Light It Up! Private Label WINE Reservation

The Light It Up! fundraising committee has negotiationed with a local vinyard, a private label wine offering!

We will be offering the following wines for sale for a limited time:

1. (RED) A perfect blend of Merlot from Napa Valley and Cabernet from Sonoma County brings depth of flavours with a silky smooth finish. If you like a rich and full red wine, you'll really enjoy this treat!

2. (WHITE) A surprising crisp and dry Moscato Reserve. Moscato Reserve is very quickly becoming popular among new wine lovers. Known for its light body and dazzling fruit forward palate profile, with flavours from pear and apple to peach and apricot. The wine’s colour steers towards straw yellow with occasional tinges of gold. Moscato Reserve is intended to be enjoyed young.

Both wines are offered at the low price of $12.00 per bottle, a price we can offer with thanks to our sponsor (please see our sponsor page)
Please note that this purchase if being managed under Special Occasion Permit (Liquor License) #SOPV1103527

For the purposes of abiding by liquor laws, this not a "purchase", but simply a "reservation". The product will be made available in July of this year when our License is active for distribution.

This is not exclusive to our ball leagues, please feel forward to send this link to others that may be interested!


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