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South Arkansas Black Sox Manager
Canfield, AR
August 28, 2008
5:04:47 PM

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Thanks for the GREAT JOB you guys do and I am glad you can enjoy a little baseball while serving US!!!!! Glad you visited our site.
August 26, 2008
3:36:23 AM

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Jami Moffett
Salem, OR.
April 3, 2008
1:55:09 PM

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Semper Fi --- you've got a good addition with Cale Moffett (my son of course!) He's awesome
Mark Tootill
South Thomaston, Maine
March 20, 2008
10:09:01 PM

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Nice site, my son sent me the address to check it out. I hope you keep it updated. I played ball over at Camp Shields. We use to play with the locals back in 77, 6 innings of baseball and then 6 of softball, always had a great time. Japanese are a great people and they love the game. GO RED SOXs.
John F. Behrend
Daegu, South Korea
September 15, 2007
11:21:28 PM

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I really enjoyed your site keep it up. Here in Daegu I am an Umpire in the Korean Semi pro league. I am a registered/ cerified umpire. I have been to the KBO Umpire School(Korean Baseball Oragaization) and the first american to attend. I use to play in the league as a pitcher. We have a team made up of GI's,DOD Civilians and local nationals and we all lofe baseball. They play OBR rules but have a wide strike zone. Thanks Heyblue26
Brandi Coleman
Kadena AB, JP
September 7, 2007
3:51:26 AM

Entry ID: 1201296
I just heard about Kadena Baseball from the Kadena AB website...I'm a HUGE baseball keep the site updated and I'll try to make sure people in my SQ and others know the schedule for games...Also, if you could get the 1st Sgt or yourself to send an e-mail when you have games scheduled...I know people that would be interested in attending...Again...Thanks for bringing a baseball team to Kadena...
Charlie Johnston, Sr.
Galesburg, Il
August 15, 2007
5:32:16 AM

Entry ID: 1183297
Love the site...keep it updated. Some of us family back home love to check it out.
Stephen Escalante
Edmond OK
July 18, 2007
12:59:37 PM

Entry ID: 1164641
Sounds like you are doing good. Hope to see you in DC. We will be going to the NABA World Series in Arizona this year. Keep in touch.
Kadena AB Japan
February 17, 2007
1:15:47 AM

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I was just wanted to know if there has been a date set for tryouts yet?
Left of center
February 13, 2007
3:58:45 PM

Entry ID: 1050213
Nice site!!! Good to see the military, through sports, reaching out to the community overseas!!! Coach Dong, are you of Asian decent?
Nico 'So Cal G" George
Luke AFB Falcons
February 10, 2007
11:29:47 AM

Entry ID: 1048237
Capt Dong Congrats on the new team, way to take AF Baseball overseas! I'm going to check and see if we can getta hop out there.... Nico Luke Falcons Manager
Barry Bonds
San Francisco
February 5, 2007
7:29:05 PM

Entry ID: 1044399
"Don't use the juice"

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Total Entries: 87