Jr High Club Team

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Jr High Club Team FAQ

What is the Little Miami Jr High Club team?

                The Jr High Club team is sponsored by Little Miami Fastpitch and plays a spring schedule of games against a mix of other Jr High club teams as well as Jr High teams sponsored by various schools.  As softball is not a sport sponsored by Little Miami Jr High, the Little Miami Fastpitch organization provides this opportunity to young ladies in the Little Miami District.


Is this sponsored through the school?

                Little Miami Jr High does not participate in softball as an official school sport.  This team is sponsored by Little Miami Fastpitch, which is a non-profit organization that is not part of the school system.


Who is eligible for the Jr High Club team?

                All girls in the 7th or 8th grade that live in the Little Miami district are eligible to try out for the team.  In some years 6th graders may be invited depending on the number of girls interested.


Do you have to try out for the team?  Do all girls get to play?

                The Jr High teams play at a more competitive level than our rec teams, and as such, girls are required to try out to ensure the teams have the proper mix of skill level at all positions.  Depending on the number of girls that try out, there may be some girls that do not make the team.

                In addition, these teams are run more like the teams are at the high school level to prepare girls for that experience.  This means playing time is not necessarily equal, girls are not guaranteed playing time, teams are coached more with a focus on winning, etc.


Is there more than 1 team?

                We do our best to provide opportunity to as many girls as possible each year.  There may be years where we only field 1 team and other years where we field multiple teams.  The ability to field multiple teams is based on many factors, including the number of girls that try out, the available talent to cover all positions and ensure each team can be competitive against the schedule, the availability of coaches, the availability of opponents/scheduled games, etc.  The final decision about how many teams will be formed is made after tryouts, but we ask people to indicate interest in the fall so that we can plan accordingly.


Can I play on the Jr High Club team and a Little Miami rec team?

                YES!  Girls can play on both the Jr High team and a 14U/12U Lightning or Rec team.  The Jr High season runs March to early May, while the rec level teams play their season May – June.  Rec team coaches will work with players that play on both teams as far as practices/etc.


When are tryouts?  Do I have to register?

                Tryouts are typically held the end of February/beginning of March. The details are posted on lmfastpitch.org a few weeks in advance and shared with everyone that indicated interest in the fall.  There will also be an online sign-up to indicate you will attend the tryouts.


Is there a cost for the Jr High team?

                Yes, there is a charge per player to cover the costs of games, jersey, equipment, gym/field rentals, etc.  This is typically around ~$150.  As we are not part of the Little Miami School District, this is not subject to any pay-to-play fees, caps, or discounts from the school.