Division
Haddon Twp Rangers @ Pennsauken Indians9:00amCherry Hill West HS- JV
Philadelphia Cardinals @ Colt 45’s9:00amHainesport Municipal Field
Cherry Hill Longwoods @ Marlton Athletics9:00amLenape High School JV
Indians @ Camden Pirates9:00amVon Nieda Park
18+ Angelo Marciano American Division
Willingboro Nationals @ Ol’Dirty Batters12:30pmCherry Hill Babe Ruth
Blackwood Bombers @ SJ Tribe12:30pmTaylor Avenue Field
Wednesday, Jul 12
Indians @ S.J. Tribe6:15pmAtkinson Memorial Park
Camden Pirates @ Mt. Laurel Mayhem6:15pmDelran Middle School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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