Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Here is more information about who we are as well as answers to some of the more common questions we receive:


What is Little Miami Fastpitch?

Little Miami Fastpitch is a non-profit recreational girls fastpitch softball organization.  The Little Miami Fastpitch mission is to create a fun, nurturing, and safe softball environment for the youth of the Little Miami community. Little Miami Fastpitch desires to offer a broad spectrum of softball opportunities to young women, while strengthening the program's ties to the community.


Is Little Miami Fastpitch affiliated with Little Miami School District?

While we exist to serve the children and young women of the Little Miami community, as with all Little Miami youth sports programs, we are not directly associated to or part of the Little Miami School District.


Do I need to attend the Little Miami School District in order to play for Little Miami Fastpitch?

Per NCSL rules, you do not need to attend Little Miami Schools, but you must live in the Little Miami School district in order to be eligible for our teams.  If you live in a neighboring school district you should be eligible to participate in their program.  Exceptions to this rule are subject to NCSL guidelines.


What age range of girls play within Little Miami Fastpitch?  How are girls grouped together?

Placement is based on the player’s birthdate/age.  These are the age groups for Little Miami Fastptich:

    • 6 & under
    • 8 & under
    • 10 & under
    • 12 & under
    • 14 & under
    • High School

Girls are placed in the appropriate age group based on their age as of December 31 of the previous year.  For example, for the 2020 spring season, your age group is determined based on your age as of 12/31/19.


What are the fees?

The fee is $145/player ($125 for 6u).  There is a $20 discount for multiple siblings in the same immediate family.


When does the season start? How long does it last?

Practices will typically begin at the end of March.  Games will begin at the end of April and run through the middle of June.  Some teams may also participate in an end of season tournament.


Can my daughter be placed on a team with a friend?  How are teams organized?

We will honor requests to be placed on the same team for siblings only.  We do NOT accept any other type of request to be placed with a friend/neighbor/etc.  The recreational teams are assembled by placing girls together that share the same birth year and we try to keep teams together from year to year.  We attempt to assemble teams this way but it is dependent on the number of players that are registered every year.  Sometimes we do have to move girls to other teams to balance the number of girls per team.


What is included with the registration fee?

Included with the fee are all costs associated with practice and league play.  This includes:

·         Field Rentals and Umpire Costs

·         Game Uniforms

·         League Insurance

·         Game balls and equipment

Individual equipment is not included and must be provided by each player.


What individual equipment does my daughter need?

Players need the following equipment: 

·         Glove:  Players need an age appropriate glove that fits and is “broken in” (i.e. player can open and close it easily).  Younger girls will out-grow their gloves quickly so there is no need to spend a lot of money at that age.

·         Helmet:  Each player needs their own batting helmet WITH a softball face mask.  Face masks are REQUIRED on batting helmets

·         Shoes:  Any athletic-type shoe that is OK to get dirty is fine.  Cleats are recommended (especially at older ages) and MUST be non-metal.

·         Fielder’s mask:  These are not required but are strongly recommended at 10U and above for the infield positions.  They provide extra protection in the field and often boost confidence even in younger girls by reducing risk of injury when catching/fielding balls.

·         Bat:  Each team generally has a few team bats but girls are encouraged to use their own bat that is appropriately sized for their particular needs.  There are various charts online from bat manufacturers to give general guidelines on proper size for age/height/weight/etc.  The proper size is really a personal choice.  The bat should feel comfortable and you should be able to swing it easily and quickly.  Bats should be "fastpitch" bats and NOT made for slowpitch or baseball (all bats should be labeled for their intended use).  Bats should be USSSA certified (fastptich bats made by popular manufacturers should meet this requirement).  Especially at younger ages and in rec leagues, cheaper aluminum bats are perfectly fine.  As players get older or play in more competitive leagues/tournaments, they may want to use the more expensive composite bats for higher performance.  If you are unsure of the proper size bat, your coach can help you decide based on your swing and skill level.


How often and where do you practice?

                Before games begin, teams will typically practice 2 times/week.  Once games begin, practices may be scheduled at the coach’s discretion based on the game schedule and field availability.  Practices are typically held at either Testerman Park in Maineville or at the Little Miami Jr High School.


When and where are games played?

                Teams will play 14 games starting around the end of April through mid-June.  Game schedules vary but typically you may have one weekday evening game and another game on Saturday.  We play as part of the North Cincy Softball League along with other local community softball organizations.  Our home games are played at Testerman Park in Maineville.  Away games are played at community parks in Mason, Kings, Loveland, Lakota, Lebanon, etc.


What are the basic rules for fastpitch softball?  How do these vary across age group?

                All leagues that we play in have rules based on the USSSA Fastpitch Softball rule book.  We also adhere to the bylaws and rule modifications of the NCSL.  Please visit our Softball Rules page for additional information.


Are you affiliated with any specific league?

                We are part of the North Cincy Softball League.  More details are available on this league at


Do you have "competitive" or "advanced" teams?

                The Little Miami Lightning is our program of "advanced"/"competitive" teams that compete at select age group levels (10U & up).  Unlike our "rec" teams where all girls are welcomed regardless of skill or experience, players must tryout for these teams and rosters are selected based on skill evaluations.  These teams are intended for players looking to make softball a priority and who show the skills necessary to compete at a more advanced level.  These teams may practice more often and also participate in select local/regional tournaments in addition to league play.  An additional financial commitment may be required to cover practice facility fees/tournament entry fees/etc.  These are not select teams.  They are comprised of girls from the Little Miami community and are intended to offer a more committed and competitive opportunity than our rec teams without the full time and cost commitment of a select/travel team.  Tryouts for the following year's teams are held in late summer/early fall and details are shared on our website at that time.  More information about Lightning teams is available in the Pages section of the Main Menu.