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Friday, November 1, 2019
November 1st, 2014 - It is our sad duty to pass on the news of the death of Andrew Stanley, who has been a proud part of the Pirates Fantasy League since 2012. He was a fierce participant who was the first person to join and one of the most competitive people in every game he took part in.

In that time he has been one of the top performers in the league. In routinely appeared near the top of the league, winning the 2012 Maine Shield with the top regular season record. His three records combined for 105-65-10. His overall winning percentage of 59.8% is the seventh best in the league’s history. His 61.8% regular season winning percentage is the third best in PFL history. His career overtime record is one of the best in PFL history; 17-5-10 for a 53.1% win mark in overtime.

In 2014 he had the distinction of emerging as a runner-up in the PFL Championship and the Pirates League Cup. In the 2013 playoffs he advanced to the PFL semifinals. His trophy case had numerous awards from his time in; division titles from 2012 and 2013, the 2012 Kevin Dineen Award, the 2012 Red Mug award, and the 12th member of the 100-win club. In the record book he is tied for the record for most wins in a season (39), has the record for fewest points against (478) and highest plus/minus (+195).