2020 Little Miami HS Softball Summer Camp

July 6, 2020

Please click HERE for details and registration info for the Little Miami HS Softball summer camp hosted by the HS softball team.

Dates: July 27-29

Ages 10 - 14

Please note this is hosted by the HS Softball program and not LMFP.  If you have any questions about this camp please reach out to Coach Mary (contact details in the flyer).

2020 Season Update - Decision on Spring/Summer League

May 17, 2020

Thank you to everyone for your understanding and patience throughout these past few months. 

We have spent the last few days reviewing and discussing the state guidelines and requirements for restarting youth baseball/softball leagues.  With this, we unfortunately must now share that we are cancelling our season for 2020.  We have been remaining patient and holding out hope, so it is with heavy hearts that we make this decision, but it is based on several factors, including:

  • Our NCSL community league has cancelled the season for 2020.
  • Continued closure of some parks/school facilities across our league communities
  • Very restrictive guidelines for re-opening that we feel are not conducive to the atmosphere we would like to promote for our rec teams, including:
    • Players must wear face masks at all times while not on the field of play
    • Players must stay 6 feet apart at all times when not on the field of play
    • Coaches/players must avoid physical contact
    • Many other small rules changes/etc that would be a lot to manage for coaches/players

We hope that everyone understands this decision.  Despite our disappointment, we really look forward to the future and plan to return in Spring 2021, hopefully with guidelines that allow us to play in a way that looks like how we are used to playing softball.

As to our refund policy, as previously shared, we are a nonprofit organization with a limited reserve of excess funds.  We also already incurred some expenses in 2020 in preparation for the season before the pandemic started.  Many of these expenses are for items we will now shift usage to 2021, but we are unable to return them.  As such, in order to ensure we can stay afloat as an organization for the future, we must offer the following refund options for this season:

1.  100% credit to registration in 2021.

2.  80% cash refund now

Our intent is not to keep any money unnecessarily, but we also must ensure we do not put ourselves in a position where we are no longer solvent.  If you are able to accept a credit to next season, that would be a huge help to the organization.  If you would like cash back, the 80% is as much as we feel is feasible to account for expenses that have already occurred.  There are a few items we will work to get money back for now that the season is cancelled, so once we do a final review of expenses after everything has been determined (i.e. what we can get back vs what we do not), we will re-evaluate our final financial position and if there is further opportunity to supplement the 80% refund offer we will most certainly do so at that time.

If you are OK to receive a full credit to next year, then there is nothing for you to do.  We will apply your credit to next season by default.  You will automatically receive notice about the 2021 season registration and how to apply your credit as we approach next year.  If you would like a cash refund, please request that by filling out our online form (available by clicking HERE).

Once again, thanks so much for your patience and understanding throughout all of this.  It is due to the interest, patience, and understanding of our wonderful families that we will survive this and continue to offer a strong program for the community well into the future!

Your Little Miami Fastpitch Board

2020 Jr High Club Team Rosters

March 6, 2020

Thank you so much to everyone that tried out for the Jr High club teams this season.  Everyone that attended showed great attitudes, great hustle, and lot of talent!  We couldn't be more proud of this group or more excited about the future of softball at Little Miami.  Whether you were selected for a team or not, you should be very proud of your effort this week.  Here is a snapshot of this incredible group of young ladies after a week of hard work:


The final rosters of the Jr High club teams are as follows:


Little Miami Black

Little Miami Green

Coaches: Chad Thieme & Jeremy Meece

Coaches: Nick Carter and Jessica Young

Riley Bentley

Taylor Baysden

Aubree Binkley

Autumn Carter

Skyla Fecher

Edie Loffer

Madelyn Hogan

Ellen Rebman

Lariah Matthews

Anna Ricketts

Ashleigh Meece

Hailee Royse

Ella Sakaras

Nora Sekela

Natalie Smith

Mia Stafford

Aimee Sova

Kate States

Kaitlynn Thieme

Skyler Swearingen

Hailey Van Bibber

Bailey Vinup

Gina Wilson

Izzy Wills

Aly Yingling

Grace Young


If your name is not on this list, then unfortunately we will not be able to place you on a Jr High team this season.  We can't stress enough that you should continue playing softball during the summer rec season and continue to gain experience.  We wish that we could keep everyone but we need to keep rosters to a manageable size in order to ensure playing opportunities for girls on the team.

However, all girls that register for the 14U/12U rec teams are placed on a team.  This is a great opportunity to gain more experience and try out for the school teams next season.  Registration is still open for these age groups by clicking Register Now on the home page.  In addition, 7th graders will have the opportunity to try out for the Jr High teams again next season while 8th graders will have the opportunity to try out for the HS teams.

Thanks again to everyone that participated this year and Go Panthers!