2020 Lightning Tryout Information

August 30, 2019

Tryouts for the 2020 Little Miami Lightning Teams will be held on the following dates:


10U Age Group:

Wednesday, Sept 25

Thursday, Oct 3


12U Age Group:

Wednesday, Sept 18

Thursday, Sept 26


All tryouts will go from 5:30 - 7:30 (please arrive early to check in) and will be held at Testerman Park in Maineville.  Please pre-register for tryouts by clicking HERE.


We encourage all girls to attend both tryout nights if possible.  Girls are required to attend at least 1 night in order to be considered for a team.  We do not offer private tryouts except for extreme cases in which it can't be avoided (i.e. serious illness/injury, family emergency, etc).

Girls should come to tryouts with all necessary equipment and dressed for a softball practice.  The girls will be evaluated on a variety of skills in order to determine the appropriate level they should be playing at based on their current skill level.

For more information on our Lightning teams/program, please check the Little Miami Lightning page on our website by clicking HERE.  Please especially be aware of the information concerning the additional time and financial commitments required for Lightning teams.


IMPORTANT NOTE:  We will be forming Lightning teams this fall only for 10U and 12U.  For 14U and/or HS age groups, we will hold evaluations/tryouts for Lightning in early spring after registration is completed.


Please reach out to director@lmfastpitch.org if you have any questions.



2019 Fall Softball Opportunities

July 1, 2019

The NCSL (our community rec league) does not host a league during the fall season.   As such, Little Miami Fastpitch does not have registration for fall.  We do support coaches that want to put together teams and participate in one of the local leagues available in Mason or Lebanon.  

If you are interested in playing softball in the fall, please reach out to your spring coach to see if they will be organizing a team in the fall.  Even if they are not, they should be able to help put you in contact with another Little Miami coach that is organizing a team.  

If you did not play in the spring or have not heard anything from your spring coach, you can email Chad Thieme (chadthieme@yahoo.com) and I will attempt to put you in contact with any coaches that I am aware of who will be organizing a team.  This is not a guarantee you can be placed on a team but I will do my best to put people in contact with each other.  If you did not coach in the spring but are willing to coach a fall team, please contact me and I can explain the options available.

Alternatively, in case you can not find a Little Miami team, you may be able to  register with the Mason league directly by clicking here and you will be placed on a team.

The fall is an extra opportunity to get more experience for the next season (not an extension of the spring season), thus girls play in the fall at the age group they will play in Spring 2020!  Here are the respective birth years for each age group for Fall 2019/Spring 2020:

8U (11 and 12)

10U (09 and 10)

12U (07 and 08)

14U (05 and 06)

HS (04 and older)


Thanks for a great spring season and good luck if you are playing this fall!


Marco's Fundraiser Cards

LMFP has again partnered with Marco's Pizza to offer an exciting fundraiser for the 2019 season.  We will be selling Marco's coupon cards, with a very large percentage of the proceeds directly benefiting Little Miami Fastpitch.  These cards offer substantial savings of over $100.  The coupons are primarily "buy 1 get 1 free" offers and provide great savings opportunities.  They really will pay for themselves with only 1 or 2 uses.

The cards sell for only $10 each with most of that directly benefiting our organization.

This season the cards (through the generous support of the concessions operator) will be sold at the concession stand at Testerman Park (open for all games).  If interested, please just stop by and ask to purchase a card.  Spread the word to friends/family as well.  This is an easy opportunity to support the organization while also saving money.



2019 Little Miami HS Softball Summer Camp

Please click HERE for details and registration info for the Little Miami HS Softball summer camp hosted by the HS softball team.

Dates: June 24-26

Ages 6 - 14

2018 Wrap Up - Help for 2019

We had a terrific season with many highlights that we’d like to share with everyone.  Here are some of the highlights from 2018:

  • We had 150+ girls over 14 teams playing for us during 2018, from 6U through 14U.  This marked the 2nd consecutive year of tremendous growth in the organization.
  • We welcomed several new coaching volunteers into the organization to respond to this growth.
  • We made heavy investments into our fields and equipment, including:
    • Renovations of the fields at both Testerman Park and the Jr High
    • New field boxes, maintenance equipment, and practice equipment for each field
  • Brought the organization into compliance and achieved 501(c)(3) tax exemption
  • Upgrade of our team uniforms to include color-coordinated uniforms across teams and supply socks/belts along with the standard uniforms
  • 60+ girls attended tryouts for our 10U/12U Lightning teams…by far the biggest turnout we’ve ever had!

This was all possible through the interest and support of our players, parents, coaches, and organization volunteers.  We want to thank each and every one of you for everything you did in 2018 to help provide a positive softball experience for the girls and young women of the community!

As we look forward to 2019, we want to continue to grow and improve our organization as much as possible.  There are some key initiatives we would like to accomplish, and how much is possible will largely depend on the community coming together to help.  Here are some of the topics we’d love to get better at and some of the help needed in order to do so:

·         Coaching

o   Our entire organization depends on those people who are willing to volunteer countless hours of their time and coach our teams across the various age groups.  One area we plan to continue to improve in is providing more support to these coaches through knowledge sharing, training, equipment needs, etc. 

o   We also need your support to consider volunteering your time as a coach (head coach or assistant).  We are ALWAYS looking for more coaches!  We can provide support, training, etc to anyone that is willing to commit their time to providing a positive learning experience for the girls.  Please consider as we approach 2019 if you are able to volunteer your time.  The #1 investment you can make to improve your daughter’s experience is your time to help coach.

·         Umpires

o   There is an area-wide shortage of umpires for softball in our communities.  This is not only a challenge faced by Little Miami but across our neighboring communities as well.  We have responded by raising umpire payment fees in line with all other communities but we still struggle to fill all of our spots throughout the season.  Please consider if you are able/willing to help by umpiring games this coming spring/summer.   Umpires are paid so it is a great way to make some extra money while also helping the community.  An understanding of the rules is required but training can be provided.  Our younger age groups provide a great opportunity for older kids (i.e. Jr High and HS) to earn some money so please consider discussing this with your older children as well.


·         Organization Events

o   We would love to host organizational events like a jamboree or an opening day celebration, etc.  These would provide great opportunities for our girls to interact with each other across teams as well as provide opportunities for our families to have fun together outside games.  However, we are already over capacity with our time just with our current commitments to run the organization.  If we could get a volunteer (or a few volunteers) to act as chairpersons for this type of event planning we are confident we could make it work.


·         Fundraising

o   We would love help if anyone has experience with fundraising, sponsor coordination, grant applications, etc.  We improved in this area this past season and completed successful fundraising initiatives.  However, there is always the opportunity to do more if we would have more help.  Every dollar we bring in helps offset our costs and allows us to provide more to the girls and/or lower our fees.


As we get ready for our 2019 season, please consider your ability and willingness to volunteer for any of these efforts (or others if you have ideas!).  If you would like to discuss further you can reach out to us via email at director@lmfastpitch.org.