2019 Baseball Pool

With the new season fast approaching what better way to light the fire, butter your muffin, strike up the band than to introduce the TOTTENHAM OLDTIMERS 2019 FANTASY POOL! Our hundreds of statisticians have been at work all winter accumulating last years stats and coming up with the perfect algorithm to allow you …YES YOU!...to bet on yourself and teammates to become the greatest fantasy pool player of all time!!

Everybody who played last year has been ranked in different groups based on select criteria, you pick one person in each group to create your team – highest scoring team wins.

$10 per entry as many entries as you like -know your limit, play within it

Forms will be available on Draft Day, but the best way to do this is online, keep reading!

Tottenham Oldtimers baseball pool and draft, Rules:

1. Must be submitted in person or electronically to Troy Hope, no later than May 5th 2019.

2. Payment arrangements to be made only with Troy.

3. Players are awarded 3 pts for a game played, 1 pt for an AB, 1 pt for a hit, 1 pt for a run.

4. Standings will be published weekly on the Oldtimers website.

5. $10.00 per team submitted, no limit on number of submissions. If you submit multiple, we'll publish 1, 2, 3 etc after your name.

6. 25% of the funds to the winner, 15% to 2nd place, 10% to 3rd place, 50% to the Light It Up! fund.


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