10-12 Girls Information
The 10-12 year old girls division meets two times a week: Once during the week, and once on the weekend (usually Saturday, but occasionally Sunday if needed). The weeknight meeting is usually a practice, and weekends are typically games. Saturday times are TBD. Exact Sunday times are TBD, but rest assured that they will always be 1:00pm or later.

Primary locations will be Woodholme Elementary, Summit Park Elementary, and Fort Garrison Elementary, although there may be other locations TBD as needed.

Practice begins in mid-November. The regular season starts in early December and runs through late February. Playoffs begin late February and run through early March. All teams make the playoffs.

All players will receive a uniform consisting of shirt and shorts, as well as a participation trophy at the end of the season.

Age is determined as of August 31, 2017.